When The Stars Lie

Raven And The Complexities Of Being A Libra

By Shyro Foxfeather


Raven: Libra

Emotionally complex, elegant, refined, easily offended, balanced, diplomatic, dependent, distant, and argumentive…


Beast Boy was following her…

Although he didn't know that she knew he was following her, but she knew, and continued to try to ward him away with her intimidating aura. Which didn't work seeing as he was so oblivious that nothing seemed to be able to scare him off.

You see it had all started with the tea. She had come into the living room, padded into the kitchen, and, lo and behold, had found an empty cupboard where her tea had once been. This startled her seeing as she had six packets left when she last drank her herb filled drink. She suspected someone had begun drinking it and was thoroughly convinced that it was Beast Boy. However, that made no sense seeing as he would willingly drink her tea as soon as she would willingly eat his tofu.

And she'd never eat his tofu.

Raven arched an eyebrow as a green cat scurried behind a mailbox the moment she turned around. 'Who does Beast Boy think he's kidding?' She wondered.

She continued along the sidewalk—the changeling always seen from the corner of her eye—and stopped as she came upon a teashop.

Seeing as the last time she had been here it had been an empty building and now it was occupied and painted vibrant pink color, she was undoubtedly reluctant to go in. She pushed the swinging door open and a bouquet of tiny bells rung annoyingly as they announced her presence. She cringed at the shades of pink that was the décor. Just as she turned to leave a long finger nailed hand—the nails were pink as well—grabbed her by her shoulder and turned her around.

"Oh my!" Announced the woman who was, freakishly enough, dressed something akin to Little Bo Peep. "We have such a lovely young lady in our new shop. Let's show her around shall we!" She announced.

Raven looked around as she tried to locate who the lady was talking to… The shop was empty… Crap. "No, I was just leaving-,"

"Nonsense." The lady chided. "You have come here and we must show you around!"

'We…? What a nut case…'

"What kind of tea do you like?" The woman babbled on, oblivious to Raven's distress.

"Uh…herbal tea." She replied. Maybe she could just get her tea and scram.

"Oh…I'm sorry, but I'm not partial to that so I didn't order any."

'…What?' Raven gaped at the woman's flawed logic. So what if she didn't like it? Other people did and wasn't that enough to at least order a few boxes?

"You know what?" She asked as she spun Raven to face her. "You look like the doll type of person. You like dolls don't you?"

"……" Raven's expression turned from one of minute anger and annoyance to pure unbridled shock in a mere second.

And green hand grabbed her shoulder and Beast Boy stood there looking quite sheepish. "Um… We really need to go…things to do and all that." He stated simply as he led the stunned Raven towards the exit.

The lady blinked and was about to object when the door shut with a jingle of bells and they had made it safely to the world outside.

Beast Boy smirked and turned to Raven. "You like dolls, Rae?"

She gave him a menacing glare. "No." She began to stalk off, annoyed at everything, as Beast Boy followed like a lost puppy.

They continued walking for some time, Raven in silence, and Beast Boy humming happily to himself. Suddenly a thought struck her and she whirled around to face the jovial shape shifter. "Why are you following me?"

He stared. "You-," He said as he pointed to her, "are out of tea and I-," He pointed to himself, "am escorting you not only for your safety but to get some tea myself."

"…You drank my tea?" She hissed.

Beast Boy's eyes widened considerably, "No!" Of course he was lying. He just hoped Raven didn't know that.

A pause was taken as a puff of wind ruffled their clothes and made Raven's cloak wave erratically in its midst. Beast Boy idly wondered if he could convince Raven to wear a skirt on days like this…

His thought process was deranged no doubt.

"Right." Raven said skeptically.

Beast Boy merely sweat dropped and looked anywhere but at her. She caught this immature move and with a huff turned and began to stalk off. He was about to run after her when he froze and looked at where he was.

"Raven!" He called.

'Ignore him, ignore him, ignore him…'

"Raven!" He hollered.

'Kill him, kill him, kill him…'

"RAVEN!" He yelled overly loud and sent birds fleeing from their nests.

"What?" She demanded, seething with rage.

"This place had tea." He said pointing to an old Chinese restaurant that even she knew served excellent green and herbal teas.

She blinked and stared a moment. "Whatever." She muttered as she walked in beside him as he beamed triumphantly.


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