When The Stars Lie

Cyborg And The Might Of The Taurus

By Shyro Foxfeather


Cyborg: Taurus

Loyal, dependable, generous, physically strong, rigid, stubborn, hot-tempered, meticulous, sensible…


Cyborg was walking down the hall calmly; not at all displeased with the way his day was turning out…when it happened. Just as he was about to pass Beast Boy's room he froze.


A smell worse than death itself and more gruesome than anything Cyborg had ever taken into his senses. Body unmoving, he turned his head toward where the 'being of evil' resided. Beast Boy's door stared innocently back at him but that awful scent beckoned him forward like some sort of evil villains mind controlling concoction—which is quite possible seeing as they're the Teen Titans, yet it was not a doer of evil's work.

He opened the door with a somewhat frenzied jumble of numbers and letters. The scent hit him full force and he stumbled backward in mute horror. It was like a rush of wind was pushing the smell out of the room and into his senses alone. To say the least, it was very smelly.

He weakly crawled forward and nearly pitched over unconscious from the smell. Lesser men would've fled when the caught the first whiff and brave men would've ran screaming at the opening of the door, but not Cyborg. It did help to be half robot. As he slowly entered the forsaken bedroom he could instantly tell where the horrid odor was coming from.

Beast Boy's closet door was covered in purple vines.

He stared blankly for a moment. That couldn't be the origin of the horrid stench. It was just so…so…purple. And when he thought purple he thought of those idiotic fluffy bears with huge eyes and said meaningless things when you squeezed them—which was a weird concept all on its own. But…but…Purple vines?

He tore out of the room like a pirate out of the navy headquarters…kind of.

As he scrambled down the hall he fell over Beast Boy…because he was shorter than him and he was in a hurry. It was actually a common occurrence.

"You!" He hollered at the green Titan. "WHAT is that in your room?"

"W-wait!" Beast Boy was absolutely flustered. "Were you looking under my bed?"

"NO! Your CLOSET!" Cyborg retorted as he neglected to take the time to process what Beast Boy had actually said.

"Oh. That." Beast Boy said listlessly. "Yeah, don't worry 'bout that." He said as he waved the subject off.


Beast Boy blinked. "You don't know?" Cyborg shook his head weakly and Beast Boy elaborated. "Geez…what do you think those stupid meetings are for?" He muttered. "Anyway, Starfire found some 'pretty' flowers and so she brought them home with her. They got lose, took over my room, started to smell, and I had to move."


"You fell asleep during that meeting, huh?" Beast Boy prodded.

"Yes, yes I did."

The changeling sighed. "Well, the florist is coming next week to kill it and all that so once my room is clean I can go back. I've been out of it for three days now…and it sucks." He said although it was in a tone as if he really didn't care…which he didn't. "I'd have thought you noticed it by now.

Cyborg blinked and once again ignored half of what he had said as his mind tripped over itself. "The florist?"

"Oh, yeah! The guy has a flamethrower and everything. He's so cool!" Beast Boy cheered.

Cyborg nodded wordlessly. "So…where are you staying?"

He grinned fangedly. "I was staying in Starfire's room but something tried to eat me so I bolted, I was in Robin's room for like five minutes and already knew that was not the place for me, I was in you room for a night—you didn't even notice—and it was way to cold in there, so now I'm in Raven's room." He paused and was oblivious to Cyborg's slack jaw and wide eyes. Beast Boy grinned widely as if he had just won a golden metal. "She's threatened me eighty-four times and attempted to kill thirty-six of them!"

Cyborg stared at Beast Boy.

Beast Boy stared at his own two, he counted them, two feet.

Cyborg staggered away to take a nice long walk and made a mental note to delete any and all memory files he had of this event when he got back.


That bad smell in the closet will get stronger. Time to investigate. –Humorscope dot com


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