Chapter Five

" . . . he shoots , and he scores! The crowd goes wild! Charlie Eppes has done it again!"

Charlie laughed as Don retrieved the ball and returned to slap a high five with his brother. It was late in the evening, the sun just setting low in the sky. Streaks of red, orange, and purple set the sky ablaze overhead.

Don tossed the ball onto the grass, then flopped down beside it. "I think you've finally done it, Charlie. You've worn me out. I don't think I can move."

Charlie fell onto the grass beside his brother. "Are you nervous for your first big game tomorrow?"

Don rolled his head around to face Charlie. "Nah. How could I be? We've got you on our side."

Charlie beamed. "You mean that?"

Don smiled back. "Sure I do. With you and Coach Thomas studying our opponents, there's no way we can lose."

Charlie's smile widened, and he lay on the grass next to his brother. "I can't wait to see you play. You're gonna be great."

"Thanks, Buddy," Don replied quietly.

A comfortable silence descended on them both as they watched the colors slip away from the sky, leaving behind countless stars twinkling brightly in the sky. They stayed outside until Alan finally called for them to come in for the night. Don jumped up, tugging Charlie to his feet, then chasing him into the house. The sound of their laughter filled the air.