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Chapter One

. Ronie's PoV .

"Miss Stoneshep?"

"Go away," I muttered. "It's Ronie..."

"Ronie, then..."


I sat up off the bunk, looking around. The security guard was standing there, so I got up lazily and walked towards her.

"Yeah?" I asked, leaning into the bars.

"Your perrol papers have just arrived."

I shot up glaring at her.


"Yep," she said. "Your five years are up."

"I'm... free?" I asked in disbelief.

She smiled and opened my cell door.

"That you are."

I shot down the hall totally overjoyed and screaming my lungs out.

"I'm free! I can go home! I-"

Then I stopped. What home? Where do I go? I had no clue where my mom was now, and my best friend was gone.

I shuddered.

Stupid pirates.

I hate pirates.

But... where do I go?

I turned back to face the scurity guard.

"Can you help me find a Brandon James Edwards?"

. Brandon's PoV .

Since the whoel... thing... Clay, Will and I moved into this awesome beach house type of place together down in Florida. To put it simply, we were running from our pasts.

I was watching the Rams dominate over the 49ers when Will came outand sat in the easy chair on the other side of the room. He looked over at me pulling out this huge universal remote and changed the channel to Men In Black.

I scowled and changed it back to football.

And back to Men In Black.

"Football," I said.

"Men In Black," Will said.


"Men In Black!"


We looked up to see Caly holding the phone and a Pizza Hut paper.

"Well, are you two hungry or not?" he asked.

"Okay, we'll do pizza," Will said, getting up. "I'll give you my money now."

He and Clay walked off into the one bedroom when the doorbell rang. I sighed and went over to the door. I opened it, and Julie came in.

"Surprise!" she said, giving me a quick kiss.

"Oh, you've just saved me," I said, taking her to the television. "Okay, do you-"

"Oh, is the Men In Black? I love these guys," she said, sitting on the couch.

I rolled my eyes. What about football? Does anybody care that it's the fourth quarter?

I threw my arm over her shoulder as I sat down. Will and Caly came out about that time counting Will's money.

"Hey Julie," Clay said as he and Will went for the phone on the bar.

"Hi," she said. "What's for dinner tonight?"

"Pizza," Will said. "Wanna stay?"

"You mind?" she asked me.

"Course not," I said.

As Clay and will ordered pizza, Julie leaned against me, and I toyed with her dark hair that was curled out at her shoulders. Will walked over and looked from the television to me, then laughed.

"Shut up," I said.

"I'm gonna go get the pizza," Clay said, hanging up the phone and grabbing his keys. "See you in twenty."

Will sat down in his chair as Clay left, and the phone rings.

"Got it," Will said.

He answered it, but then said, "BJ, it's for you."

I got up reluctantly from Julie's side and ran up to the bar, picking up the phone.

"Yeah?" I said.


I screwed up my face and looked at the phone. Who in the world was this?

"Um... who is this?" I asked.

"It's Ronie," the voice said as my eyes widened. "I'm out of jail now."

"Err... sorry," I said. "Wrong number."

I slammed the phone down in disbelief. Ronie? Why does she call me now?

"Who was that?" Julie asked as I sat down next to her again still in shock.

"Oh, nobody," I said quickly. "Wrong number."

She smiled contently and leaned back into my shoulder as my stomach churned. This was bad. Really bad...

. Val's PoV .

"It's a very rough sea tonight," I said, jumping from the ratlines.

"Yeah," Alex said as I walked up beside him. "Very."

Well, to keep it short and sweet, I told Alex everything when e met. Norrington gave up the search for Will (that's why he wanted to find Jack) after two years, and I told Elizabeth everything, too. The three of us had runaway a year ago on this tiny ship; we wanted Will and Jack back, but all of my time machines were failures, and I was beginning to think it was over.

"Is the storm far off?" Elizabeth asked form the wheel. "Can we get round it?"

"I don't see a way to avoid it," Alex said.

"We'll have to weather it," I said.

I began to secure the sails and looked over at Alex and Elizabeth. Alex like her. I established that before he had told me. Thing is, if I'm looking for Jack cuase I love him, what is it with me being so jealous of Elizabeth?

I put the rope down and crawled up into the crow's nest. I wanna go home... then it starts raining.

How do I know that was a sign?

I layed down shivering in the rain.

Man, I miss my bed...

Drifting off...

I miss my house...


Why do I like Alex?


Where's... Jack?...


. Brandon's PoV .

. 9 AM .

We had all fallen asleep in the living room from what it looked like. Two pizza boxes were on the coffee table opened, popcron everywhere, Julioe asleep on my numb arm, Will sleeping in his chair, and Clay was running around clearing some things away.

"Mornin'," he said.

"Yeah..." I groaned.

I sat Julie up as I stood, then layed her across the couch.

Then I remembered last night.

"Oh geez..." I said.

"What?" Clay asked.

"Ronie called last night after you left. She's out of jail."

Clay ran into the end table and tripped.

"Ronie?" he yelled.



We turned around.


"My door!" I yelled.


Julie and wll were awake now.


They ran over to us, and an ax came through the hole in the door.

And then Ronie stepped through.

Hey, she didn't have glasses anymore.

"Oh, you little rat!" she yelled, seeing me.

"On, no! Wait! Ronie!"

She ran after me, and I ran for the kitchen.

"Wrong number, my butt!" she yelled.

"Ronie! Wait!"

I slid over the bar and back into the living room. She followed.

"Ronie! let's talk!" I pleaded.

"Talk? I tried that last night!"


"After all this, I turned to you for help," she said a bit more calmly. "I really needed you and all you can say to me is 'wrong number?'"

"No, I didn't know, I-"

"Save it," she said, quietly, on the verge of tears.

Then she went out the door.

. Ronie's PoV .

That jerk had replaced me! Who the hell was the girl clinging to him? His long lost missing sister?

"Ronie! Wait!"

I just kept walking.


"Don't you even touch me."

"Look, I-"

"Let me guess!" I yelled. "you've moved on! Pretended the whole thing never happened, including me! Got a replacement!"

"Yeah, I have moved on," he said quietly. "But... I'm engaged to Julie now. I - I never really thought... or planned... or expected... to see you again."

I was speechless. He seemed so afraid to tell me the truth...

Well he better be afraid.

I nodded and went to leave.

"Hey, I'll help you," he said. "With whatever."

"You can't help me anymore," I said. "We're passed each other."

"Wait! Ronie!"

We turned, and Will, Clay, and that Julie girl came running out.

Clay ran up to me, begging me to stay.

"Sorry, Cly, but I've gotta go figure out what I'm doing. My life's in restart mode."

"You can start over here," Will said.

"No, it's not an option."

I went to get in my car, but Clay fell to the ground, clinging to my leg.

"Don't go!"

"Clay, get off!"

"Who is she anyway?" that Julie girl butted in.

"I'm your worst nightmare," I said.

"I vouch!" Will said.

"Clay, let go!"

I'm kicking him against the tire and he still won't let go!

"No! You - are - OW! - staying!"

"I cannot! I- MY CAR!"

It was moving! Driving over the sand and into the water! I started running after it, but it went into the ocean!

"Oh my God! Why!" I screamed, trudging back up on the beach. Will smiled.

"Which room will you be staying in?"


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