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Spike almost felt like laughing… almost.

It had been a great plan. Gather all the vamps under one banner and hit the White Hats on patrol with overwhelming force. With Angel gone the Slayer would be depressed and easy prey.

The running battle that had occurred bore little resemblance to the plan. The Slayer hadn't been depressed at all. She was not only at the top of her game, but had bought a ladder as well.

'Even the Whelp and the Witch are downright lethal.'

Creeping along the wall he scented the air carefully. Other then a little dust and traces of old dried blood, the air in the warehouse smelled empty. 'How the hell is he hidin' his scent?'

Half of the 30-odd vampires he had managed to convince to follow him had already been dusted and the rest were steadily being whittled down. A flash of color and what sounded like a horn honking, marked another one of his minions dusted. The flap of enormous shoes smacking against the concrete faded far too quickly for him to trace where they came from.

'Bloody hell! I was sure Dru was just raving when she was going on about this bloke, but this… this is insane.'

Ducking behind a stack of crates, Spike wondered if he could reach the sewer entrance before whatever it was had completely decimated his minions.

One month earlier, in a newly opened costume shop…

The three Scooby's leafed through the racks of costumes in the superhero/villain section.

"I'm not saying going as comic book characters is a bad idea. As a matter of fact, I think it's a great idea! I'm just saying I don't like Batman."

Willow glanced up from the Raven costume she was looking at, "What's wrong with Batman? I thought you liked him."

"I just can't buy the brooding."

Buffy put a Wonder Woman costume back on the rack, "I like him."

Xander snorted in annoyance, while holding a Joker costume up to himself, "The man has absolutely nothing to brood about. He's rich and good looking, with tons of spandex clad women who redefine the word 'hot' around him."

"Like Batwoman?" Buffy grinned as she passed a Batgirl outfit to Willow, who held it up to herself.

Xander didn't even glance up as he examined a green and yellow Creeper outfit, "Nah, Bat-Girl was more like a member of the family then a romantic interest. I was thinking of Catwoman. Anyone who has a woman like that after him has zero reasons to mope about his life."

Buffy looked at the Catwoman costume she had been examining and quickly exchanged it for the Batgirl outfit that Willow was holding.

Willow turned bright red looking at the tight black latex outfit, complete with high heels and bullwhip, and unsuccessfully attempted to push it back into Buffy's hands.

Xander took another look at the Joker costume, "Now the Joker was an interesting character. He was one of the few bad guys that just offed people, instead of letting them be saved at the last minute. No pathetic cry for help, in the form of clues to his next crime, from him. Batman only seemed cool because the Joker was his arch enemy."

Behind him Willow was attempting to put the Slayer in a headlock and force her to take back the Catwoman outfit, Buffy meanwhile was clutching the Batgirl costume and trying to shake off the determined hacker.

Xander was completely oblivious to the impromptu wrestling match behind him, as he compared the Creeper costume to the Joker one, "The main reason I don't like him isn't the broodiness

tho'. I dislike him because he chose the bat as his symbol and he choose it because Dracula was considered the height of scary at the time they made the comic. So he's basically a wannabe vamp."

Buffy was turning Red, as Willow applied pressure to the sleeper hold she had her trapped in.

"Besides, can you really picture me wearing that oversized Speedo they call a costume? Sure the top half is fine. It has padding built in, to look like the body armor he wears under his suit, but the bottom half is pure spandex. It's so clingy you'd be able to tell what religion I was and the current temperature at a glance."

Willow's grip loosened as her eyes began to glaze over, allowing the semi-conscious blond to escape and recover, as they both pictured Xander…

"Xander…", Buffy pouted at his back and made with the puppy dog eyes.

The sole male Scooby felt his palms itch for a stake, as if certain doom was fast approaching. However as it was daylight and he was in a public place he foolishly ignored it and turned straight into the puppy dog eyes and resolve face of Buffy Anne Summers

and Willow Rosenberg respectively.

"No, No way, No how!", Xander desperately tried to avoid his doom.

