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Princess of Lords

Chapter 1: The Legend

Every 10,000 years one is chosen to lead the Lords of the North, South, East, and West. The chosen one has a pure heart and soul. The chosen one must rid of the great evil that will be released. The chosen one will be chosen by the great sages of time.

But one of the chosen ones will rid of the evil once and for all. During the process of the journey the chosen one will accompany by a Lord that will help the chosen one to defeat the great evil, during their journey.

"Wow Kaede that is an amazing story!"ン said Kagome.

"Kagome this is not a story it is true. Today is when the sages choose their chosen one to defeat the great evil. The chosen one will know if they are or not. This knowledge is handed down from every priestess since Midoriko. She was told this by one of the great sages."ン Said Kaede.

"Well thank you very much for the wonderful story Kaede! Well I've got to go back to my era. So can you tell Inuyasha that I'm going back?"ン says Kagome

"Of course I will, child be careful!"ン said Kaede.

"Thank you very much. Well see ya later!"ン said Kagome before running off to the Bone Eaters Well.

"Wench! Where are you going?" said Inuyasha while raising a eyebrow.

"I'm going back to my era, I've hadn't been there since for about three weeks! And you can't stop me"ン said Kagome while stomping her foot on the ground.

"Oh no you aren't you need to hunt down more shards! Kikyo never…."ン

Before Inuyasha could finish.

Kagome said "Don't even compare me to her. Oh ya and see ya in two weeks!"

"Oi wait a second wench you're going no where!"ン said Inuyasha menacingly

"Oh Inuyasha! Sit!!!!"ン said Kagome in a very sweet voice. While crossing her arms over her chest, and smirked evilly.

A big huge sit could be heard for about 3 miles from where they where standing.

While Inuyasha crashed unmercifully into the ground!

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