Well here it is kids, my last chapter of this story. This is the end of it all the end to my own version of the world of the Teen Titans. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope that it clears up any questions.

Raven stared over at her bed from her desk. Beast Boy was asleep, the sheet covering him from the waist down. It had been an hour since what had passed between them had ended and like him she was currently naked, enjoying the cool air across her back. She was still trying to comprehend it all as she allowed herself to reflect on the last few hours.


"It's not you, it can't be you," cried out Raven as she recoiled, "You're…a…a trick. Something to put me off my guard."

Beast Boy raised his hands up in defense, "I swear Raven, it's me."

Raven's eyes began to blaze a deadly crimson, "I am giving you one last chance to turn and run. If you want to disrespect Beast Boy, then there is only one outcome. I will kill you."

"Raven, it's me. Look scan my mind. Use that weird DNA thing-a-ma-bober that Cyborg has. Please," pleaded Beast Boy, "Just believe me. I wouldn't lie to you."

Raven looked at him as her eyes shifted from red to white. After a second, her eyes shifted back to normal. Crossing her arms, she looked at this person who claimed to Beast Boy. His uniform was ripped to pieces gloves missing and hair all mussed up. She thought for a second, then asked, "What is your favorite TV show, food, animal to shift into, and what is it that you told me in your message?"

"Super Powered Ninja Warriors, tofu dogs, raven, and I love you," said Beast Boy instantly.

Raven looked at him dumbfounded as her arms uncrossed, "It's you. But how…how can it be you?"

"Well, um.." began Beast Boy but was cut off when Raven dove forward and mashed her lips to his. His eyes closed as he returned the kiss. This lasted for what seemed like forever.

Finally they broke the kiss, as Raven said, "Do you really love me?"

"I really do Raven," said Beast Boy with a smile.

"I love you too Beast Boy," whispered Raven as the two kissed again. Raven's mouth opened slightly, inviting Beast Boy's tongue into her mouth. As they continued to kiss she led him to the bed where the two collapsed. Finally they broke the kiss, as the two smiled at each other.

Beast Boy situated himself up against the headboard as Raven curled up and lay her head on Beast Boy's chest as her arms snaked around his thin chest.

Raven looked up at Beast Boy, "So start explaining."

Beast Boy sighed, "Okay, the last thing I clearly remembered was that asshole Darkseid holding my head like he was palming a basketball. Then he started squeezing. I heard your voice yelling out in my head then it was all dark."

Raven's eyes were going damp again as she relived that memory.

"Well, you see. When I came too, sort of, I was blind. I was thinking but I had no senses. That's when I started hearing myself in stereo."

Raven's eyebrows raised quizzically, "Stereo?"

"My thoughts, they were echoing in my mind, as if I was having the same thought over and over. After a few minutes I realized what happened. I had started to morph, when Darkseid crushed my head."

"Into what?"

"The hardiest creature in the world: A cockroach."

Raven sat up, "Let me get this straight, you turned into…a cockroach."

Beast Boy shrugged, "Yep, and a little known fact. Cockroaches have twelve brains. And another little known fact: Whenever I morph, my insides change first."

Raven's eyes widened in understanding, "Your brain wasn't in your head when that beast crushed it."

"Well, you see, I couldn't change back at first. As soon as I became conscious I involuntarily transformed into a cockroach, and it took awhile to get my human side back."

"How come?" asked Raven slightly confused.

"Whenever I go into animal form I still have the animal's instincts to fight over. And yes, even cockroaches have instincts. At first, I was just so mentally exhausted I let the cockroach side take over. But then I heard a voice."

Raven's eyes looked up at him, shining with dampness. She managed to croak out, "Whose was it?"

Beast Boy couldn't help but smile slightly, "It was yours Raven. I could hear you. And you were crying. That woke me up. And once I got control, I did the only thing that made sense: I went to the sound of your voice."

Raven smiled, "I'm touched. So now that your back, what does it mean, for uh…us?"

"I hope it means that you'll be willing to be with me," smiled back Beast Boy.

Raven leaned up and kissed him softly, "I'm yours my sweet love,"

"Raven it's late," said Beast Boy looking over at the clock which read a few minutes until midnight, "What do you say we get some sleep and let everyone find out the good news tomorrow."

"Well we'll let them find out tomorrow," smiled Raven seductively, "But what do you say we postpone that sleep for a little while."

Beast Boy said nothing as their lips met together. Raven's hands began to guide his as they both gave into their mutual passion.

Raven looked at her clock again. It was now four in the morning, and she had just curled up next to her green lover and sighed in contentment. He was back. Beast Boy was back.

Beast Boy woke her up at ten, with a kiss and a whisper, "It's time. I can hear them out in the kitchen. Come on, let's get go give them a big surprise."

Raven took Beast Boy's hand in her own, and with a small peck on the cheek, the two walked out of Raven's room to greet the new morning and their old friends.

Well that's it. I hope that was an ending worthy of what I've written. Good luck to all and happy days.