Natasha hadn't expected anything to change after the monster was destroyed and truthfully Dracula's treatment of her hadn't improved. Natasha still found herself being ignored and Dracula was still trying to find ways to bring his children to life, but every experiment ended up a failure. This was the only joy Natasha received; watching the little grayish blue creatures sprout from their sacs only to burst into green slime moments later. Dracula became frustrated with his constant failures and took his anger out on the Valerious family, murdering almost all of them.

A year had finally passed, but to Natasha it felt more like a decade than a year. She was constantly in one of the highest towers in the castle enjoying the dark, quiet solitude. Natasha rarely left the tower only coming out to feed. It was in this tower that Natasha received yet another strange dream.

Natasha was unable to see anything; everything was shrouded in black, but voices could be heard in the darkness. One voice was familiar to her, Dracula, but she didn't know who the second voice belonged to.

"What did you do to her?" Dracula demanded sounding furious.

"I did nothing; she was attacked by a werewolf." The other man replied sounding remorseful.

"If she was bitten…" Dracula began, but was interrupted by the other man.

"She wasn't bitten; her wound isn't fatal."

"Why were you with her to begin with?" Dracula asked suspiciously.

Natasha never heard the man's response for the darkness began to fade away and she found herself in a large dimly lit bedroom. She was lying in a large bed with a figure standing by the window. When Natasha sat up in the bed the figure turned around to face her.

"How do you feel?" The figure stepped into the light and Natasha saw the man was Dracula.

"My head is throbbing…" She replied placing a hand to her forehead and feeling a cloth tied around it. Confusion and fear flashed across her face and Dracula quickly sat on the edge of her bed and took her hand.

"I feared you would never wake up with the wound you received, my love." He said and Natasha gently touched the cloth that was wrapped around her forehead.

"What happen to me? Why is this cloth around my head?"

Dracula froze and looked at her curiously. "You do not remember?"

Natasha froze and her heart began to beat erratically. "What should I be remembering?"

"You were attacked by a werewolf in the woods." He waited for some type of realization to hit her.

Natasha chuckled and said, "Surely you jest! Why would I be in the woods at such an odd hour?"

He kissed her hand and asked, "My love, what is the last thing you remember?"

Natasha thought for a moment before speaking. "I remember we had dinner together and then we both sat in the parlor afterwards."

"You were found in the woods by a friend, he told me you were attacked by a werewolf. You remember none of this, my love?" Natasha shook her head fearfully. "Perhaps it is for the best that you don't remember such dreadful things. Now rest my love, I shall be here when you wake."

Natasha was disturbed from her slumber by the sound of the tower door opening. She remained perched upside down on the ceiling not bothering to see who her visitor was.

"I see you have made this part of the castle your permanent residence." Natasha opened her eyes and saw Marishka looking up at her.

"Why are you here? I would think the master would want you close by so you could be at his beck and call." Natasha responded bitterly.

"The master has sent me here, he wishes to see you." She replied.

Natasha arched an eyebrow. "He summons me when it is convenient for him, but then he does not mind ignoring me for the rest of eternity." She muttered knowing full well that Marishka was able to hear every word she said.

Natasha sighed and closed her eyes once more. "Tell him that he has disturbed my slumber and if he wishes to see me he may come here; I refuse to go to him."

Marishka looked up at Natasha in shock. "Do you seek to anger him?"

Natasha smirked and said, "Perhaps if that is the only emotion I will get from him, I suppose I will just have to accept it."

Marishka shook her head and silently left the tower. When Natasha sensed she was alone once more she let her mind wander to her recent dream. This was the second odd dream she had and both dreams seemed more like a memory than an actual dream, but Natasha never remembered being attacked by a werewolf. Then there was the mystery with the other man in her dreams. First she wanders through the woods late at night to meet with him when she supposedly gets attacked. Then, Natasha can only assume, that the man brought her to Dracula. It frustrated Natasha that she couldn't remember or see the man's face in her dreams. Lastly there was Dracula's personality; he had once been so caring and protective of her. Natasha smiled as she recalled the moments they spent together, before they both became vampires. Her smile quickly faded as she began to recall his treatment of her ever since he turned Verona into a vampire. Natasha would give anything to return to the way things used to be.

Suddenly a loud roar echoed throughout the castle. Natasha smiled to herself knowing that Marishka had dutifully relayed her message to Dracula. The doors to the tower were thrown open and Dracula entered looking livid.

"Natasha…" He hissed and she slowly opened her eyes.

"What a pleasant surprise, you actually came to visit me." Natasha jumped down from the ceiling ignoring Dracula's livid expression.

"You refuse to come when I call you?"

"I am not a dog; that runs when their master calls especially when said master ignores you." Natasha replied through clenched teeth.

To this Dracula had no response; he could not deny that his attention has been spent elsewhere in the past year and it appeared Natasha has been taking it harshly. When Dracula didn't respond Natasha turned away from him. "Why did you even bother coming here?" Her tone was barely above a whisper and wouldn't have been heard by human ears.

"Did Marishka not tell you? I wish to gaze upon my first bride."

Natasha laughed a cold, hollow laugh while turning around to face him. "First bride? More like the forgotten bride. It takes you a year to remember that I have locked myself away in this cold, dark tower and it takes even longer for you to notice me again."

"I have been busy trying to bring my children to life." Dracula replied.

