1st Chapter "Sing for me - once more"

Nervous, stumbling steps echoed from the damp walls. The candle cast spooky shadows onto her tensed face. He stared onto her neck while trying to keep pace. She stopped abruptly. Thoughtlessly, he collided with her. He noticed with some surprise how firm and muscular her small body was. He stepped back, looking ashamed. She turned around in indignation. When she noticed him blushing furiously, her whole expression became one of disdain. She looked down into the dark depth and closed her eyes shivering. When she opened them again, her voice was quivering. "This is as far as I dare go."

Raoul swallowed uneasily and looked at her expectantly as though he was hoping she would redeem what she had said. When nothing happened he said "thank you", took off his jacket and continued his way with desperate determination. She watched him leave in indifference.

Christine jumped to her feet when she saw Raoul standing on the other side of the iron gates, soaked. Erik smiled in triumph. "I believe, my dear, we have a guest." He threw the lever to open the gates and slowly approached the young man. Raoul lifted his chin and watched him challenging, both hands clenched into fists. Erik slowly turned to Christine. "Is that what you really want?" When she nodded, resignation crept into his face. "Then go - go with him." Hesitating, she took several steps towards Raoul. When she had almost reached him, Erik spoke again:

"Before you go, sing for me - once more." She looked at Raoul questioningly. He nodded, and she closed her eyes briefly. She seemed determined to surpass herself this last time.

"Think of me..."

She prepared for the last, high-pitched notes. Behind her, Erik slowly lifted an axe out of the water.

Madame Giry stepped out of a secret passageway. She sighed, seeing him next to the two headless bodies, his shirt soaked with their blood. "Ah, I see you're done." He turned to her and held the axe to her neck. His expression was amused and self-satisfied. She smiled.

"Do you want to take the axe with you?"

"Where," he asked with emphasized innocence.

Her gaze slowly wandered towards the bed and then back to his face. With a knowing smirk he dropped the axe and pulled her towards him.

A/N: For those of you who want to polish their languages, the story is also posted in German.