A/N: This is just an idea that I've had for a while that wanted to be written down on paper. I hope you all like it!

It takes place post-Season Eight, Jack's retired from the military but still running the SGC, and he and Sam are ingaged.

They were having a team night at Sam's house. It was the first one they'd had since the whole Puddle Jumper incident involving time travel. All four of them were already there and they were just waiting for the pizza that they had ordered when the doorbell rang.

Jack rose quickly, "I'll get it." He took out his wallet; "It's probably the pizza."

When he opened the door, he saw a very nervous looking young woman who reminded him extremely of his former 2IC. "Uh, may I help you, miss?" he asked.

She started fidgeting with the sleeve of her jacket, "Umm, is this the home of Samantha Carter?"


"May I speak with her please, sir?"

"Sure," the gray haired and handsome man turned around and shouted back, "Sam! Visitor!"

"Who is it?" she called back.

Jack turned back to the woman on the doorstep, "And you would be?"

"Umm, just tell her that umm, it's someone regarding the adoption that took place twenty-one years ago."

That sounded serious enough for Jack. "Come with me," he said as he ushered her in the door and to the living room.

"Who is it, Jack?" Sam asked as she smiled up at her new boyfriend. Jack motioned to the blond woman behind him and when Sam saw whom it was, all the color drained from her face. "Elise?"

The woman's eyes went wide, "Mommy?"

Sam rose quickly from her seat and enveloped the young woman in a massive hug. "Oh God, thank you so much. You sent my little girl home to me."

The two embraced for a long time, the three men standing by and watching with curiosity. "Mommy?" Daniel mouthed to Jack. The older man simply shrugged, he knew nothing about the unexpected visitor.

Jack cleared his throat loudly, causing both women to break the hug, although Sam still held on to Elise's hand. "Sorry to break up such a lovely meeting, but who the hell is this, Carter?"

Sam winced at the use of her last name; he hadn't used it when talking to her for over a month. "That's a long story, Jack. You all will want to sit down for this."

The group moved into the living room, all the humans sitting, while Teal'c remained standing stoically behind the recliner Jack deposited himself in.

Sam took a deep breath, "When I was sixteen, I was raped by my boyfriend." Jack subconsciously tensed up at that comment and Sam squeezed his hand with her free one. "I got pregnant. My dad wanted to keep the entire thing quiet so as not to ruin my future that I already had planned. As soon as the baby was born, I gave her up for adoption." She smiled at the woman sitting next to her and rubbed Elise's cheek with her hand. "That was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life. The couple that adopted her were named the Smalls. He was a diesel mechanic and she was a preschool teacher. She was incapable of having children and my baby was the only shot they had." Sam paused again, and this time her daughter reassuringly squeezed her hand. "They named her 'Elise Samantha Elizabeth' in honor of me and her adoptive mother. They've stayed in contact with me through the years, sending me school pictures and letters about how she was doing. But I never saw her after I handed her over to Elizabeth Small all those years ago." Sam had tears freely falling down her face at this point, causing Jack to put a protective arm around her shoulders.

When the woman was all cried out, Sam looked again at Elise and asked, "How did you find me? Mathew Small made it explicitly clear that as far as he was concerned, I was a surrogate mother who wasn't related to you."

Elise looked down at her hands in an attempt to hide the pain in her eyes, "Dad died last year. Mom only told me that I was adopted after he was buried." She looked again into her mother's eyes, "She died six months ago. It was only after she was dead that I was able to start searching for you. My Aunt Teresa refused to give me any information on you except for your name and that you are in the Air Force."

"I'm so sorry baby."

Elise attempted a smile, "I'm just glad that I finally found you."

Sam smiled warmly at her again, and Daniel couldn't contain himself any longer, "A daughter! Wow, Sam, that's so amazing!"

Sam grinned at Daniel happy nature; "I guess I should introduce you all to her then."

"Ya think?" Jack asked sarcastically.

Sam elbowed him in the ribs gently, "Elise, this is Jack O'Neill, he's a retired Air Force Brig. General and my fiancé. That is Dr. Daniel Jackson over there acting like a child, and the stoic one standing behind Jack is Teal'c Murry."

Elise smiled at all three men and turned her attention to Daniel, "Dr. Jackson? Oh, yes! Now I remember why that sounds so familiar! I read your theories on the ancient pyramids in school. Very well thought out. I personally agree with you on that front."

Daniel smirked and turned to Jack, "See? People read them!"

"Yeah, and Apophis is a nice god." The five people there laughed at the joke.

Daniel looked at Elise again, "So, are you in college now?"

"No, I just received my third Ph.D. and was offered a job right afterward."

Jack looked at her in shock, "You're only, what, twenty-one? And you just got your third Ph.D.?"

Elise grinned at his confusion she got that a lot. "I graduated valedictorian of my high school when I was fourteen. Right after that I started college. I have a Ph.D. in theoretical astrophysics, just like my mother. I also have one in ancient mythology and history. The third one is specifically in Ancient Egypt."

Jack gaped in shock, "Another genius Carter."

"So, Elise, where were you offered a job at?" Sam asked curiously.

"At the Cheyenne Mountain Base Complex."