This is my first attempt at Fan Fiction. I do own any of the characters in this story expect for Cuppie.

Sorry this took such a long time to finish but here is the rest. I hope you like it. Let me know.

The Birthday Present

Chapter 1

Seven year old Raphael was trying his little brain at what to get Leo for his birthday. He thought

of everything he could think of but nothing seemed right. It was getting late which meant he only had one

more day to get him something. All of a sudden he heard his master calling for him and his brother

Donatello . Splinter sounded angry, Raph wondered why until he remembered the mess in the bedroom that

he and Donnie were supposed to have cleaned up already. "Raphael! Donatello!" He heard again," Come here!"

Raph sighed and went to Splinter. He noticed that Splinter did not look happy. "Master I can explain"…He

started but Splinter stopped him and said "come with me".

He led the turtles into their bedroom and stopped. "Now this room will be cleaned by bed time or

else you two will be on restriction tomorrow. "But Master," Raph tried "we only have twenty minutes till

bedtime there's no way we can get this cleaned by then". But Splinter wasn't buying it. "You have had all

day, have you not?" "Yes" Raph and Donnie said quietly. "Then you have until 8:30 to get this room cleaned

and at that he left the two young turtles to finish the task at hand".

"You might as well face it Raph we are on restriction tomorrow because there is no way we can get this cleaned by bedtime" Donnie

pointed out. Raph sighed, "You're right but we have to try anyway". The two got to work but as both of them thought the room

wasn't cleaned by the time Splinter came in and told them it was bedtime. "Okay" they both said quietly and obeyed.

Once they were in bed Splinter began his speech "You two had all day to get your room cleaned and chose not to. Since you chose

not to obey you leave me no choice then to carry through with my word".

Raph and Donnie looked at each other and then at Splinter. They both knew that this was something he didn't really want to do,

but they knew what they has done so he had no choice. "Yes Master Splinter" "Very well then tomorrow the two of you will get up

have breakfast, practice and then clean your room and stay in it for the remainder of the day, understood?" They both said they did

as Splinter turned off the light. "Good night my sons" "Good night Master Splinter"