A Week in Flanoir
By Fenris Amon

Day One: Secrets by the fire


The sky was a strange hue of grey when we trudged into Flanoir, it had been snowing for days on end, much more then usual. Even me, who's used to the cold felt a bit chilled. After arriving we left our Rehairds outside; mainly because the wing packs they were stored in somehow broke. So much for infallible magic-technology. Nonetheless, we managed to make it into the inn to escape the freezing cold. It was pleasantly warm, a few fireplaces burned while at least twenty people stared at us as we walked in.

Lloyd, as normally walked up to the front desk to make reservations, "Hey, how many rooms do you have left?" Funny, even though he never has the money, he's always the one making the reservations.

The person behind the desk counted us, which totaled up to nine peeps. "Well... we have five rooms left. Are any of you willing to double up?" he asked rather cheerfully, even though he knew it would be a pain to find accommodations for all of us, yet he was strangely calm and mature about the whole thing, even though he's your generic clerk. (Meaning he hates doing work, and sleeps all day. Kidding.)

It's strange though, it's been one full week since we defeated Mithos, yet we're all still together. Oh well, not like I see anyone really complaining about it, it seems we still have some cleaning up to do. Meh. Whatever.

"Well, Raine and I can sleep in the same room considering we're siblings." Replied Genis, pointing to Raine; his older sister by ten years. Raine sighed, knowing that she'll have to take care of Genis on this unplanned vacation. She brushed back her white hair and nodded in relative agreement. I can never buy the story that Raine and Genius and siblings, maybe just once someone might of gotten underneath her skirt...Nah. She's too much of a prude.

"Well, I'll bunk with Zelos. I have to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid during the night." For some reason, I knew this was the best decision he could make, Lloyd always knew to make sure Zelos kept his hands where they belonged, which means not on mine or Sheena's chest, or on anyone other poor girl's for that matter.

"Aw damn, I was hoping to get some alone time with my ice-cold beauty here!" he tried to put his arm around me. I was tempted to throw him across the room, but didn't because I didn't want to pay for damaged like last time. I just moved out of his way. "Oh sure, give me the cold shoulder!" I hate his puns sometimes.

I had to laugh inwardly though, now that I remember the last time I threw Zelos across the room. It was in Altamira, we were getting rooms when Zelos tried the same thing, I threw him into the glass elevator and broke the glass as the elevator moved upwards. I got a ton of sighs and I had to pay the bill for that day. Trust me, not good. I also had to sleep outside. I hate how warm it is there..

"I see. Then I guess Colette, Sheena and I will be in the fifth room." I said in my somewhat annoyed tone of voice, but in all actuality I kind of liked being roomed together with the girls, I may of been stuck in the ice cave for a ton of year, but I still love to gossip and have girl talk. 'like, oh my god. Did you know that such and such is a slut! Oh my gawd...' I feel like puking just thinking about speaking like that.

"If you don't mind, that's our best room." said the clerk, looking at a sheet and tallying up the total cost.

Lloyd looked back at the clerk, "That's fine. What's the total cost?" I guess Lloyd knows how to make the girls like us happy.

The Clerk did the math quickly in his head, "That comes to ten thousand gald." We did a double-take, ten thousand? That's the same price as Altamira. I guess it's unavoidable.

"Just pay it Lloyd, we don't have much of a choice." Replied Raine, reaching into her pockets for gald.

"I'll pay for this Lloyd." Regal walked up to the desk and presented the card to the front desk clerk, then followed by five thousand gald. Regal had long since taken off his handcuffs and began to wear something more decent and fitting for a man his age, loose fitting white shirt and blue jeans. Well, not that much of a change, but that tight-fitting-four-sizes-too-small shirt really freaked me out at times, freking pedophile. (Looks like one to me.)

"I see. Then we will be awaiting for your payment from Sir George later on." The clerk reached for several keys and presented it them to Lloyd. "Rooms 114-117, and for the ladies it's room 130. All on the second floor." the clerk left us, heading into a back room. We could hear a slight sigh, and him say "I can't believe Sir Regal is here." we all just smiled.

