Ok, here's the last chapter. And the reason why this story is different. It almost makes sense, or at least that's what I like to think. Oh yeah. And nobody had to forget anything(:

So it was just a dream?

A few hours later(1) Fred and George heard a voice telling them to wake up. George pretended to be asleep, but Fred opened his eyes to see his friend Lee Jordan.

'What's the matter with you?' Lee asked 'Why didn't you come to Hogsmeade?'

'Oh…' Fred said sleepily 'I guess we were just too tired… Decided to go to sleep early instead.'

'But what about Hogsmeade?'

'Oh, we can go to Hogsmeade any time we like!' Fred assured him 'We know all the secret passages, don't we?'

'All right then,' said Lee 'See you in the Great Hall' And he left the room to go and have some breakfast.

'You're lucky Percy didn't hear you,' said George opening his eyes.

'Why should we care about Percy?' Fred said.

'Because he'd tell Mum,' George suggested 'It's against the rules!' he said, trying to sound like Percy.

'Since when do we care about the rules?' Fred laughed 'We're the greatest pranksters since Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs!'

'Oh no!' said George, suddenly remembering something.

'What?' his brother wanted to know.

'I had a really weird dream tonight…'

'So did I,' said Fred 'We were in the past, you know…'

'I think I had the same dream!'

'…and we met Harry's dad, and then it turned out that - '

'Oh no!' George gasped again.



Fred looked around, as if expecting to see the man in the dormitory. And then he understood.

'And we gave the map to Harry…'

'Oh no…' George said for the third time.

'But it was just a dream, right?' Fred said hopefully.

'Yeah,' George agreed 'Just a dream…'

(1) Quite a lot of hours in fact. But it felt like only a few.


About twelve years earlier…

Dark days… Voldemort had his spies everywhere. A friend could turn out to be an enemy. Anyone could be a spy. You couldn't trust anyone. Sometimes not even yourself…

Sirius didn't want to think about what he had heardnearly six yearsago from the two boys from the future. He had sworn never to think about it again. But now it wasn't possible any more. It was easy not to worry about things he didn't even believe, and for a long time he had not believed it. But now too much of the story had come true. It was hard to think the twins had lied, while sitting in one room with Lily and James Potter and their fifteen-month-old son. He really didn't know what to do any more. He knew his friends trusted him, but did he trust himself? He had to admit it: he did not.

'Don't get me wrong,' he said after a moment of silence 'I'd love to do it for you, you know, but… I'm just not sure I can… Ask Wormtail or someone…'


'How could you!'

'How could I trust you…'

An explosion… Screaming Muggles… Dead bodies… A rat…

And then, perhaps a little too late, he understood. He knew what it must have looked like. There was a big hole in the ground in front of him, dead bodies everywhere around and a small, fat rat running away. And he just happened to be standing there, with his wand out, in the middle of the whole mess. He knew what it meant. He knew that there were already Aurors behind him and that they would never believe his side of the story. He knew what it meant. The two boys from the future had told the truth. Sort of. It wasn't exactly the truth, but… well… they had not lied. They had just told him what they knew(2). And now the exact thing he had been trying to avoid was happening to him. And only because he'd been trying to avoid it. He already knew what was coming. And where he was going...

And then, as the Aurors reached him, he remembered one more thing the boys had told him. There was still hope! They had said he was going to escape. He knew, of course, that nobody can escape from there, but they hadn't lied about anything else, had they? So he was going to escape. He already knew that. And he knew what he was going to do next. As the Aurors draged him away, he glared once again at the rat disappearing in the gutter.

'See you in twelve years, rat,' he said in a hardly audible whisper. And he started to laugh.

(2) Or were going to know. Whatever. Time is a very confusing thing.


See? Nobody had to forget anything (: