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In a way, it was quite obvious that the two boys had a thing going on for one another. The name-calling, the pointless arguments, the so called "hate" between them…it was like a schoolgirl romance. So, so obvious.

They were forced to spend time with each other, and soon a small friendship developed. They had matured and the name-calling and fighting had ceased. Instead, they treated each other with the same love and care that brothers would have. Almost every minute of everyday the boys were seen together. They were inseparable.

That strong friendship slowly blossomed into a sweet romance. The boys both tried to deny it, but it was impossible. Their feelings for the other grew and after a while they had finally confessed to each other their love. They vowed to stick by each other, no matter how tough things got or how much hatred they'd get from the rest of the village. But surprisingly enough, the village didn't seem to mind that the two boys were in love….

That is, with the exception of one group.

This group calls themselves "SIN". They are an underground Christian organization whose motto is "To clear the world of anyone different and to make the earth free from all its' wrongs." By anyone different, they mean cripples, mentally disabled, those of other religion and…gays and lesbians.

The group has its' own party set up in every village in every country. The members are all elite ninja. The Konoha party didn't have much work to do, but now they saw a prime opportunity…

The most hated by in the whole village was gay. This was too good to pass up.

Naruto skipped happily to Sasuke's house, humming an upbeat tune and his spirits rising to the sky. This was how he started every morning: making a trip to Sasuke's house and waking the boy up. Everyone thought Sasuke was a totally organized person, but Naruto knew better. He was a total slob, showered only a few times a week (with Naruto joining him, of course), and woke up at noon on the weekends. You wouldn't have expected that, huh?

Naruto hurried up Sasuke's front porch steps and knocked several times on his door.

"Oy! Wake up, you-"

Suddenly, the door opened and a hand quickly grabbed Naruto by his shirt. Naruto gasped as he was pulled through the door and right into Sasuke, who was half-naked and very tired looking. He slammed the door and glared at Naruto.

"Dobe! It's noon on Saturday!"

Narutp scratched his head and grinned innocently. "Aw, I just wanted to spend time with you!"

Sasuke sighed exasperatedly and ran his fingers through his hair. "Whatever."

His arms snaked around Naruto's waist and pressed him against his chest. Naruto closed his eyes and leaned up against him.

"I'll remember not to come so early."

Sasuke ruffled Naruto's sunshine hair. "If you stayed the night, then you wouldn't even hafta walk all the way over here."

Naruto smiled. "I know. I just wasn't feeling good last night."

Sasuke cleared his throat and pushed Naruto away. "I'm hungry. Make me breakfast."

Naruto frowned. "HEY! You should make breakfast! You're the host!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and turned away from him. "I have to go get ready, so you make breakfast. Just don't set off the smoke alarm like you did last time."

Naruto growled under his breath as Sasuke went up the stairs. "Son of a bitch…"

He stomped into the kitchen and yanked open a cabinet. He searched around for a moment and took out a box of chocolate chip pancake mix. He set it down and grabbed a mixing bowl.

"I hate him, I hate him, I hate him," Naruto grumbled. "And yet…" He smiled. "I love him."

About fifteen minutes later, the boys were seated at the table with a plate of gooey-looking pancakes between them. Sasuke lifted his fork and poked one.

"Umm…are these even edible?"

Naruto'd brow twitched. "Of course they are! They're the best goddamn pancakes you'll ever eat!"

Sasuke cut off a piece of the pancake with his fork and slowly chewed it. He closed his eyes tightly as he swallowed.

"These are the worst goddamn pancakes I'll ever eat."

Naruto stood up. "WHAT!" He roared. "THEY'RE GOOD, GODDAMMIT! YOU'RE JUST-"

Sasuke sighed. "I'll take you out for ramen."

That seemed to satisfy him. Naruto cheered and jumped up.

"YES! RAMEN!" He jumped into Sasuke's lap and gave him a big, wet kiss. "ILOVEYOUILOVEYOUILOVEYOUILOVEYOU!"

Sasuke grimaced. "I know, I know, Now get off."

Naruto jumped off his lap and grabbed his arm. "Come on! Let's go! Beef ramen is calling my name!"



"Is that them?"

"Yes, I believe so."

Behind a brick building stood three people: two young men and a young woman. The woman turned to the taller man.

"But they're so young."

The other men, the shorter one, scoffed. "But they're still a bunch of trash."

The woman turned around and watched Sasuke and Naruto walk down the street together, arms linked.

"…They shouldn't walk around like that."

The taller one took a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it. "Goddamn queers. They make me sick."

The short one leaned next to the tall one. "So, Naoki-san, when shall we get them?"

The one called Naoki took a puff of his cigarette. "As soon as possible."