Our Fallen Friend

By Heaven's Angel

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"Beast Boy," whimpered Raven as she buried her hands in her face as a wave of warm salty tears streamed down her face. She was on the couch with the other Titans surrounding her.

Cyborg was pacing back and forth angrily, as he slammed his fist onto the table splintering it as he screamed out, "This is my FAULT! It's not right! I caused this."

Robin came up beside him and placed a hand on the metal boy's shoulder. Even in this horrible time he was able to keep his voice somewhat calm, "Cyborg, you couldn't stop it, nothing could stop it."

"Yes, Robin is right," said Starfire as she too came to Cyborg's side, "Please do not blame yourself for it."

Cyborg collapsed into Starfire's arms as tears streamed down his human face, "No its not. I was supposed to have his back! This is my fault."


Beast Boy ducked another incoming enemy, transformed into a T-Rex and clamed his teeth down, destroying it. Transforming back he yelled out, "Who are these guys? Slade's new homeboys."

"I know who these are," replied Robin, "And you really don't want to know."

Cyborg unleashed a blast of sonic energy wiping out another group of the strange green and gold creatures. Hitting his radio he called out to his teammates, "I see something in the center, I think it may be the leader. I'm going in!"

"No!" screamed Robin, "Cyborg do not engage! That goes the same for everyone, we face this guy together!"

Whipping around with his twin tonfas, Robin smashed two more green and gold attackers away then dug into his utility belt and whipped out his JLA communicator and hit the emergency button.

"Robin, is that you?" came a baritone voice over the radio.

"J'onn, we need help, it's a full scale invasion here and the Titans can't handle it alone. We need reinforcements!"

"Robin!" came a muffled scream. Robin looked around and watched shocked as a cloud of creatures descend on Raven.

"Raven!" screamed Robin as he dashed forward to try and save her. Instead, a group of these winged annoyances swept forward and grabbed him by his arms pulling him backwards.

"Titans, get to Raven!" ordered Robin as he leapt up and kicked out to get them off of him.

Starfire came dropping out of the sky firing starbolts at Raven's captors, as she screamed out, "Let her go!"

"I'm coming Raven," screamed out Beast Boy as he transformed into a bat and began to fly through the maze of enemies.

Meanwhile Raven was struggling. Not only to free herself, but also to prevent herself from losing control of her demonic side. Suddenly, she felt herself get dropped.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" she yelled out as she stopped her fall.

"Ah, my prize," came a dark gravely voice from behind her. Turning slowly she was shocked to find a 9 foot blue and grey behemoth standing over her, a sick sneer on his face as his red eyes glowed with the fire of hell themselves.

Raven recoiled terrified as she recognized who this was. She covered her mouth to keep from screaming as she gasped out, "Da-da-da-Darkseid!"

His sneer grew larger, "I'm glad you know of my reputation little one. Now it is time for you to come with me."

"I don't think so!" shouted a panicked Raven as she unleashed her soul self at the despot.

A flash of omega beams and Raven was shocked as her main attack was shattered by the powerful force. He smiled again, "You hold back and refuse to unleash your true potential. I will mold you. You will learn to embrace your power, and with it, we will conquer the universe."

Raven tried to step back but tripped as she did so, still she looked up at him with insolence, "Never!"

"I do not remember this being your decision," remarked Darkseid as he reached out to grab Raven's arm.

From the air came a sudden scream, "BANZAI!"

From sixty feet up five tons of Beast Boy in the form of an African bull elephant dropped squarely on Darkseid's head.

With a roar Darkseid raised Beast Boy over his head and slammed him into the sidewalk.

"Insolent whelp!" roared Darkseid as Beast Boy transformed back to his normal small self, "I have destroyed all who oppose me! Did you really believe you would be able to stop me!"

Beast Boy looked up at him with a grin, "Newsflash ugly: I'm what's formally known as a decoy!"

Darkseid looked up just in time to see Starfire shooting off into the sky carrying Raven with her.

"Sucker!" shouted Beast Boy as he transformed into a stegosaurus and swung his massively spiked tail at Darkseid.

With both hands, Darkseid grabbed the incoming threat, and lifted Beast Boy over and slammed him to the ground. Without waiting to recover, Beast Boy transformed into a gorilla and leapt forward swinging his fists wildly. His first shot connected solidly with Darkseid's chin and Beast Boy heard a sharp crack. Expecting to see his enemy stumble, it momentarily caused a delay before the sharp pain told him that the crack had been his hand breaking. Darkseid brought one fist up and smashed it like a hammer over Beast Boy's head dropping the shape shifter.

Beast Boy transformed again this time into a grizzly bear and jumped forward jaws outstretched attempting to take a chunk out of Darkseid's arm. Darkseid stepped sideways missing the initial attack and then swept his arm sideways and grabbed one of Beast Boy's legs and pulled sharply. He was rewarded with a wet crack as Beast Boy transformed back and went tumbling, his arm dislocated.

