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Chapter I: Beaches and beds

During the summer, the Recca invited all the Hokage members for a nice little group getaway at some resort that his older brother left to him... And yes, Kurei did leave something to him- actually; it was a peace offering to Yanagi for all the things she'd gone through.

"Yeah! Wow, Recca, didn't know Kurei was this rich!" Fuuko exclaimed as she ran towards the shore, leaving her friends.

"Fuuko-chan seems overly excited...ne, Recca-kun?" Yanagi asked as she followed her ninja/boyfriend towards a nearby cottage.

"Ya think, Hime?" He asked. "Hurry up guys, don't you wanna swim?" He added to his other teammates who were carrying their bags.

"Shut up Recca and help us out here!" Koganei shouted behind all the bags he was carrying. Domon was already placing all the bags on the sand near Yanagi while Tokiya and Kagerou were still parking the vans.

"Alright2x! Sheeesh! Can't you wait Koganei?" Recca teased while picking up some of the discarded bags the boy left.

"Ne, Mikagami-sempai, aren't you coming yet?" Ganko asked the ever cold Tokiya who was rummaging through his bag.

"Wait...ok, let's go." He replied walking before her.

"Wait! Kagerou-san's not yet here!" Ganko exclaimed pulling at Tokiya's hair.

"Ow! Damn it! Don't pull at my hair you twerp!" Tokiya cursed as he was being pulled back by the child.

"Mikagami-san, please don't curse in front of Ganko..." Kagerou said as she held hands with the child.



"Okay, let's see, since there are four cottages and there are eight of us, I suggest that we pair up." Yanagi said after she finished cleaning up.

"I agree." Recca replied. "Hey mom, can I stay with my hime?"

"Why? You could let Kirisawa-san share a room with Yanagi." His mom replied, indicating Fuuko.

"Well, because I'm her ninja and besides, ninjas don't leave their himes alone." Recca said defiantly.

"Well, you do have a point Recca... okay, but you sleep on the couch. Understood?"


"YOU better, you over-sized monkey! Or else, we'll be having castrated monkey kabob tomorrow." Tokiya threatened.

"Yeah2x. I'm not a hentai you know."


"So, I'll sleep with Fuuko. Right, Kagerou-san?" Domon merrily added.

"NO! No way! I'm not sharing a room with you Domon! You snore too loud!" Fuuko complained standing up and pushing Domon's arm from her shoulders.

"Aw come on Fuuko, I'm your boyfriend..." Domon pleaded.

"What? You are not! I'm sleeping with Ganko and Kagerou-san."

"Um, eno, Fuuko-neechan, there's only 2 beds in the cottage... you've gotta share a room with either Koganei-nichan or Mikagami-nichan." Ganko informed the now blazing with rage Fuujin warrior.

"What?" Tokiya and Fuuko exclaimed.

"Well, I can share a room with Koganei since he moves too much and also snores." Fuuko said.

"I do not!"

"Yes you do. Remember, last week when you guys had leadership training, you were suppose to sleep inside the school and I heard you snore really loud." Fuuko reminded the weapon wielder.

"Well, um... hey! Why were you there!" Koganei demanded.

"I left my mp3 player there, duh." Fuuko replied folding her arms as she strode towards Kagerou.

"So, that leaves Mikagami-kun then." Yanagi chirped, smiling at Tokiya and Fuuko.

"There's no way I'm sharing a room with that monkey, besides what if she harasses me?" Tokiya defiantly said while throwing Fuuko a cold gaze.

"Hey! Me? Harass you? Isn't that supposed to be the other way around? Beside, why would I harass you?" Fuuko countered looking intently at Tokiya.

"Because I'm gorgeous."

"Oh boy, here they go again. Can't they stop for like one day without nagging at each other's throats?" Recca and Koganei chorused.

"Mou, leave them alone you guys, just remember that they're sharing a room, okay?" Yanagi informed as she dragged both away from the fighting members. "Alright, you two lovebirds better be left alone..."


After several minutes and a tired Ganko, the duo stopped bickering and joined their friends near the inglenook.

"Took you guys 20 mins. to stop bickering." Recca hinted as he carried the now sleep Ganko. " See you guys tomorrow."

"Yeah see you, come on Domon, let's turn in coz we're suppose to barbeque tom." Koganei add dragging the insistent Domon away towards their cottage.

"Hn, so I'm stuck with you for the entire 2 weeks... oh well... it can't be helped." Tokiya muttered going to the sole cottage that's dark.

"Hey, wait up! Aren't you gonna help me put off the fire. Hey! Hmph! Men..." Fuuko scowled before putting off the fire and going after him.

Inside the cottage...

"Nice... you pick a really cozy cottage." Fuuko commented to no one in particular.


"Hello? Mi-chan? Hey, iceberg!" Fuuko called out.


"Mi-chan?" "I swore I saw him go in..." she called out as she searched the small hut for her comrade.

She finally found where her comrade had gone- inside the bathroom and by the looks of it, he was taking a shower. She was about to knock when the said boy came out with only a towel on and headphones.

"Explains why he didn't hear me... idiot... but GOD is he HOT!... stop it Fuuko, he's your friend... no dirty thoughts..."

It seemed that Fuuko had zoned out since by the time she came to, Tokiya Mikagami was already watching her with a questioning gaze.

"What?" she asked irritated that she was shook out of her reverie.

"Are you done drooling over me? I need to get dress if you haven't noticed I'm naked." Tokiya bluntly informed.

"What? I was not drooling over you!" she barked, looking away.

"Whatever... well?" he asked, cocking his brow as he motioned at the door.

"Sor-ry!" she retort before storming out the door.

In her room, she was busily punching her pillow that she didn't sensed someone was at her door...

"Idiot Tokiya... accusing me of drooling over him... I was not drooling... I was just... just... aw... forget it! Ohhhhh, he just makes me wanna strangle him and.. and.. and... kiss him and.. and.. slice him in half!"

"Ohhhhhhh! I just wanted to find him and there he goes accusing me of drooling over him... hmph... iceberg!" Fuuko groaned in her pillow as she went through more swears and curses .

"So... she was looking for me... interesting... that baka... monkey... hmmm... maybe this'll shut her up..."

With that, Tokiya slip a small note through Fuuko's door and went inside his room.