"What was that all about?" asked Zelos, probably interested in see how he could get some free rooms and have someone else pay for them.

"Being the president of Lazerano has it's perks. The price is free for as long as we stay here. My business shall pay them once we can." Regal walked to a nearby table and placed his free hands on top. The marks from the restraints still slightly visible. Regal's company owns a lot of things, from the inns, to the tourist centers. It's handy at times, but then you realize how powerful a man like Regal is, some say his company is more influential then the king of Meltokio.

Lloyd then handed each of us our keys, room 114 for him and Zelos, 115 for Regal, 116 for Presea, 117 for Genis and Raine, and finally he presented the last key, room 130 to Sheena. "Alright, you guys can do whatever you like I guess." Lloyd sat down at the same table next to Regal, then followed by everyone else. Even though Lloyd was among the youngest, we for some reason always gathered around him and saw him as our leader, although he would never admit it.

That night, Sheena, Colette and I were probably the most girly we could get as we walked to our room. All of us smiled and jumping around; well maybe just Colette. The room was at the very end of a long hallway, and it did not disappoint. The foyer was shaped like a 'T', at the end of it was a large array of tall windows overlooking the church of Martel, to the right was a large fireplace with a couch in front of it, to the left was the kitchen and a table. In the entrance hallway was two rooms, one the left was the bathroom/hot spring (no idea why there's one here), and to the right was out room, the beds arranged in a semi-circle around a fireplace with a carpet in front of it. The entire room was spared no expense, I guess this was to be expected considering this was made by Lazerano.

The took a step and noticed the wood hardly made a noise, then I noticed, it wasn't wood. It was a carpet. Somewhat rare since it's hard to make. Yet as I looked around, the entire room as filled with it.

"Wow! This room is so nice!" yelled Colette, running from room to room. "It even has a hot spring!"

"A hot springs? Here? I never knew that one existed." I reply, even though I'm a guardian of ice, there's still a lot I don't know. I'm only eighteen. Fenrir tells me a lot, but sometimes he skips over certain things. I thought to myself for a minute. Why is there a hot spring on the second floor? Then I remembered. As we walked into the inn, I took notice that it was built on the side of a hill. Probably this is exactly where the top of the hill was, and the building cleverly hid the hill that it sat on.

"Yea, sometimes the opposite summon spirit's power leaks through. Like how you can hear the howl of wind in the underground temple of Gnome, here sometimes hot springs form. It's perfect for taking a dip in." Sheena was never the smartest person, but she knew a lot about summon spirits. Just like how Lloyd is with Exspheres. And Genius is with cooking. And how Raine isn't. But there was that one time...

"Well who cares! Let's just go for a dip! It's still early!" even though no one could tell, it was still only about 7PM.

"Yea!" Colette was always cheerful, sometimes so much, it was sickening, but that was on rare occasions, her smile always managed to cheer us up.

"That's not a bad idea." seeing as how we all agreed, we all took a dip in the hot springs that was in the bathroom. Thank goodness there's a wall separating the this area from the actual bathroom.

Actaully, I like hotsprings, they're the only type of warmth I can take without suffering from ninth-degree burns on my ass. Someone else I know hates them though (Fenrir...), but oh well. His loss, my gain. Dumb mutt.

"So what do you think everyone else is doing?" I asked softly, I noted that Colette is like an ironing board while Sheena is just the opposite. I feel like I'm the middle of them, but the way I'm built makes them seem larger then they are, but I'm still proud of how I look, i'm not a perfect hourglass like Sheena, I'm petite and that's the way I like it.

"I assume Regal is talking to Presea. Zelos is talking about us most likely with Lloyd." Sheena added, dipping her self deeper underwater. Leaving only her eyes exposed.

