Chapter 3: Feelings Show

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At a shed nearby, Tokiya sensed someone was there. Curious, he went to investigate. Slowly, he approach the shed and to his great shock…

Tokiya's POV:

'who could it be?' I wondered as I neared the shed. I heard someone moan and my senses went over drive. 'Fuuko!!!!'

Inside I saw her on her back with the damned god of wind on her, straddling her. I growled and both of them looked at my direction.

"You do know eavesdropping is rude, don't you Mikagami-kun?" I heard the god of wind chuckle before he stood up and helped Fuuko to her feet, she growled at the god of wind and punched him. She was blushing beet red and DAMN did she looked 'yummy' was what word I could think of.

"A staring as well." The god added.

"Shut the fuck up you perv." I thought.

"perv? Who was the one who took advantage of her?" he added.

"Mi-chan?" I heard her.

"If you want to fuck, go get a room." I growled as I made my move to leave them.

"Mi-chan! Wait." I could hear her call out while the god of wind suppressed a laugh.

I didn't stop to wait for her. I kept walking not only because I wanted to leave there but also because I can't bear the thought that Fuuko wanted the god of wind. That I didn't have any effect on her… the kind that she has on me.

I unconsciously reached a cave but I didn't stop until I felt an arm on me. I was prepared to shout at her but what I saw was the god of wind. He looked smug and domineering. Every bit the god he was. Perfect, poised, strong and DEADLY.

"What do you want?" I spat looking vehemently at him.

"you." The god of wind replied.

"What?!" I exclaimed… is this thing gay?

"I want you to admit it." He stated feigning the comment.

"admit what exactly…" I drawled not wanting to answer.

"we are both civilized adults here." I snorted but he continued, "I don't have time for your insolence and the sheer atrocity of your humongous ego."

"Wow such big words…" I commented.

"don't test me Mikagami…" he warned then suddenly he looked me straight in the eyes. "What is it to you?" I growled.

"I want her. I crave her body but I want her to be happy." He answered my unopened question.

"So? Have her. I don't care. I don't…" I trailed off as I thought of how she responded to her. How her body reacted to her.

"what is it with you mortals that makes you stupid? Is it really cowardice or pride?" he smiled as he looked at me clearly amused at my predicament.

"I am no coward." I answered.

"Then it is pride."

"no. I don't force anyone to love me the way you coerce others to your bed." I spat my anger getting the best of me.

"You are scared. Pity. I was going to back off. But since you renounce you claim on her, I will have my way with her them. Virgins are really yummy." With that he made his leave but before that, I pointed my sword at him.

"Touch her and I swear even if it kills me. I will find a way to kill you." I threatened. He laughed and then threw me across the cave wall.

A reverberating shudder echoed across the cave. "You don't scare me. Even if she is not mine to have, I will not have you tarnish her…"

"you really don't have a clue how powerful I am, do you?" with that he lifted me up and threw me again. But this time I landed on my feet.

"you are losing your touch…" my smile faltered as he was only inches away from me and then he punched me.

"You want her too. I see it in your eyes when you 'secretly' watch her. Pathetic really…" he said as he grabbed me and thrust me towards the wall.

I lifted my arm and gash his other arm. "the difference is that I love her. You don't."

"really? Love? Do you even know what that is?"

"Do you?" I countered. Before I could add anything, vanished.

Behind the cave entrance, a silhouette of a woman could be seen. Her bright blue eyes brimming with tears as she heard the man she was secretly in love with that love her too. She ran away until she reached the bungalow. Now eyes brimming with mirth and the determination to get him to admit his feelings to her. Personally.

I had bruises up to here and was sporting an almost broken arm no thanks to that furball. As I walked limply towards the bungalow and acted as normal as I could. I noticed the lights turn off and wondered if Fuuko hasn't come back yet.

"Monkey?" I tried trying to sound cold.

"Monkey?" I tried again. But no one replied so I made my way to my room. As I neared it, I sensed someone in the kitchen. I turned on the lights and there I saw Fuuko.

"Kirisawa?" I asked. Looking at her intently.

"Mi-chan?" she replied rather groggily. And then as she saw my predicament she exclaimed, "oh my god! What happened Mi-chan???"

"Nothing. I fell in the cave…" I lied.

"You fell in the cave? That's stupid of you…"she rolled her eyes and then she pulled a first aid kit.

"very funny monkey…"I growled as she dabbed an antiseptic at one of my wounds.

"Come here then, let me see that other wound…"she ordered as she leaned closed to me, her scent filling my nostrils. "What other wound?"

"the one on you face." She stated a matter of factly. Before I could response, she grabbed my face and turned to the other side and checked my cut.

"hold still. It might sting." She warned as she dabbed on it.

"ow. Ow. Ow…." I exclaimed. She fucking pressed the cotton so hard on the wound.

"you are such a baby!!!!" she giggled before she blew the stinging sensation away. As she placed the bandage over it. She gave my wound a kiss.

"there. It should feel better." And then, she left. Goodnight Tokiya…

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