"You are tenacious little green thing," remarked Darkseid as he approached on Beast Boy, "But stupid nonetheless. Your most powerful heroes have not been able to stop me. What makes you think you have a chance?"

Beast Boy screamed as he suddenly slammed his shoulder into the ground popping the dislocated joint back into its socket.

Beast Boy flexed his fingers, "I don't care who you beat. This is my home and those are my friends. I have to protect them!"

With a roar Beast Boy transformed one last time, this time turning into a huge green dragon. Unfurling his wings, he took flight rising quickly into the air kicking up huge winds. Above the skyscrapers, he gave another roar as he opened his mouth and let loose a torrent of cleansing fire over the entire battlefield.

Parademons screamed in agony as they were suddenly burned alive from the descending fire.

"Beast Boy!" screamed out Robin as he saw the flames shooting forward like a tidal wave through the streets.

"Less yelling, more running now!" screamed Cyborg as he charged forward, grabbed Robin around the waist and made a huge leap into a subway tunnel as flames washed over them.

"Robin, are you there?" came a panicked voice over Robin's T-Comp.

"I'm here Star, do you got Raven?" asked Robin as he watched in amazement as the fire still flew overhead.

Even through the radio he could hear a slight smile from her, "She is unconscious but otherwise unharmed. We are currently taking refuge in the basement garage of the Wayne Tech building."

"Listen, this guy is Darkseid. He runs his own planet, and he's too powerful for us, even Beast Boy like this. We need to hold out until the Justice League gets here. For whatever reason, Raven seems to be his prime target, so we regroup and protect her."

"What about BB?" demanded Cyborg, "He's out there fighting that monster alone. You even said he can't beat this guy."

"I know, I don't like it either," said Robin as he tried to think what his mentor and others would do. Batman would leave Beast Boy out there, after all it would be better to protect his three teammates rather than risk them all for one. Wonder Woman was a little more direct, she would probably lead a charge into get him back. He decided to go somewhere in the middle of the road, as he began shooting out orders over the radio,

"Alright, Starfire, there is a subway tunnel behind the west wall of where you are. Blast through the wall, and head over here. We're farther away from the center than you are. Cyborg, I want you to put as much rock, metal and whatever else you can find between the entrance to here and you guys. Beast Boy won't be able to hold this form for very long. Hopefully the flames will stop Darkseid long enough for me to grab Beast Boy after he turns back and get out of there. Our big advantage is that we know this city a lot better than he does, let's just hope its enough."

"Sounds good but let me go get him," said Cyborg as he powered up his sonic cannon, "I got better fire power, better armor, and I can walk the city in my sleep."

"No, I'm faster," said Robin as he looked up to see the flames beginning to die down.

"I didn't mean it as a suggestion buddy," said Cyborg as he grabbed Robin by the cape and threw him into the tunnel. Running quickly, he let loose a blast that sealed the entrance to the station.

"Cyborg you jerk!" screamed Robin over the radio.

Cyborg lifted his arm up, "Sorry Robin, but I just got this feeling I'll be of better use than you."

Back at the heart of the battle, Beast Boy, still in dragon form, landed atop a skyscraper and looked down upon the blackened remains of a majority of downtown. The smoke was billowing up from a crater where his initial blast had crashed down; incidentally it had also been where Darkseid was standing. A blast of red beams suddenly shot out from the smoke and smashed into the building directly below where Beast Boy was crouched. Before he could respond, a second blast shot upwards and pierced his right wing, leaving a gaping hole as that began to spew blood. With a cry, Beast Boy fell towards the earth, silently cursing gravity.

With a crash, he landed and transformed back into his humanoid form. Through the daze he tried to figure out where he wasn't hurt. His shoulder had dislocated again, his right leg was broken and he felt three teeth minimum floating in his mouth. Granted that was all he could feel. His right eye was swollen shut and his left wasn't doing much better.

Looking up, he saw Darkseid standing over him.

Darkseid's face returned to his normal sneer, "Congratulations little green thing, you succeeded in singeing my arms."

"Dude, what are you?" groaned Beast Boy.

"I am power," gloated Darkseid, "And I am your death."

Reaching down, Darkseid grabbed Beast Boy's head in one of his huge hands and lifted him up to eye level.

"I will give you one more chance," said Darkseid, "Serve me, and I might spare your life."

"How many ways can I say blow me?" grunted Beast Boy looking through his swollen eyes.

"I thought as much," sneered Darkseid. He closed the hand that was holding onto Beast Boy's head.

"GAR!" screamed Cyborg as he turned the corner to see the gruesome sight.

"SOMEONE! HELP…" screamed out Beast Boy before his voice was suddenly silenced.

Darkseid's grip tightened, and after a moment's resistance, Beast Boy's skull seemed to explode as if it were nothing more than an overripe tomato. Blood shot out, covering Darkseid's grinning face, his hands and began to form into a pool below Beast Boy's body. Bits of grey matter, dripped downwards mixing with the blood and sticking to his murderer's hands.

"MONSTER!" screamed Cyborg as he unloaded his Sonic Cannon at full power.

