As the title says this will be a collection of Trance/Dylan drabbles, not a story. The drabbles will not follow in order or be connected to each other. Hope you all will enjoy. . . .

This first one takes place during the S5 ep "Chaos and the stillness of it". The first couple lines are from the ep and I take no credit for them. The show cut from the scene, and this is how I think it might have played out. . . .


"Future possibilities, Trance. What do you see?"

"I see you," I reply, giving him the only honest answer I can.

He isn't happy with the answer, but accepts it. A moment later he leaves, and I am alone with my thoughts.

He is my guardian. That creates a bond between us. No matter how cold I am about other mortals I can't ignore the connection I have to Dylan. The . . . love I feel for him. That emotion is the same no matter what time line, what reality, we are in.

I know that he said I was cold, and that was unusual for a sun. But he, better than anyone, should know that suns become black holes. And black holes are very cold. I am very cold. But I still fell this love for him. This need to ensure that he is safe. I don't care if every other being in this system dies. He must live.

I know that this emotion, love, is a weakness. It is because Trance has come to care about these mortals that she has rebelled against what she must do. She doesn't want to hurt them. They are all going to die anyway. What does it matter if it's a few days or years sooner?

I do not care about these mortals. I am not weak, as she has become. So why can't I rid myself of this love for Dylan. Is it simply because he is my Guardian? I must believe that it is. Because I will not accept any other answer.