Chapter 2

The Winx went to their rooms and started to pick what to wear for the party. Flora went to Stella's room to see if she was feeling all right.

"Stella? Are you ok?" Flora asked as she sits on Stella's bed trying to see if she was ok. "Yeah Flo, I'm ok, I'm just feeling a little dizzy that's all."

"Ok, but we have a valentines' ball the next day of tomorrow, so be ready ok?" Flora said with a smile and went to her room not waiting for Stella's answer.

"Is she ok Flo?" Musa asked while trashing her room for the CDs. "Yeah she said that she's just feeling dizzy… ok I'm done choosing my gown!" Flora said. "Wow that's so cute Flora!" Bloom stated while looking at the gown. "Thanks, what about you guys?" Flora asked. "Found it!" Tecna shouted with a smile on her face. "Wow, it's so beautiful!" Flora said in amusement. "Hey Muse, why don't you wear this one?" Bloom said while pointing to an elegant red gown. "You think? Ok that's settled I guess… I found it! Now my worries are over!" Musa said while jumping with joy. "Ok, I'm happy for you guys but I have a problem." Bloom said while frowning and while sitting on her bed.

"What's the matter Bloom?" Flora said as she sits besides her. "Is it about Sky?" Tecna asked while sitting on the other side of the bed. "No, it's not that," Bloom said while looking at her feet. "Wait a sec! This can't be a truth about your condition right?" Musa asked while sitting on the floor facing the others. "What do you mean?" Flora asked not knowing the meaning of what Musa said

"You know, maybe Blooms like that cause…" Musa said not continuing what she was trying to say. "Cause, What?" Tecna said. "Cause maybe, ok that's only a maybe ok, maybe that bloomspreganantanddidn'twanttotellus, that's just a maybe" Musa said in a very fast way making them hard to understand. "What? I logically didn't understand anything that you said." Tecna said while being confused. "Musa! That's not true! My problem is what to wear on the ball cause Kikko destroyed my gown!" Bloom said while being red. "Ok, Princess you can borrow this." Tecna said while pulling a blue gown for Bloom coming out from her closet. "Really Tecna? You're the best!" Bloom said as she went to her closet and placed the gown in so that Kikko won't nibble on it anymore.

"Hey guys I don't know about you but I'm beat!" Musa said as she stretches her arms. Suddenly Tecna's laptop made a strange sound "Yeah goodnight guys," She said and rushed to her computer "Oh well, let's go to sleep," Flora said and went to her room and said goodnight to everyone. "Yeah goodnight guys!" Bloom and Musa said to one another including Tecna that was so much busy on her computer cause she was chatting with Timmy.

Tim: Did I disturb you while sleeping?

Tec: No I wasn't asleep yet

Tim: Oh I see…

Tec: What's the matter?

Tim: Nothing

Tec: Well do you think we can go to the binary galaxy sometime?

Tim: Why?

Tec: Of course I have to introduce you to my folks, Silly!

Tim: Ok, sure but how about after we graduate

Tec: Ok, sounds fine

Tim: O-oh! There's an inspection today got to go Tec, sweet dreams ok bye, love you!

Tec: I love you too!

Then the two closed their computers and went to bed.

Then next day…

They went to the library to have a research on a magical creature that lived long ago.

At the library…

"What was the name again?" Musa said while pointing on the books and looking at the titles of each one. "Why don't we go search on the search pod so the library would be the one to research, I don't want to break a nail while looking for that silly book!" Stella said while nail filing her nails. "What about you Flora? Flora are you ok?" Bloom asked her while wondering why her mind is somewhere else.

Earlier in the morning when the others were still asleep Flora woke up with Flowers around her bed and she found a card.