Natasha let out a hiss as anger began to bubble inside her. "Yes your children, their children!" She pointed an accusing finger at the tower door knowing that his other brides were probably listening. "But never mine! Never the poor first bride, never the woman who you were going to wed!" Natasha sighed, trying to calm herself down. "I suppose that doesn't matter anymore, does it? Death has already parted us and our love lies in another life time, forgotten." She spoke softly, her voice laced with the long years of pain she endured.

Dracula's expression softened upon hearing Natasha's words. He could see the anger directed toward him was mostly jealousy; jealousy toward the other three brides that Natasha had to share him with. Natasha was never fond of the fact that other women would fawn over him and frequently became jealous when this would occur. "I could never forget you, my love. You are my first and only true love."

Natasha closed her eyes and turned away from him; hundreds of years ago his words would have made her smile. She would have forgotten why she was angry with him and flung her arms around him in a loving embrace, but that was before he became the cold hearted creature that stood before her. It was one of the many things she had once loved about him, his charming nature.

"Don't…" She said quietly, her tone laced with sorrow. Dracula arched an eyebrow waiting for her to continue. "Don't pretend you actually care."

"My love…" He began but Natasha interrupted.

"Don't call me that!" She said bitterly while turning around to face him; prepared to lash out at him once more, but held her tongue. As Natasha gazed upon him she was reminded of the man who had sat at her bedside worried that she would never wake up, the man who timidly purposed to her. What had happen to that man?

Natasha felt something slowly slide down her cheek. Dracula tried to brush her stray tear away, but Natasha slapped his hand away. It broke his heart to see Natasha in such a state or it would break his heart if he had one. Natasha inhaled a shaky breath as she brushed the tear away. Dracula realized he was pushing her away and it was only a matter of time before he pushed Natasha far enough away that she wouldn't want to return. Natasha wanted desperately to throw her arms around him and tell him that she forgave him, that she still loved him. Unfortunately Natasha knew that no matter what she did it would change nothing.

After all he has done, why can I not hate him?! She thought.

Natasha felt a few more tears fall from her eyes and she quickly bowed her head so Dracula wouldn't see her tears. Natasha didn't understand; she had distanced herself from him, purposely avoided Dracula and tried loathing him but nothing seemed to work. Somehow Natasha still loved him.

A silence fell between them and Natasha couldn't stand being in the same room with Dracula if he wasn't going to speak to her. As she walked toward the tower's door Dracula grabbed her arm; Natasha immediately stopped and turned to face him.

"I could never forget you even if I wish to." Dracula said letting go of her arm and walking over to the only window in the tower, which was full of grime and barely allowed the moonlight to enter the room. "You continue to haunt me in my sleep." He muttered quietly.

Natasha raised an eyebrow at him. "Then perhaps you should have left me my mortality."

Dracula chuckled and within a second he was standing before her. "Why waste such beauty?" He gently caressed her cheek as he spoke.

Natasha closed her eyes against his icy cold touch. She yearned for his touch, his love; it had been so long since he had shown her any type of affection. Dracula noticed how Natasha melted under his touch; her skin felt like velvet and it sent a slight tingle throughout his hand. He traced his thumb over her lips causing Natasha's breath to catch in her throat. She desperately wanted to forgive him, but the question that loomed in her mind was; would it change anything? Natasha felt his cold touch leave her skin and when she opened her eyes Dracula was gone.

Natasha sighed in disappointment and thought, He left...I knew nothing would change. He came to look upon me for a moment and now he will continue to ignore me until he feels the need to look upon my face once more. I feel like a portrait to him; one that sits in the highest tower to collect dust and is only looked upon once every year.

An arm wrapped around her waist, breaking Natasha out of her thoughts. "You appear distressed, what is bothering you my love?"

"It's just…" Natasha paused trying to think of a way to phrase what she wanted to ask. Natasha thought it rude to plainly say, who do you love the most out of your brides? "Does your heart still lie with me or one of your other brides?" Her tone was quiet feeling ashamed that she needed to ask a question such as that, but Natasha needed to know the answer. It had occurred to Natasha that Dracula could easily lie to her and tell her what she hoped to hear, but if Dracula no longer cared for her why waste time in lying to her?

Dracula let out a deep chuckle as he delicately kissed her neck. Natasha felt her stomach begin to do flips as she felt his lips trail along her neck causing all coherent thoughts to leave her mind. "You should know the answer to that, my love."

Natasha tilted her head to the side allowing him to continue kissing her neck. "I want to hear the answer from you."

"You took my heart long ago." His breath on her neck sent a slight shiver down her spine; Dracula smirked at her reaction to him. "It has always belonged to you and death has not changed that."

Natasha was unable to think clearly as Dracula showed her affection. She was positive that if she still retained a heart it would be rapidly beating. Dracula twirled her around to face him. "Does doubt still linger in your mind?" He asked.

"Perhaps it does…" Natasha replied with a mischievous smirk.

Dracula leaned toward Natasha until their faces were inches apart causing Natasha's breath to catch in her throat once more. She noticed a burning desire that was reflected in his eyes. "Then perhaps I should convince you otherwise." His tone was soft and quiet as he wrapped an arm around her waist.

Natasha lightly grazed her lips against his and whispered, "I will always be yours." He could no longer contain his desire. Dracula pulled her closer to him and kissed her passionately leaving Natasha breathless.

A/N: I have been looking over the earlier chapters to this story and I have noticed that a lot of them are short and quickly written. Also they tend to lack an insight into the characters emotions especially Natasha's, so I have decided to rewrite some of the chapters. Hopefully this will make certain aspects of the story less confusing.