Another 'Missing Scene' drabble. This one from the ep. "Opposites of Attraction". Trance's thoughts as she watches him kiss Mirida(YUCK!) and then just as the ep is ending. . .


It hurts. Watching him kiss her. Knowing that he must have loved her. That she had 300 years with him. Only a moment in the life of an Avatar, but still . . . It's more time than I will ever be allowed with him.

It helps to remember that I am the one he has confided in. The one he's talked to and listened to. And it felt so familiar. As if that was a normal thing that had happened many times before. If only I could remember.

He said that even when we first met I was his good-luck charm. That is what I am to him. His good luck charm, friend and confidant. Not the one he loves. Not like she was.

Dylan still doesn't understand Avatars. He thinks that in a thousand years she will be over him. Will have forgotten him. To an Avatar a thousand years is less than an hour would be to a mortal. Much less. It's nothing.

I hate her. And yet a part of me understands her. If I had Dylan's love I'd never want to let him go either. But that is the difference between us. A Sun gives. A black hole takes. I would not want to let him go, but I would. Because I love him, even if he does not love me.


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