This is what I think the KND would be if they were toy dogs. What do you think about the dog/person ideas? What dogs would YOU make them?

Disclaimer: I don't own KND. Sob.

"Ok team," said a very suave, very British, very bald Nigel, "we have re-captured the sonic rebalinastioner. Good job."

"What the crud's tha' thing do, anyway?" said our favorite little Aussie.

"All Numbuh 5 knows is it has a cool name." said Abigail.

"Maybe it's a dolly, yay!" said our naïve little friend.

She ran up to grab it, registering the "NOOOO!" a little too late. In a big flash of green, everything was back to normal. Or so they thought.

"Well that was a weird dolly" said Numbuh 3, then she started squeaking a plastic hamburger, that sort of came out of no where, in her mouth.

Numbuh 5 was cleaning her face off with her arm. Numbuh 2 was running around in a circle, chasing his behind. Numbuh 4 was running around the room, yipping his head off. And Numbuh 1 was sitting in a big chair, thinking about something in the room that just didn't seem right.

"HOLY CRAP!" he screamed, "WE'RE ALL DOGS!"

A couple of hours later, they were all sitting at a computer (don't ask me how, I'm just writing a story! Jeez.) trying to find out what kind of dogs they were.

"Well," said Numbuh 2, "Apparently, Numbuh 1 is a white colored Maltese. The description says 'Intelligent and easy to train, the Maltese is generally good-natured. ('Makes sense' thought Numbuh 1) However, it can get snappy at times and is better off with older children. Lively and alert, it will bark if strangers are about.'"

"Now THAT sounds like Numbuh 1!" laughed Numbuh 5.

"I DO NOT GET SNAPPY!" snapped Numbuh 1.

"Anyway," Numbuh 2 continued, "it looks like I'm a fawn colored pug. 'Intelligent and with a big bark for its size, the pug makes a good watchdog. It is playful and affectionate and not inclined to snap.' Wow. Sounds a lot like me."

"And Numbuh 3," said Numbuh 5, "is a black toy poodle. 'Very active, snappish, and sensitive. It is highly responsive and very easy to train, it is demanding of affection and my bark a lot.' That is definitely Numbuh 3"

"'Nd Ah'm a… blonde CHIHUAHUA! 'This intelligent ('that can't be right' thought Numbuh 5) and lively breed is intensely loyal and grows very attached to its owner, even to the point of jealousy ('Especially with Numbuh 3' Numbuh 2 thought). It responds well to training, although it may be difficult to house-train('yep, this is definitely Numbuh 4' thought Numbuh 1). When frightened it may bite; excessive barking can also be a problem. ('lalalalalalalalalalalalala' thought Numbuh 3) That is so wrong!"

"And I," Numbuh 5 read, "am a brown and white Shih Tzu. 'The feisty, loyal shih Tzu makes friends easily and responds well to training. Unlike other toy breeds, it does not snap or bark a lot'"

Numbuh 1 said "Well, apparently we were all turned into to dogs that match our personality."

"How am AH like a cruddy Chihuahua?" screamed Numbuh 4.

Everyone just stared at him.


How was that? I got the descriptions from the book "The Little Guides DOGS". Please review. No flames, please. It's to hot here.