Know Why The Nightingale Sings

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Summary: That fateful Halloween night something went wrong. It sent little Harry Potter through space and time to Japan a few years before the revolution. How are the wizards going to deal with an Oniwabanshu onmitsu Harry Potter? Harry Potter-Rurouni Kenshin x-over.

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Baby Harry watched as the redheaded woman cooed at him, her green eyes sparkling with love. Harry laughed at her silly antics and tried to grab some of that flame-like hair. He loved his parents. His mother had to be the kindest mother on earth, and his father was undoubtedly the best prankster to walk about. Then there was that weird godfather of his, Sirius, who never acted serious. At least not with Harry. And not to forget Uncle Remus who always told Harry such weird and magical stories. There were that old, long-bearded man whose name was too difficult to pronounce for Harry, so he called him simply 'Bus. If the guy didn't like it, he hadn't complained yet. Nor did he complain when Harry grabbed his silver beard and tugged it.

And lastly there was the rat-like short idiot who didn't feel right. Harry frowned at that thought, his little chubby baby-face looking very cute and making Lily laugh and coo even more. Harry seemed to be the only one who noticed that the man they called Peter didn't feel right. He had tried to tell his parents about it, tried to chase Peter off by biting his legs or throwing stuff at him, but nothing seemed to work. The grown-ups just laughed it off. All but Uncle Remus who seemed to posses some sort of instincts and was a bit jumpy now and then with Peter in the room.

Harry giggled as his father leaned over his mother's shoulder to look down at him.

"What's up little man?" James asked as he made a funny grimace.

Harry cooed.

Lily giggled and tickled Harry's little foot which twitched. "My little bundle of joy, aren't you?" she cooed.

James looked offended. "What about me? What am I around here, chopped liver? I kicked in with some chromosomes too, you know!"

"You're my big bundle of insanity." Lily replied.


Harry laughed a baby's innocent laugh. He had no idea what his parents were talking about, but it sounded fun. His parents were so funny!

Suddenly Lily turned serious – 'What a pun!' Harry giggled to himself – and turned to James. "So, what did they say at the meeting?"

That's right, his dad had been called to a meeting with the 'Bus-guy and the 'Bus-guy's red birdie. Harry liked the birdie, its singing could always calm him. It was very nice, and the bird was always so warm and safe. 'Just like mom and dad,' he thought as he stared up at his parents. Baby Harry was sure that there wasn't a single baby out there who had parents like his. His were the best!

James sighed. "It has been confirmed. There's a traitor amongst us, but we don't know who he is. The spy Albus has in HIS ranks warned him that the Dark Lord is planning something, though it's only in the earliest stages yet so we have time to counteract it." There was a short silence before James looked at Lily. "Didn't you visit the Longbottoms today? How's their son doing?"

Neville Longbottom was Harry's best friend. Harry nodded in contentment at that thought. Yep, Neville and Harry were twin terrors when together, and all grown-ups better fear their wrath! Harry wanted to insert evil, diabolical laughter right here, but he couldn't make it sound evil and diabolical, so he settled for the usual giggling. Such were the restrictions of a baby. Sirius really had the evil, diabolical laugh down and was teaching it to Harry, even though Lily didn't seem to approve of it.

Lily smiled, the heavy atmosphere which had completely escaped Harry, suddenly lifted a bit. "Neville's fine, as a Frank and Alice. They have old Mrs Longbottom, Frank's mother, living with them now. She takes care of Neville when either Frank or Alice, or both, are called out as Aurors."

James nodded. "The Dark Lord is keeping us very busy these days." He muttered.

Harry tilted his head. Who was this Dark Lord chap anyways? Why did he make Harry's parents so sad and worried? Didn't he have a mommy? Well, he better get one before he did something bad, Harry thought angrily to himself.

… – Halloween, October 31st 1981 – …

There was heavy tension in the air the entire day, but again baby Harry seemed to be the only one to notice it. Stupid grown-ups.

The tension made Harry restless, and Lily seemed to almost have given up by the time James came home from another Order meeting. He sent her straight to bed as it was late at night, and then proceeded to walk around with Harry for an hour or so before finally managing to calm the baby down. Harry wanted to stay awake, and he really tried to, but finally exhaustion had won over and he had fallen asleep in his father's arms.

The next time he was woken up was when someone blew down their front door. And he knew instinctively that it wasn't Sirius this time. The animagus had been taking care of Harry for a day, and hadn't been able to find his key. So, being Sirius, he had promptly blown the door off the hinges completely forgetting anything known as un-locking charms. But Sirius had a certain warm feeling around him, the feeling that was currently streaming into the house was cold and dangerous. Harry shivered and whimpered as he felt the blood-lust in the air. He was sure this wasn't going to end good.

"Lily, take Harry and go!" Harry heard his father shout from downstairs. "It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off-!" his father's voice was cut off by an explosion.