Back at the tunnel:

Raven's eyes shot open as she screamed, "NO! Beast Boy! Don't do it!"

Robin leaped over to Raven was as he yelled out, "What's going on?"

"The pain! Oh my gods the pain," screamed out Raven as she clutched at her head, "I can feel it. Oh my gods, Robin! Darkseid, he's killing Beast Boy!"

"NO!" shriek out Starfire as her eyes suddenly flashed emerald green, "We must save him!"

"MONSTER!" came an enraged voice over all three of the young heroes T-Comps.

Beneath them, a black portal suddenly appeared transferring the three out of the blocked off subway system.

"I'm going to make you pay!" screamed Cyborg as he yanked out a circuit board located in the center of his cannon, "All restrictions lifted! Take this!"

At full power, Cyborg's Sonic Cannon could rip apart 6 inch tempered steel, cause a 4.5 scale earthquake, and separate a person's flesh from their bones very effectively.

But that all looked like nothing now. Without the inhibitor circuitry he could now transfer all his power into his weapon. The result was a beam of energy five feet across whose recoil shoved Cyborg backwards nearly twenty feet. The sides of buildings began to crumble under the stress of just being near this awesome display of power.

If Darkseid was even concerned about it, it didn't show. Raising the hand that wasn't holding the remains of Beast Boy, he absorbed the blast not even flinching as it hit him.

"DARKSEID!" came a scream from behind Cyborg. Looking behind him, Cyborg was shocked to see his friends, all of whom looked just as infuriated as he was.

Darkseid sneered as he dropped the remains of Beast Boy onto the ground, "Thank you, for bringing my prize to me. Now give it to me!"

"You heard him, team. Give him one for Beast Boy!" screamed Robin. Just as the four were ready to unleash an assault, there was a sound like thunder as Boom Tubes began to open above them. From them poured people that the Titans had met only on occasion, it was the Justice League.

"Darkseid, why are you here?" came a voice from the front of the small army. It belonged to earth's greatest hero, Superman.

"He's ours!" screamed Robin up at Superman who was now angrily poking his fingers at Darkseid who was rising slowly into the air on a silver disc.

"Robin calm down," ordered a voice from beside them as Batman suddenly appeared with John Stewart, coated in his normal emerald energy, "We can't risk a full scale war at this point. I assure you, whatever reason Darkseid is here, he will pay for it when New Genesis finds out."

Robin's hand shot up as he pointed an accusing finger at the rising figure as he attempted to keep his voice from cracking, "That bastard, he killed him! He killed Beast Boy!"

The green field around John Stewart noticeably increased as his green eyes seemed to flash pure anger. He launched himself up towards Superman, getting to him just as Darkseid was preparing to enter his Boom Tube.

He turned, giving a small sneer to the remaining Titans on the ground who were bristling with anger.

"DARKSEID!" roared Superman. John Stewart had finished telling him what had happened, and a quick telescopic glance had confirmed it.

Darkseid turned back and walked into the white tube. His parting words were, "Another time Kal-el, another time."

With a final flash, Darkseid disappeared, back to his safe haven of Apokolips.

The threat being over, many of the league members began to relax, even smile at each other. But in the center of it all, were the Teen Titans. No matter how many times they had saved the world, no matter how much they had faced the horrors of their job, they were still children. Next to them, Superman had landed along with Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and the Martian Manhunter.

The Justice Leaguers looked at one another, not sure what to do as these young heroes lost control of their emotions and collapsed in tears, clutching at each other for support. Finally after an eternity, Wonder Woman stepped forward, as she reached out and collected the children in her arms and hugged them close, her maternal instinct taking over. She whispered quietly, "I'm sorry."

End of Flashback

"I still…I still…can not believe it," stuttered Starfire as she struggled with her tears, "Our dear friend. There is no way that Beast Boy can be gone."

"People come and go," said Raven struggling herself to rein in her emotions, "We need to realize that this is part of our job, we must accept it."

"Screw that Raven!" screamed out Cyborg so loudly that Raven jumped backwards, "He was our friend, and we all cared for him. We just can't forget him like that!"

"Cyborg is right," said Robin quietly, as he appeared back in the room, his eyes dry but still red from the tears he had shed. In his hands he was carrying what appeared to be a small collection of jewel cases, each with a CD in it, "Beast Boy died how he would have wanted to; a hero."

Starfire stared at the cases in Robin's hands, "What are those Robin?"

"This is something that Beast Boy gave me about three months ago," explained Robin as he began to pass them out, "He said that if anything were to happen to him, he wanted each of us to have these."

Starfire looked at hers, "What should I do with it?"

Robin shrugged his shoulders, "Watch it I guess. Look we need to calm down, and take a rest. So why don't we each go to our room, have a little time to ourselves and remember the good times."

Quietly the teens agreed with their leader and headed off to their own spaces.

What will each Titan's message read? Is Beast Boy really dead? Will Darkseid pay for this heinous crime? One of these questions will be answered in the next chapter, and I will say that BB is Bucky dead.