History Repeats Itself

By: Goblyn-Queen

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Author's Notes: Takes place a little bit after 'Christopher Returns' and Lorelai is pregnant. Christopher and Lorelai! Balcony Buddies! Yay! Don't see lots of these fics around.


Chapter 1

Thursday Morning

Lorelai woke up not feeling well at all. She felt queasy and ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. Lorelai sat there on the bathroom floor for a while basically brain dead. When she could think again she toke a shower and thought about what would have made her throw up.

'Maybe it was the left over pizza yesterday or maybe… yeah probably the pizza,'

Lorelai stopped by Luke's on the way to work for the usual coffee and flirting with Luke. The smell of the place made Lorelai a little uncomfortable. So after Luke got annoyed with her she left.

That evening when Rory and Lorelai were at Luke's for dinner Lorelai had ordered a hamburger with pickles. Rory looked confused.

"Hey you do know that pickles are a vegetable," Rory said.

"Yeah so?"

"You don't eat vegetables on your burger you even pick the lettuce off,"

"I donno what's up with me today. I guess I'm just craving pickles today," Lorelai thought for a second, 'Weird cravings, headaches, and throwing up. Oh no maybe I'm pregnant! No that's not possible it can't happen. I'll buy a pregnancy test tomorrow and prove that I'm not,"

"Mom? Hello? Mother," Rory waved her hand in front of Lorelai's face.

"Huh what? Where you talking to me?" Rory nodded, "I'm sorry hun I'm kind of out of it today,"

"That's okay,"

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Friday Morning

Lorelai woke up the next morning feeling queasy again. She rushed to the bathroom and threw up. She cleaned herself up and just wanted to get the day over with. She needed a pregnancy test. She didn't want one but she had to get one.

Lorelai thought about what she was going to do, 'If I buy one from Taylor's everyone's going to know I might be pregnant and that would suck but if I have someone else buy it and give it to me they would suspect anything. But who would I ask… it would have to be someone who isn't very nosey so that eliminates like everyone that live here. Maybe Luke, I'm sure he'd ask about it but not into great depth. I hope he doesn't mind,'

Lorelai walked into Luke's it was pretty empty just a few random people were there eating or drinking coffee.

"Hey, not busy today huh,"

"Hey, not so much,"

"Cool," Lorelai seemed nervous and Luke saw it. She didn't know how he'd react to it she was scared, "Can I get some coffee?"

"Yeah sure," Luke said while pouring her a cup, "Is anything wrong?"

"No of course not why would you think something's wrong? I mean the face I have on right now says there's nothing wrong. I'm perfectly fine I'm just enjoying a nice cup of Luke's coffee,"

"Okay jeez how many cups have you had so far?"

"Uh… not a lot?" Luke looked at her and his face was saying 'Tell me the truth'. "Okay fine like four and this is my fifth one," She said holding up her cup. Luke gave her the same look, "Okay fine yours is the sixth one,"

"What's on your mind Lorelai you nervous you never act nervous,"

'Funny how Luke always knows I'm lying,' Lorelai thought, "Uh okay. I actually have a favor to ask you. You don't have to do it I mean I can always uh get it myself but uh yeah,"

"Okay what's the favor?" Luke was confused she never ever acted this way.

"Well um I kind of need you to …," Lorelai paused thinking it through, "get me something from Taylor's,"

"Okay what do you need at Taylor's," Lorelai didn't answer, "Lorelai I need to know what you want other wise I can't buy it for you," Luke sighed, "Tell me when you're ready," Then Luke went over and started serving the other customers. He came back a few minutes later, "You ready to tell me yet?" Lorelai shook her head. Luke went back into the kitchen. When he walked back out he asked her again, "You ready yet?"

Lorelai sighed, "Yeah okay I'm ready," Lorelai motioned Luke to come closer so she could whisper it into his ear, "I need you to get a … pregnancy test for me,"

Luke backed up, "A what?" Luke looked shocked.

"Okay never mind then just forget I said anything alright. I'm going to go now," Luke grabbed her before she could get to the door.

"Wait Lorelai I'll get it for you but I'm going to need some info on your uh situation," Luke sighed.

"Really thanks so much but can I tell you later? Cuz I haven't even told Rory that I … yeah so I think it'd be better if I told her first,"

"Yeah sure of course you would want to tell Rory first she is your daughter. Uh anyways I'll get it in a few minutes,"

"Thanks you're the bestest friend a girl can have," Lorelai gave him a quick hug and left. Luke sighed wondering who the guy could be.

"Hey Caesar can you handle things here? I'll just be a sec," Luke went into Doose's. He wanted to get it out of the way so he won't have to think about it the rest of the day. Luke felt very uncomfortable holding the item. Taylor was at one of the registers with no line. Luke went to a different one, one with a line.

"Luke I'm free over here," Taylor said.

"You know what I'm fine in line,"

"Luke I have no one over here I can take you over here," The person in front of Luke left.

'Thank god,' Luke thought, "Oh look she's free now," he handed the cashier the item. And she looked at him funny.

"I swear…," Luke stopped and handed her the money.

"Bag?" She asked.

"Please," She put the test into a small brown bag, "Thanks," He grabbed the bag and took off.

"Hey Emma what did he just buy?" Taylor asked, wondering why Luke was avoiding him.

"A pregnancy test," Emma replied.

"What? Are you sure?" Emma nodded, "Well this is quite a surprise," Taylor picked up the phone and dialed a number.

"Patty? … Yes it's Taylor … Well I think there's something interesting you should know. Well today Luke bought a pregnancy test. … Yes he did he just walked out of here with it… yes well I need you to find out who it's for… good bye Patty,"

About ten minutes later Patty walked into Luke's, "Hey Patty what can I get you?"

"A coffee and pancakes," Patty sat down at the counter.

"Coming right up," Luke poured Patty a cup of coffee. He went into the kitchen to give Caesar the order. There was practically nobody there except Patty and some other people. Luke sighed and had nothing to do so he decided to call Lorelai.

"Yeah Lorelai I got it and I wanted you to know you can pick it up anytime… yeah no problem, sure bye," Patty's eyes widened 'It's Lorelai I knew it,'

"Hey Luke pancakes I take my pancakes to go? I just remembered something I had to do,"

"Yeah sure,"

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Lorelai got Luke's call and thanked him.

'Oh shoot I forgot my purse at home,' Lorelai turned back around towards her house.

Patty took her box and paid then rushed to Taylor's.

"Taylor I know who it is," Patty said, "It's Lorelai,"

"I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. It's so obvious. Of course it's Lorelai. There was always something going on between those two, always flirting. Thanks Patty," Taylor picked up his phone and started dialing, so did Patty.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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