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Chapter 4

Leonardo and Michelangelo were LOST. There really was no other word for it. Mikey started to cry, Leo sighed and put on hand on his brothers shell trying to comfort him. "Shh Mikey it will be alright" Leo said although he didn't have any idea how they would be found. Mikey wiped his eyes with the back of his hand "how?" he asked "Master Splinter doesn't even know where we are, we don't even know where we are." He reminded his big brother. Leo didn't know what to say he just held Mikey tight and prayed that Splinter would find them.

Splinter was walking through an area that he had never explored. His senses told him they were here somewhere. It figures, his two sons went down this tunnel since it was the first tunnel you came across if you left the lair and turned right. Normally he and his sons would leave the lair and turn left as that led them to the dump and other places they usually went to. His sons were told NEVER to go in any other tunnel unless they were with him. He had only gone into this tunnel one time before seven years earlier when he was trying to find the perfect place for them to live. He remembered that it was full of turns and broken glass and other stuff that could be dangerous, but the real reason that he didn't pick that tunnel was the fact that it took the water longer to go down after it rained, then it did in the other tunnel. He had been walking a good 20 minutes now and hadn't heard or seen his sons anywhere. He was beginning to think that they went down the other tunnel and his senses were just playing tricks on him. He was about to turn around when he heard crying. Splinter sighed he knew that cry. He walked faster in case something was really wrong with Michelangelo or Leonardo. As he got closer he could hear them talking.

"Hey Mike, maybe I can reach Splinter mentally." Leo told his younger brother. Mike stopped crying and looked at Leo hopefully "really Leo? I didn't know you could do that." "I haven't done it before but we have been working on it with Sensei and he always says I'm his best student." Mike giggled "No he doesn't say that he says you are the most disciplined , Raph says you're the best student and a bunch of other stuff" Mike reminded him. Leo frowned "so I can still try" Mike stopped giggling "okay Leo go ahead" Leo sat down and tried to meditate but since Splinter had just started teaching them this he really wasn't sure how to get started. He wasn't going to let Mike know that though so he made it look like he could. Just then the two heard a sound and a voice "Michelangelo, Leonardo? Are you there?" Mike yelled in delight "were here Sensei. Over here" he yelled. Leo stood up and smiled at his little brother "See I told you I knew how." Mike hugged Leo and then bounded up to Splinter "how did you find us?" he asked. Splinter hugged him and Leonardo "That's not important right now, what is important is the two of you are safe." He told them and then he looked sternly at them and said "Come, let's go home we have a lot to talk about" Leo and Mike gulped and quietly followed their sensei home.

When they were nearing the lair they heard a bark. Mikes eyes grew as big as saucers and he looked up at Splinter. "What was that?" he asked. Splinter smiled "that would be our guest that Donatello and Raphael brought home" Mike didn't have to be told twice and ran into the lair. "Hey guys were home, where's the dog?" Mike shouted not wasting any time in asking. Donatello and Raphael walked out of their bedroom with the puppy following right behind. "Right here" Raph told him. "Oh cool what's his name?" Mike asked but before Raph could reply, Splinter cleared his throat "I believe that we have some issues to discuss." The four turtles wished they were anywhere but in the lair at that point in time. Splinter sat in his chair and motioned for the turtles to sit down as well.

Splinter took a few minutes to decide what he was going to tell them and to let them think about the events of the day. When he finally knew what he was going to say he began to speak. "Today all four of you broke the most important rule that I have given you so far. You all left the lair without me and put yourselves into some very bad situations. You could've gotten yourselves hurt or worse. I am glad that nothing like that happed to you. You are all very lucky. Now to make sure this doesn't happen again, Raphael and Donatello the two of you are restricted to the lair for 2 weeks plus the day that you were supposed to serve today." Don and Raph hung their heads but they both knew they were getting off easy so they didn't say anything. "Michelangelo and Leonardo, both of you are also restricted for 2 weeks and since you also went down a tunnel you knew was off limits you will be given extra chores for the next 2 days so you do not get bored."

Splinter stopped talking and looked down at the puppy, picking it up he begin to speak again. "Now about this little girl, Raphael what were you planning on doing with her?" Raph wasn't expecting that question, "well we were going to...if it's okay.. we were going to give her to Leo for his birthday. If you would let us keep her." Splinter sighed and glanced at Leo. Leo was getting excited about the idea about having a puppy but he wasn't sure if Splinter was going to allow her to stay. Splinter smiled "Leonardo, if you would like to have the reasonability that comes with taking care of a pet then you may keep her." Leo couldn't believe his ears, he was going to get to have a dog. He looked at the puppy, she had some how managed to get out of his sensei's arms and was drinking out of an old cup someone had left on the floor. The cup fell over suddenly and the puppy ran off for a second, she then came back over to investigate the cup and started playing in the water and with the cup. Leo looked back up at Splinter "I will take the reasonability and I will take good care of her." Splinter smiled "alright Leonardo, now what are you going to name her?" Leo looked back down at her again "How about cuppie?" At that Cuppie barked excitelly, "listen to her" Mike said happily "she likes her new name. Splinter then looked back at his four sons "alright I believe it is bedtime now growing dogs need their rest and so do growing turtles. Good night my sons" Cuppie barked at Splinter, He smiled "forgive me Cuppie, good night to you also." And at that Cuppie followed her new master into his room.

The End

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