It says:

"To the most beautiful maiden that I have ever seen. I can't stop thinking about you, take care always. –Love: Francis-"

Back to the library…

"Flo? Wake up!" Stella said while shouting at her ears making her ears hurt for a short while. "Huh? What? Sorry guys I was thinking of something." Flora said while smiling to the girls. "What about?" Musa asked acting like Stella "Hey that's my line!" Stella said while pouting. "Does it have to with the flowers in your room?" Bloom said as she made Flora surprised. "How did you know?" Flora said. "Well I saw it, cause I was looking for you but when I went to your room, there was so many roses!" Bloom said. "Oh, It was from Francis, can you believe it?" Flora said that made Stella look at her and asked, "Is he your boyfriend? Or maybe crush? No it's definitely….", "Stella, I just met him ok," Flora said in an angry way and went to the search pod of the library. The others looked at one another wondering why she acts that way. When they finished they went to Magix to accompany Stella on her shopping spree.

At Magix…

"Hey guys what do you think? Does it look good on me or do I have to bring Brandon here too? Or…" Stella said but Tecna jumped in. "How about this?" Tecna picked out a dress that was attracted to Stella's eyes. "I'll take that!" Stella said as she rushed on the dress that Tecna picked out. As Stella was giving the dress and her credit card to the cashier, Bloom saw the boys from the window talking and laughing. "Hey! The boys are outside guys!" Bloom said and rushed outside and called out Sky's name which made him turn around and was shocked to see Bloom and ran to the girls, which also the others did.

"Hey Bloom, what are you doing here?" Sky said, as he hugs her not caring if the others thought about it as a humiliating thing to do in front of the crowd. "Just accompanied Stella, she's in there buying something." Bloom said that as she smiles at Sky then the others went outside. "Hey Tec," Timmy said while holding her hands and smiles at her. "Hey, what are guys doing here anyway?" Musa said while adjusting her Discman not paying attention on where she was going until she bumped on to Riven that she smiled and said a little sorry and he smiled for chuckled on her. "What? Chuckling for no good reason?" she said and a headphone was on her neck but Riven didn't answer. "Hmmp! You're always like that" turning back pretending that she got hurt of what he did to her.

Flora was looking at them not noticing Francis being beside her until, "Did you get the flowers?" Francis said with a smile. "Yes I did, thank you for those." She replied. "It's ok I really wanted to make you happy," Francis said. "Flora! Were going already! Come on girl!" Stella shouted from a long distance but was still very hearable. "Coming!" Flora said running to the girls. When Flora arrived to the girls.

"So his the one huh Flora?" Stella said with a wink. "Well, he's a friend of Brandon and the others and…" Flora tried to explain but Stella jumped in, "I'm not asking that, I meant to ask if he was your boyfriend! Silly!" she said making Flora blush to her hairline. "What? I just met him recently Stella! So please don't say such things!" Flora said. "Hey I'm just asking but if your making a big fuss about it it's not my fault Flo!" Stella said while looking up. "Hmmp! Fine Stella you're always like that, trying to get attention by picking on someone isn't funny!" Flora said while covering her face full of tears. Flora ran to a corner and cried there. As Francis saw this he ran after her.

"Flora? Are you ok?" Francis said that while rubbing Flora's back trying to comfort her. She didn't replied anything. She hugged Francis tightly.

"Oh Francis, It's Stella" Flora said while crying in the arms of her Prince

"What about her?" Francis said

"She's a big blabber mouth! I can't stand her!"

"Hey, cheer up! Let's go to the mall, I'll treat you out" francis said making Flora smile

"Ok," Flora said then they went to a restaurant

While eating…

"Umm… Flora" francis said


"Can I be your date at the Valentine's day ball?"

"Of course, I'd love to have you as my date"

"Really? Awesome!" Francis said happily making Flora smile at his reaction.

After a two hours, Francis took Flora back to Alfea.

"Good night, thanks for dinner" Flora said

"Ok, Good night to you too," Francis said then he returned back to red fountain.

Flora on the other hand went to her room and changed to her PJs and looked at the starry sky thinking about her prince.

End of Chapter

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