From a distance it would look as though Obito was reaching out to choke Kakashi, who lay underneath him, and that's just what Rin and Yondaime believed that the Uchiha was about to do. Perhaps it wasn't the best idea to stick those two together, but Yondaime never expected it to come to this.

"Oi!" The Yellow Flash shouted, Rin was already running towards the two boys.

Obito looked up, his mouth hung open in shock, and in this split second Kakashi took the opportunity to roll Obito over and pin him down once again. He didn't hit him though, he only held him, relieved that the boy did not get the chance to pull his mask down. They remained like that for a couple of moments, staring down into each others eyes while Rin finally appeared before the both of them.

Kakashi gazed lazily at the kunoichi, Obito struggled now in fear that Rin would think he was weak.

"Obito" Rin hissed. "How dare you try to choke Kakashi-kun like that!" She couldn't seem to grasp just why Obito was acting in such a way, he was an idiot but she never in a million years would have thought he would attack Kakashi.

"that's enough guys..." Yondaime placed his hand on Kakashi's shoulder.

Giving Obito one last look, the genius son of Sakumo slid off of the boy's legs and began to walk away from the fight scene.Probably the best thing he could do right now.

The clumsy Uchiha however sat up in a daze, his face was bruised rather badly, it felt like he had gotten a lip injection, they were so swollen. Rubbing his cheek he watched as his team mate walked away, just like that, as if he wasn't to blame. Well he was to blame, he was the root of all of Obito's problems and he wasn't going to get away with it!

Pushing himself to his feet, Obito launched himself towards the other boy. He was running, but for some reason not really getting...anywhere. Grunting, he looked down, his feet were going but...

"Sensei!" He cried out.

Yondaime was holding him back, with one arm, while rubbing the back of his neck with the other.

"Let him be Obito-kun" Was all that sensei said. He then let Obito go, gestured to Rin and the both of them began to unpack their tents and sleeping bags.

That night Obito lay in his small pop tent. It really wasn't set up properly, the front half was up but the back was flapping in the wind as if one of the poles or pegs had come out. Though, he wasn't about to get up and fix it. The whole night he was ignored by Rin, and Yondaime only seemed to speak to him if he only absolutely had to. He didn't want to have to face them right now, and Kakashi had still not come back.

Sighing Obito rolled over to lay on his back. It would have been better if Rin and Sensei had just gotten mad at him, it would have been much easier to take. Instead they just gave him disappointed looks and went about their business. Disappointed was harder to take than anger. Kakashi had gotten angry and lashed out, and although Obito couldn't say he enjoyed the physical pain he now knew where he stood with the chuunin. They were rivals, end of story.

Rin however, was a different story. Sometimes she was sweet to him, other times she ignored him. Obito was never sure where he stood with her. Was she just being nice to him because she had to, or because she wanted to? Gyah, it was getting to be too much. Shouldn't he be focusing on their mission?

"I should have given her that flower..." He lamented.

"Given who a flower?" A feminine voice came from just outside of his tent, a moment later Rin poked her head inside grinning from ear to ear.

"R..Rin!" He rolled over, immediately scooting to the back of his tent, where it fell onto his head. Grunting he held it up, inviting Rin inside.

"I brought some medicine for your face..." Brushing brown hair from her eyes she crawled inside and knelt by the tent entrance.

He just sat there staring. She began to poke through her first aid kit until she found what she was looking for. Obito continued to stare. She gave him a weird look. Finally he blushed and looked away proclaiming that he was fine.

"You're so stubborn sometimes, come here..." She reached out, delicately touching his lips with her finger.

If his face could have turned any deeper shade of red, then it did. Obito sat there, his eyes growing wide watching her lean forward and touch him. It was a soft touch, so gentle. Yes, she was defiantly made to be a medic nin, she was so careful and precise. Could this touch possibly mean more, was she being this gentle with him because she felt bad and wanted to make up, and then make out? Was the girl of his dreams finally going to return his feelings?

"Arigaowh...areh! Wrin, my wip! Whits wumb!" His lips had gone numb. She must have put some medicine on his swollen lip, numbing it to cause the pain to go away and hopefully decrease the swelling.

"Well, yeah dummy that's what the ointment I just put on your lip does..." Annoyed she began seagoing another bag pulling out an ice pack. Expertly she wrapped it in a towel and handed it to Obito. "Put it on your cheek, it will bring the swelling down."

He did as he told, pouting quietly to himself while Rin began to zip the first aid kit up and put her things away.

"You should really take it easy on Kakashi-kun..." She began, her eyes still on her things.

"huh?" He watched her carefully wondering why she wanted him to be easy on that jerk. He was the one who started the fight afterall, and he was a dork, and didn't care about anyone except himself.

"He didn't really have it easy growing up, he didn't really have a childhood..." She raised her eyes to meet his. "that's why...thats Why we should really show him that we care. He only acts mean to us because he probably isn't used to friends."

"Hmph, what kind of a childhood did he have that was so awful?" Obito crossed his arms, if it was anything like his...being The Uchiha clan's embarrassment, being told he was no good, that he would never be a successful shinobi.

Rin lowered her head. "I heard that from the time he could walk his father began to train him, he really had no time for a childhood."

Obito remained silent.

"I don't know where his mother was in all this, but his father died and left Kakashi at a young age. He didn't really have a family like you and I have. It's sad, I wonder what he had to go though all by himself." Rin explained. The younger shinobi in the village knew that Hatake Sakumo had died, they just didn't know how. Most just assumed he was killed in action.

Family.Over All Obito did love his family, though sometimes he wondered if they really loved him. All this pressure to be the best ninja, and he failed every time. At least he had his grand father, grand pa always supported him. Maybe one day he will show his parents that he was a good son.

Part of Obito's problem was that he actually believed he was a failure. It didn't help that his younger brother and sister told him day in and day out that he sucked.

Obito could be gullible at times.

Although it wasn't a secret that if Obito's mother didn't stop his father, he probably would be forced to find his own apartment. It wasn't that he hated his son, it was more of his way as trying to get him to smarten up and take things more seriously. Most people outside of the clan thought it to be taking tough love to the extreme, but in his father's mind, if Obito was going to learn he would have to learn it the hard way as the boy wasn't listening to anything he had to say.

Maybe if father just went about teaching him in another way. It was always 'this is how it is', and 'that's how its going to be.' Or, 'these are the rules and you are going to follow them'.

Grand father didn't teach like that. There was always a new way to do things. If you kept an open mind, then you could learn anything, even if it takes longer than the average person.

Despite his not so great family life, Obito nodded with Rin and agreed to take it easy on Kakashi. If she wanted the dork to continue being an angsty brat then Obito would try his best not to upset him. It was all for Rin of course.

Soon after she left, and Obito was alone. He lay back playing with his flashlight watching her shadow slowly grow smaller and smaller and then it stopped, and met up with another shadow. For a moment or two those shadows were frozen, and then each went their separate ways disappearing from Obito's view.

Okay, so this one is a little shorter (er, at least I think it is) I can't decide what pairings to have, or if I will have any at all. I know in the end it will not totally follow Kakashi's Gaiden, especially if I pair Obito with someone, however, this is a fanfic and uh, yeah. lol.

Maybe I should add more drama? What do you think? Oh! and should I pair Obito up with anybody? Rin, Kakashi? Uh, not Yondaime, I'm not into pairing adults with the gennin, sawwy. I love Yondy too, but Yondy-chan can find someone his own age. Hehehe.