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32nd Entry: Freefall


February 1st, the 7th year in the reign of King Ganondorf I

Dear Diary,

I find it humorous how things work out at times. You'll understand what I mean in a minute or two.

I spent four more days at the Fortress, though the last three were mostly spent with my protesting that I was in fact quite well, and more than ready to leave. And though it took much convincing, Link finally got the idea, and before I knew it, I was packing my bags for home.

"Now what did I do with that brush?" I asked myself as I scoured the bedroom. My bags were completely packed with the exception of my hairbrush. One must understand, I've had this hairbrush since I was merely three years old, and leaving it behind at the fortress was simply not an option. Under the bed, on top of the table, through all the drawers in the bureau; still the pesky brusk eluded my sights. Picking up one of the chairs, I set it down in front of the large dresser and stepped on top.

"There you are!" I said with relief, finally spotting the brush on top of the dresser. Grabbing it, I started down from the chair, only to lean slightly too far to the right, resulting in my landing very uncomfortably on my still sore arm.

"Oww..." I said, dazed.

"Mal, are you ready to-" Link asked as he stepped inside my room, but stopped short when he saw me on the floor. I rolled my eyes, and forced myself up before he could say a word.

"Don't worry about it. I just fell off the chair looking for my hairbrush." I said with a half-smile, holding up the very troublesome brush. Link shook his head.

"Just be more careful, all right?" He said with a worried glance. I knew he was still concerned about my health, even though I had received more than my share of fairies over the time I spent at the fortress. I stuck my tongue out at him as a sign of protest.

"I tell you-" I started, picking my bags up off the bed. "You go into the Haunted Wasteland once, once! And from then on, it's like you're a two year old, constant supervision at all times..." Link laughed.

"Just wait until I tell Talon about this." He said mischieviously. My mouth dropped open, and Link made his way out of my room as quickly as possible, doing his best to imitate Ganon's well known evil laughter the entire way.


"So...what next?" I asked Link as we walked out into Gerudo Valley. Link shrugged, though I could tell by his eyes that he didn't really want to discuss the subject. Frowning, I persisted on.

"Don't give me that Link. You've collected the six mediallions, right?" Thinking out loud, I counted each one, just as he had told me earlier. "Saria, Darunia, Ruto, Impa, and now Nabooru." I stopped, confused. "Oh yes, and Rauru. So you have freed all six...does that mean...?" I asked, suddenly realizing the significance of it all. Link looked away, betraying what I had just figured out myself.

For some time after that, we walked in silence, the only sound being that of Epona's steady hoofbeats behind us. My mind raced, at a loss for words. Link was never one to burden himself on anyone, and I knew he absolutely hated anyone to worry over him. Even so, his countenence at this point in time was easily deciphered. He was worried. I knew he wanted to defeat Ganon, that was all I had ever heard from him since I met him. Still, he seemed worried, almost afraid he wouldn't be able to live up to the expectations everyone in Hyrule had of him.

As we reached the ravine, I made up my mind then and there to help him. Stopping suddenly, I stepped in front of him, a wide smile on my lips. "You know what I think you need, Link?" I asked.

Link rolled his eyes, a slight grin pulling at his lips. "What would that be?" He asked curiously.

"A little vacation. Just a day or two where you don't need to worry about fighting, or Ganon or anything." I said, hoping he would agree.

He looked at me for a second, not saying anything at all. Giving a sigh, he shook his head. "Malon, I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I just can't."

I continued on, not fazed in the least. "I really wanted to go to Lake Hylia, you know...I think it might be an excellent spot for a vacation."

Link shook his head once again. "Mal, I'm sorry, I just can't." He paused for a second. "C'mon, we need to get going." Stepping around me, he walked towards the bridge. I stood in my place, defeated. "C'mon Mal, think of something!" I thought to myself. Eyeing the ravine, I remembered one of those little useless facts my dad had told me once.

"All the water in Hyrule flows into Lake Hylia."

Grinning with excitement as the plan formed in my mind, I rushed to the edge of the ravine. Hearing my footsteps, Link turned towards me, confusion in his eyes.

"Well Link, I'm going to Lake Hylia whether you want to or not." Stealing a glance at the water flowing through the ravine so far below where I stood, I took a breath. As Link's eyes flashed with the horror of realization, I made one last comment before the plunge.

"Oh, and just so you know, I can't swim."

As I dove headfirst off the edge of the ravine, it was at that point in time I knew I had completely lost my mind. Faster, faster, it was an incredible sensation, falling, each moment bringing me closer to the water below me. I felt Link's arms wrap around me seconds before I hit the water. He shouted out two words I couldn't fully understand, and suddenly, all was silent.

There was no pain, no panic, anything of that sort. Underwater seemed so strangely peaceful. Quickly, Link pulled us both to the top of the water, holding a shining blue jewel in his hand. Only then did I see the blue shield surrounding us, protecting us from harm.


"What could you have been thinking!" Link asked frantically. Truth be told, he was taking it better than I expected. Dad's 'random fact of the day' had been correct, as always, and the fast moving rapids below the ravine had taken Link and I to Lake Hylia in a matter of seconds (well, minutes, I guess).

By this point in time, Link was ranting. "You can't pull this kind of stuff all the time Malon! You'll be the death of me some day, I swear."

I rolled my eyes. "Now you sound like my father."

Letting out a sigh, Link wearily sat down next to me on the beach. "Just promise you'll never do that again."

Giving my best attempt at a pout (I never was very good at it), I relented. "All right. No more ravine jumping." Link let out a breath of relief, and stood up once again.

"I suppose if we're going to stay here overnight, I'd better get some food ready." He said with a smile. I looked up in surprise.

"Really?" I asked, excited.

He shrugged, nodding. Jumping to my feet, I gave Link the biggest hug I could muster. "I promise, you won't regret it." I said with a smile.

Link rolled his eyes. "Are you positive about that?"


So that's where I am now. Link told me he's going to teach me how to fish tonight, and I'm sure many interesting stories will come out of that experience. Anyway, hopefully I'll write back soon. Talk to you later!

- Malon Astira