Colette looked back and fourth at both of us, "Well, Genis is most likely asleep, and Raine is cataloging data." Colette has been with them the longest, so it's easy to assume she's right, well, we also knew that Genis was a hardy sleeper and that Raine was obsessed with data and stuff, so I guess we all knew that. Ugh, the memories of when Raine tried to 'study' me, I swear, get a camcorder and some copies and we could of made millions.

Suddenly the door opened, dammit, someone forgot to lock the door, "Who is it?" I yell at the top of my lungs making sure the person could hear me. Well, if I really yelled at the top of my lungs, the entire inn would hear. Hehe.

"Oh, it's only me. You forgot to lock the door." It was Raine, thank goodness. "Want to join us Raine? It's quite warm."

"Oh sure, let me get changed." We all looked at each other and smiled. That makes four of us. "Why aren't you with Genis cataloging data?" I asked Raine as she slowly joined us.

"He's with the guys. Regal, Zelos Lloyd and Presea." she commented. Presea? Oh, maybe Regal wanted to keep an eye on her. None of us bothered to ask. "And all the data is already cataloged. So, I decided to check up on you guys." Whoa, finished? That's a miracle!

Colette stared at my muscles as Raine stepped in, they weren't overly large, just noticeable. "Celsi." I guess I have a new nickname, oh wait. Dammit, that's my old nickname. "How are you so strong?"

"Well, im naturally like that!" I kidded, sounding nearly serious. "Seriously though, being the ice cave without anything to do and the nearest town is many miles away, I lift ice blocks, make ice statues, and punch the ice walls." I bragged, remembering my first tries at breaking ice.

I was still so young then, but my skin was already a pale blue. When I tried to break the ice, I nearly broke my wrist, which made Fenrir laugh. From that day foreword, I trained myself into becoming stronger. Unlike those freakish muscle women you see every now and then with the flappy boobs, I managed to keep my figure without looking overly muscular.

Colette smiled, she always did that. "Hehe, well I'll never be as strong as you Celsi." Colette giggled, in a way, she is stronger then me. In willpower, that's something I can never beat her in, no one can.

Raine looked at the markings on my body, even though my skin was a light blue, I had dark navy-blue markings that extended down parts of my legs and upper-thighs and my back. "Just what are those markings on your body? They certainly don't look like birth marks." oh boy, this certainly brought back some memories.

"When I made the 'translator-guardian' pact with Fenrir, he had to place these markings on me as proof. It was painful, but it did give me the power to use ice magic." I said, as if it was nothing. "That reminds me, how did it feel when a summon spirit first entered your body Sheena?" that was the best analogy I could think of at the time.

She looked a bit surprised, considering the topic, "Well, it stung for a but, but not much really." she looked over at Colette, "how about you? When you first got you angel powers?"

"Well, I didn't really feel anything. Was I supposed to?" she asked dumbly, well, I'm not sure if that was stupid or not.

"Um, I guess not. You really shouldn't be asking me though. I don't know what it feels like to become an angel." replied Sheena. "Raine? Did you feel anything when…never mind."

"Marvelous!" Uh-oh, she's in that 'mood' again. "This stone is made out of a special type of rock that is highly resistant to fire and flames. It's like the same kind at the otherworldly gate! I must do some more re… why are you all staring at me?" Raine looked confused, as if she didn't know why.

I sighed, "I guess you can call this a vacation. Try to treat it like one. No science!" I scolded Raine, we all just laughed as Raine say back down. Not like science matter all that much. I like to stick with what I know.

Before I knew it was getting late, Raine already said her goodbyes and left to goto her own room, we all changed into our pajamas. I only wore my underwear and shorts, Sheena had a pink kimono, and Colette had cotton pants and a short-sleeve shirt, both pink. She looked at me strangely, eyeing my clothes, "Celsi, why are you wearing so little?" Colette grabbed a pillow. (Colette: ooo, so soft!)

"Well, I'm used to the cold, when you saw me in the bottom of the ice cave, I wasn't wearing much then either." I chuckled, I grabbed a pillow myself, they were soft and fluffy, I had to hug it. Damn, she must be wearing off on me.

"So about a little girl talk?" Colette said as she plopped herself down in front of the fireplace, back-up. Sheena and I looked at each other and did the same.

"Sure, what do you wanna talk about Coly?" I snickered, it seems I gave her a new nick name herself. Well, it was either that or Klutz, but we all knew she's one. One time she even managed to trip while floating in the air, how one does that, I'll never knew.

"How about guys?" Such a surprising topic, but for the first time in so many years, I feel like a pre-teen again. Colette has that affect on people I guess. "Have your eyes on anyone in particular Celsi?"

I thought about it in my head, I began to blush, rare for me to do, "Nope! No in particular!" I lied. I did like Lloyd a bit, but there's still some I like more.

"C'mon! Tell us!" Sheena insisted.

"I'll tickle you!" damn, I forgot about that, I'm horribly ticklish, my only weakness. And somehow Sheena and Colette always blackmailed under the threat of tickling me. I sighed, I guess I might as well come clean, "…Zelos and..." I said quietly, hoping no one heard. Too bad, they did. Thank god I didn't finish the last part. They would of killed me.

"Zelos? That good-for-nothing idiot chosen?" Sheena almost laughed her head off. "He's a lecher, playboy, worthless and an idiot to boot."

"H-hey! You asked! I told you the truth!" I yelled, Colette just smiled. "How about you Colette?" I ask, changing the topic. It's better then to say Lloyd, which would cause a stir betwee the two other girls. In all honesty, I don't hate Zelos, he just pisses me off. He's gonna give me wrinkles before I turn 20.

"I think it's obvious, It's Lloyd…" She said as if day dreaming. I admit, we all had our little crush on Lloyd, now it was a fight to see who's was biggest. "But I know who Sheena likes! She likes, Z-E-L-O-S!" she spelled it out, Sheena almost peed in her pants.

"Hey! That's a secret!" She blushed furiously. "I thought I could trust you!" She looked down, noticing it was only me, her, and Colette. "But there's also someone else I like more…" she trailed off. I already knew, but it's more fun to act like I don't.

"Who?" both me and Colette inquire in unison.

"He's like me a lot, what he thinks is constantly what is on my mind. He lives on instinct and his past is similar to mine. I can speak so freely to him without any regrets…" She sounded like Cupid has put an entire barrage in arrows through her heart. I won't lie, I knew who she liked from day one. It was so painfully obvious at times. And I mean so painfully obvious that I had to keep my fist from knocking her out.

"…Lloyd then." Colette knew who she was talking about. She knew it too I guess.

Sheena's eyes light up in surprise, "W-wait, how did you know?"

"Because, I've seen the way you talk to him, you speak so freely and differently to him then with us." Colette said.

I guess I had to add my two cents, or more like my five thousand gald; "Yep, I realized that too. You speak slower and more deliberately when speaking to Lloyd, your eyes light up when he smiles, your walk differently, more feminine I should say. I even catch you staring at him when he fights. Not only that, but…" I reached under Sheena's bed, where she kept her clothes, I pulled out her sash, folded carefully into it was a picture. I slid back into my spot, where Sheena's blush was brighter then the fire, "This." I unfolded it, it was a picture of Lloyd taken when he first went to Sybek.

"H-hey! how did you know about that!" she yelled, trying to take the picture back.

"Well, Colette told me about how the one student experimented with his 'camera' and took a picture of Lloyd." Colette nodded cheerfully.

"…And I saw you asking for a copy of it, Sheeny!" Colette added, she told me she knew she had been defeated, that Lloyd's heart now belonged to someone else.

Sheena leapt on me and took the picture back, she held it close and hit it inside her Kimono. "…fine, it's Lloyd!"

We just smiled and giggled, Colette and I, after a bit, we said our goodnights and went to sleep. I have to admit, these two were my best friends. And my old friends who were my age in many years.

Aht uv Lrybdan