Avatars and Interpretations: Chapter 3

"You two go ahead, I'm just going to walk back here and whimper for a bit," Xander said, waving the girls forward.

"If you're sure," Willow said dubiously.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I just need a couple of minutes," he promised.

Buffy still red faced about fondling Xander's bits just nodded as Willow pulled her ahead.

Silence reigned for about 30 seconds before Buffy noticed Willow's smirk and the way she was walking, with an extra little sway in her hips. Turning her head to talk to Willow she could see Xander out of the corner of her eye and his eyes were glued to Willow's ass. "If you keep that up, Xander's going to end up traumatizing a whole lot of kids when we get there," Buffy whispered, unaware that she'd put a little extra sway into her own hips.

Willow pouted a little but stilled her swaying for the moment before saying, "So, I heard your dad took you hunting for Moray Eels?"

Buffy was about to ask Willow what she was talking about, but Willow gave her a look and jerked her chin minutely towards Xander whose gaze was bouncing back and forth behind the two girls. "Oh, yeah," Buffy said quickly, "Murray Eels are good eating."

Willow winced at Buffy's bad acting but continued on, "I heard you got your hands on a big one; how big would you say it was?"

Buffy's eyes widened and she glanced back to make sure Xander wasn't paying attention. "It jumped out of the rocks and startled me, so I didn't get a chance for any accurate measurements."

"Well was it bigger or smaller than the prize winner from last year? The one that was dead and on ice?"

"That's not a fair comparison," Buffy complained stridently, "I mean stuff contracts when its dead I think and the cold can't help matters any!"

"I don't care about fair, I just want to know if the one you caught in the catch and release program was bigger than the one on ice."

"It was fatter," Buffy admitted grudgingly through gritted teeth, "but I'm sure if it was tossed on ice it'd get thinner too."

Willow rolled her eyes. "And length?"

"Can't be sure, as neither was laid out with a ruler to check, but about the same or close enough that it makes no real difference."

Willow actually purred.

"Oh look Snyder!" Buffy said cheerfully, letting her friends know they'd arrived and the troll was heading their way.

Xander caught up with the two and they took in the legion of costumed children. "Oh boy," he summed up and they nodded.

"Oh good, the delinquents are here," Snyder drawled sarcastically.

"If we're that much trouble we should just go," Xander said reasonably, taking the girls by the arms and turning as if to leave.

"Not so fast Harris!" Snyder called out.

"We volunteered to help," Xander said, "but if we're just going to cause you stress we'd be happy to leave so we don't add to your problems."

Snyder cleared his throat as he noticed Xander had attracted the attention of several of the helping PTA members. "No, no; you signed up and we're counting on you."

"Well lead me to my fellow trick or treaters and I'll take them out and bring them back before it gets too dark," Xander said cheerfully, drawing smiles from some of the parents.

"You have Class C," Snyder said with forced cheer, "it's the one over there."

Xander ignored Snyder, knowing that as long as there were responsible adults around he'd have to pretend to be a decent human being and took a look at his kids. "It's a mini Justice League!"

The children laughed.

"I see a Robin, a Green Arrow, and a green … what are you?" Xander asked.

"I'm the Hulk!" the little boy in the tattered purple shorts said, striking a muscle man pose.

"Nice one!" Xander chimed, high fiving the little kid. "A Wonder Woman, a Super Girl, and …"

The little girl was dressed all in white including the frames of her glasses and hair. "The Holy Witness," she whispered.

"Understood," Xander said, giving her a wink and wondering where her costume came from. "Well I have team rings and force field bracelets for everyone," he said, pulling out a package of flexible glow sticks and a package of tin Batman rings he'd spent five bucks on winning at Chuck E' Cheese's a year or two ago.

The six children he was escorting were shortly all wearing bracelets of blue and green glow sticks on their left arms and little tin Bat Rings on their right hands.

Xander pulled on his cowl. "Justice League assemble!" he called out, his kids falling in line behind him in pairs.

"He's going to be a great dad one day," Willow said.

"Yeah," Buffy agreed wistfully.

"You have bigger boobies than she does," a boy dressed as Wolverine told Willow, as he looked between Willow and Buffy.

"Why … thank you," Willow said.

"Jeffy!" a little girl dressed as a witch groaned.

"Well she does!" he said firmly, "and Wolverine always likes redheads."

"Mommy says you aren't supposed to comment on how big girls breasts are! You're supposed to complement their eyes!" a little boy dressed as a dragon said.

Wolverine turned back to Willow. "You have great eyes, they're much bigger than hers, will you be my girlfriend?"

Buffy smothered her laughter. "Come on my minions, it's time to score some candy."

The children cheered as they set off for a night of candy collection.


"Honey, it's not that bad," Joyce said as she sat on Dawn's bed.

"I said 'how can I fit that inside me' right in front of him," Dawn replied from beneath her bed.

"And Buffy felt him up," her mother reminded her, "and she's out there with him right now."

"I – I guess you're right," Dawn said climbing out from under the bed.

"Trust me dear, being older and wiser, I can tell you that as long as you don't bring it up he'll pretend not to have heard it."

"Really?" Dawn asked hopefully.

"Really," Joyce assured her.

"I guess things aren't as bad as I thought, but I can barely get a finger in there, how in the world could I get something that size in me?" Dawn demanded.

"You don't," Joyce said flatly, "you're much too young. You have years to go before you need to worry about it."

"But I want Xander to pay attention to me and Justine said older boys only pay attention to you if you do stuff like that with them."

"Doesn't Xander pay attention to you now?" Joyce asked.

"Yeah," Dawn admitted.

"And do you do any of that with him?"


"So Justine is wrong, Xander pays attention to you because you're you, not because you do any of that with him."

"Yeah," Dawn said as she cheered up, "he listens when I talk and spendstime with me when he comes over and I like to jump on him, because he catches me and swings me around and then hugs me."

"He likes you just the way you are," Joyce said standing up, happy she didn't have to give her youngest daughter the full talk yet.

"And it feels really good when I wrap my legs around him and squeeze hard for a second!"

Joyce sat back down and for just an instant she could swear she heard her mother laughing at her. "Looks like it's time to give you the talk after all."

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