Author's note: uh. right. let's just say this is an… expansion of my writing horizons and leave it at that. do enjoy.


There are certain things a man can't help but notice, the smoldering stare of a beautiful woman being one of them. Sasuke shifted uncomfortably under Sakura's heavy gaze. Those deep green eyes were filled with passion and pure, animal desire… everything was written as clear as day in her eyes. Naruto was training with Kakashi nearby, both completely oblivious to the dangerous amount of blood pounding in Sasuke's head. The familiar feeling of fluttering butterflies arose in the pit of his stomach. This was happening far too often for his liking.

It's just hormones, he told himself as he blushed under the heat of her gaze and quickly turned away.

It's just hormones.

There are certain things a man can't help but notice, the ferocious kisses of a beautiful woman being one of them. He didn't know how it had gotten to this point; all he knew was that taking her out for strictly platonic dinner after training had somehow ended up with the two of them making out on his couch, something that was far from platonic. His mind raced, desperately trying to figure out what had happened, a daunting task, seeing as how Sakura and her tongue were being a bit of a distraction. He seemed to remember Sakura making the first move. They were standing in front of his apartment. He said goodbye and gave her a little wave; she said goodbye and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Surprised for half a second, he was soon fumbling for the doorknob, his body reacting to hers in ways he hadn't known were possible as instinct took over.

It's just instinct, he told himself as he enveloped himself in the smell of her.

It's just instinct.

There are certain things a man can't help but notice, the complete, desirous attention of a beautiful woman pulling at his clothes being one of them. They had stumbled from the couch, making their way into his room and onto the bed. Her hands were everywhere, running through his hair, leaving hot trails down his bare chest. Unconsciously, he reciprocated with caresses of his own, his mouth ravenous over her skin. He struggled to regain control, but at this point, his body and mind had completely betrayed him. In the end, he just gave in to the pleasure of her touch.

It's just sex, he told himself, even as he breathed her name.


It's just sex.

There are certain things a man can't help but notice, the sleeping form of a beautiful woman being one of them. Sakura had fallen asleep completely sated, a fact that Sasuke was proud to take credit for. For him, however, a peculiar restlessness had taken over, rendering him unable to sleep. So he watched her, taking in every inch of her, every detail, from the perfection of her features to the smoothness of her skin and the silk of her hair. He traced patterns on her bare stomach, drawn by sudden, inexplicable urges to touch her. Willing himself to go to sleep, he closed his eyes, only to have images of bright green eyes, fiery with passion flit across his mind. Sasuke found that he looked forward to seeing those eyes again, looked forward to waking up tomorrow with her in his arms.

It's not just anything, he realized as he pulled her closer and drifted off, the rhythm of his breathing gradually slowing to match her steady cadence.

It's everything.