Max slipped into her cat suit quickly and gracefully. It had been a while but it felt good to be wearing it again. Standing in front of the mirror she had a sudden thought, reaching into the sleeve she found a stick of cherry lip balm. Grinning like the cat she partly was she put it on and sauntered out of her bedroom.

Alec's breath caught in his throat at the sight of her, all curves and attitude. And smiling too, his mouth automatically formed a matching grin, "you ready" he asked somewhat unnecessarily, "hell yeah, they aren't gunna know what's hit em!" Alec couldn't help but agree.

They silently scaled the wall of the police hq, finding the right window Max slipped through followed by a slightly less graceful Alec, "smooth Alec, real smooth" she teased, before spinning round and heading out into the corridor. "Hell of a woman" he murmured before following her.

He found her standing over two unconscious guards, smirking. "looks like you didn't bring me along for my muscles, must be my good looks" "you never know" she grinned at his reaction, staring at her as though she'd sprouted horns. He snapped back to reality as he saw her grab a key card from the guard on the floor and open the door. "So what does Logan want this for anyway?" Alec wondered out loud. "Who knows, some save the world crusade, I've given up asking". They found what Logan wanted quickly and before long were speeding away on Max's ninja, Alec had asked to drive this time, his only answer was a punch to the shoulder and a "in your dreams pretty boy" She took every corner at break neck speed relishing the feeling of the wind whipping through her hair.

Before long they were at Alec's apartment, as he pulled away from her to get off the bike he found himself missing Max's warmth.

"Hey you wanna come up? Maybe watch a film?

"I was actually going to meet Cindy at crash…"

"I have popcorn"

"…but she'll understand"