Baby Harry heard as his mother stumbled out of the master bedroom, and start running down the corridor to the baby room. Although the hallway wasn't long it seemed like ages before his door sprung open, and a dishevelled, panicky Lily entered. She picked up Harry who was still silent; it was as if he understood the seriousness of the situation despite his young age.

"My brave, smart boy," Lily whispered, then winced as she heard something which was undoubtedly a body hit the wall downstairs, and instinctively knew that it was her now-dead husband. "James…" she closed her eyes briefly, and when she opened them again they were burning with determination. Determination to get out of the house alive with her little son. She could mourn for her husband once she and Harry were out of danger.

She hadn't taken more than a few steps towards the window, when the footsteps of literal doom came from the staircase accompanied by a dark chuckle. Lily turned, grabbed the handle of the door to the room and shut the door right as the Dark Lord got to the last step. She cast some quick hexes and charms on the door, then ran towards the window again.

The door exploded.

The Dark Lord entered with a grin on his snake-like features. "Did you really think you could escape, woman? Me, the Dark Lord!" he demanded as he raised his wand. "Stand aside girl, I am here for the brat, not you."

"No! Take me! Not Harry!" Lily pleaded. Half of her body – the side where she held Harry – was turned away from the dark figure in the doorway. "I'll do anything, just don't take Harry!"

"I'm afraid that's impossible, now stand aside silly girl!"


"As you wish," the Dark Lord growled, his red eyes glowing demonically. "Avada Kedavra!"

As the Dark Lord started his spell, so had Lily started her own. One word had popped into her mind, and just as the Dark Lord finished saying -davra, she finished saying "Esti Sandangera!", and as she was closer than the Dark Lord her spell reached Harry quicker. It bathed the green-eyed baby in a silver light which grew and grew in colour even as Lily herself dropped dead to the floor. The sound of phoenix-song filled the room and the enraged Dark Lord watched as baby Harry just simply disappeared.

… – The Tokaido (the East Sea Road), somewhere between Shizuoka and Hamamatsu, November 1st 1851 – …

Oniwabanshu onmitsu Kashiwazaki Nenji, better known as Okina, was walking along dressed as a poor farmer fleeing from the growing restlessness. He liked being a shinobi, a ninja, simply because he loved knowing what went on. Well, he loved fighting as well, but that was another case, the same with the fact that he loved to disguise himself and take on different personalities.

Alright, he admitted it, he just plain loved everything about being a ninja.

Satisfied with his reasoning, Okina moved along and silently cursed and wished he could start whistling or something just to help the time pass. But he was, as said, supposed to be a poor, fleeing farmer, and they were depressed and did not whistle. Which made the journey rather boring in Okina's eyes.

Sighing he moved on and occupied his thoughts with the latest message from the Okashira. They were debating whether or not to start an Oniwabanshu headquarter in Kyoto sometimes in the close future. What with all these foreigners coming and going, and the brewing revolution, it would be very profitable to have a foothold in the capital of Japan.

Okina was so far into his thoughts that he didn't hear the cries at first. In fact, he would have passed the crying thing altogether if the rustling bushes hadn't caught his attention.

Curious as he was, Okina slowly advanced and parted the thick undergrowth. A baby sat in the tall grass looking around with wide, green eyes. Then the baby looked at Okina, who stared back.

The staring went on for a while.

Then the baby promptly reached a hand forwards and tugged at Okina's beard.

Okina just grinned. "Well, aren't you quite the little find!" he exclaimed and picked the boy up. "Wonder where you came from!"

The baby stared at him as though trying to understand, then giggled and tugged at the beard again.

"I am Okina," Okina introduced himself. "O-ki-na."

"Mum!" the baby exclaimed.

"I think you're missing the point here," the shinobi muttered and sighed again. He really didn't have the heart to leave the little tyke out in the cold. Perhaps he could bring him to the closest village and see if anyone recognized the boy, though he doubted it. "Right, if nothing turns up during the journey to Kyoto, you're staying with me, kodomo (child)."

The boy blinked and tugged at the beard once again. "Mum!"

"I have no idea what you just said. I don't suppose you can supply me with a name?"

It was at this point the child demonstrated a very sharp mind, and said, "Harry!"

Okina blinked. Harry was definitely not a common Japanese name. It sounded foreign, perhaps British or American. He couldn't be sure. The poor kid had probably come with a pair of rich foreigners, and either his parents had been killed or the child had been stolen. And at some point the caretakers/kidnappers had decided that a child was not worth it and had abandoned the little tyke in the middle of nowhere.

"Yosh! I don't think you will fit in with a name like 'Harry', so from now on you will be known as Haruo! Rihito Haruo, my nephew!"

And that that was how little Harry Potter started a new life as Rihito Haruo, Oniwabanshu onmitsu, in revolutionary Japan.


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