"You did promise that if we went as part of a team you would dress the part…", Buffy whined cutely with Willow backing her.

"But… but….but…"

Willow just smirked. She knew they had Xander cornered. He'd never broken a promise to her when he had a choice in the matter.

"Fine", He sighed heavily, "But Buffy has to dress as Catwoman."

'If I gotta be a vamp wannabe at least I'll get to see Buff in something of a skintight variety.'

"Willow was going to go as…", Buffy trailed off as Willow had managed to unobtrusively grab her left hand and twist it up behind her back.

"Can I be of service?"

The oily presence of Ethan Rayne made itself known, causing everyone to jump and giving Buffy time to escape Willow's hold.

Recovering a bit quicker then the others Xander spoke up, trying unsuccessfully to hide the quaver in his voice as his pulse rate began to slow back down to something resembling normal, "I need the Batman outfit and we need another Catwoman outfit for Willow here.", 'If I'm going to die of embarrassment I won't be dying alone!'

"Not a problem. I have another Catwoman outfit in the back. It's from the short lived Birds of Prey series, so I didn't put it out. The costumes out here are from the more well known movie versions."

Ethan chuckled to himself. He'd make sure the boy dressing as Batman was going to have an interesting time. 'The term cat fight is going to take on a whole new meaning tonight!'

Later that evening, at Casa del Summers…

"Hello, Xander. The girls are still getting ready, but they should be done any minute now. "

"Thanks, Mrs. Summers." Xander had a faded black trench coat covering the Batman costume underneath, with the cowl hanging unnoticed down the back.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Call me Joyce." She admonished him gently with a smile.

"But that completely ruins the fantasy!" Xander complained with a grin, as he gave her a long lecherous look from top to bottom.

Blushing the elder Summers slapped him on the shoulder, "Oh, you!"

The voices of both of the Summers girls called out in chorus "Xander, stop flirting with my mom!"

Xander slapped a confused expression on his face and held up his arm, placing two fingers against his wrist before yelling back, "Sorry Girls, no can do."

The Summers girls answered back in stereo once more, "Why not?"

Xander grinned his usual lopsided grin, "Cause I got a pulse!"

Joyce's laugher filled the house as all three of the girls upstairs yelled, "Xander!"

Buffy quickly appeared at the head of the stairs in full Catwoman attire, "Xander! No flirting! My mom is a no flirting Zone."

Xander turned towards the stairs and froze with his mouth half open and whatever comment he'd been about to say forgotten.

Buffy smirked, 'Much better'. Posing a little she did her level best to redirect all the blood flow from his brain.

'Latex…' Xander's brain was struggling to keep as much blood as possible north of the equator with little success.

Willow stepped out and posed beside Buffy. She really wasn't comfortable in the dark purple counterpart to Buffy's outfit, but Buffy had managed to convince her that she was going to have to make a decent showing if she wanted to claim the Dark Knight for her own.

Xander's eyes shifted from Buffy's slender black latex, with white seams thrown on randomly, clad form to Willow's purple velour outfit.

Skin tight purple so dark it was almost black showed off all of the curves Willow had available and it came as quite a shock to Xander to realize she had quite a few available. Her breasts were actually a bit larger then Buffy's and the tiger's eyes contacts and fake fangs gave her a bit of an exotic feel.

A rush of teen hormones from the sight of the two Catwomen and the associated shock of seeing Willow as definitely being drool worthy dropped Xander to his knees and removed the capability for speech.

"Uhgawa hawat gelone!"

Joyce glanced down at Xander's kneeling form, "I think you broke him."

"That or he's learned to speak Swahili.", Buffy fired back.

Willow was bouncing up and down excitedly. Xander had noticed her as something other then one of the guys!

Buffy and Joyce looked at Xander's vacant gaze and bobbing head for a moment before following his gaze up the stairs to where his eyes were tethered.

"Umm… Willow? You're going to give him whiplash if you keep that up." Buffy interjected, a tiny bit of jealousy slipping into her voice.