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. Val's PoV .

. New Year's Day .

Dear Diary,


A year that's sure to be eventful. I've decided to start keeping this diary since so much is happening and I miss having on like I did all through school. But this is a totally different chapter in my life.

First off, I have no friends nearby at the moment. Ronie and BJ got hitched less than two weeks ago, and they're currently on their honeymoon in Vegas enjoying the booze, the parties, and each other, I'm sure… When they get back next week, they're gonna start apartment hunting somewhere in the Northeast. Either Boston, New York, or someplace like that. Ronie said she'd email me the new address when they get it. Congrats, you two! All I can say is 'finally!'

Clay and Will still live in the Florida beach house with a new person occupying BJ's room – Amelia the nurse. She moved in the day after the wedding since she could share the rent with them and needed a place to stay (Can I hear the Three's Company jingle?). Clay certainly didn't mind. It's so funny how openly those two flirt, yet they do nothing. I've had a talk with Will about helping them along, so I don't worry. It'll happen eventually. Hehe…

Amelia (or 'Mia' as Ronie likes to call her) is so great. She, Ronie, and I hit it off pretty good. I'm glad, too. Not only is she our friend, but she's also Clay's preferred subject. Now we just gotta find someone for Will…

Secondly, besides not having my friends around anymore, I'm a mother-to-b sometime in late July/ early August. I don't care whether it's a boy or girl or twins or whatever, just so long as it (or they) is (are) healthy. I have a few names picked out, but I do have a good deal of time until I have to decide on any. I'm excited anyways.

Jack and I aren't exactly married yet, but that'll come with time, too. For right now, I am once again in the Caribbean on the Black Pearl writing this. Jack missed it, so I again built a time machine. And it worked! Of course I intend to head back to my own time when the baby's born, but the machine needs a few repairs first.

And then there's the issue of where the baby will be raised; either here or at home. I couldn't have it grow up here, but I also can't make Jack give up his one true joy. It reminds me of the Little Mermaid – to worlds and part of both. What'll I do?

And to tie up a few loose ends, Norrington never woke up while we were at the hospital, which make me wonder what happened to him. Him, Julie, Gilette, Alex, Liz…

Okay, I also have a resolution for this year, and that would be to have a great family, keep in touch with my friends, and better improve my time machine. I will do these things! Or I'll try at least.

Well, I must be off now. The waves are getting rough, so it's difficult to write. Plus, it's dinnertime! I hope we're having something good since it's New Years' and all. Oh God, please, pretty pretty please don't let it be gruel…


That's all folks! But not totally…

I would like for you, when you review, help which idea to go with when I work on the third story. There are two options.

Plot 1 – Continuation of Ronie and Val's story. Five months later, Ronie and Brandon move into a house, only to wake up and find Val, Will, and Clay in their house. Jack has been kidnapped (along with Amelia) by a woman believed to be Jack's ex-fiancé. More time machines, more Caribbean, more pirates, more insults and twists than before. Will Jack stay true to Val? And what's this? Will's got a girlfriend? OoOo…

Plot 2 – Set fifteen years after this story, focusing on the gang's children. Val has everyone knocking on her door for the secret to time travel, but she only uses it in her own home when her children, Chloe and JJ (Jack Jr., lol), go to visit Jack in the Caribbean during the summer every year. Then, one night she holds a reunion with Ronie, Brandon, Clay, Amelia, Will, and their children. During the reunion, Chloe and JJ get ready for their annual trip to see Jack, but Val, with a worried expression, tells them they can't see Jack this summer. Confused and skeptical, Chloe leads her eight-year-old brother and the others (R and B's daughter Jordan, C and A's son Tyler) into a whirlwind in the Caribbean. Can they get into more trouble than their parents used to? And where on earth is Jack?

Okay! Before you vote, I had the idea of combining the two – The second-generation story, only Jack has been kidnapped by an ex-fiancé, and Val is really worried. The second G go looking for him with Val, Ronie, Brandon, Clay, and Will in tow. Again, will Jack stay true to his family or be swayed back into Miss Charlotte Avaldi's snares?


But you can. Most popular vote shall win, or most convincing argument. Thank you for your opinion, and someday, there will be a third story! Thank you again to all of you that read, whether you enjoyed every minute or didn't. I loved hearing from you, and I can't wait to do it again in Really Bad Eggs!

That would be my working title, lol.

Please review if you laughed…