Five months later:

Sam and Jack were married by Thor in the SGC, with Elise as Sam's maid of honor, Cassie as the bride's maid, Daniel as the best man, and Teal'c as the groom's man. It was a lovely ceremony that had no interruptions whatsoever. Sam and Jack went down in SGC history, as the first couple married under the Stargate.

Nine months later:

A very healthy and happy baby boy was born to proud parents named Sam and Jack O'Neill. Jacob Michael O'Neill was born at 0300 hundred hours, on June 21, nine pounds six ounces, twenty inches long.

One year later:

One very nervous Daniel Jackson proposed to the woman of his dreams, and officially became the son-in-law of Jack and Samantha O'Neill on October 19, the anniversary of when they met. (Talk about inbreeding! Sam looks at Daniel as a brother!)

For all time after:

Draw your own conclusions, because as far as I'm concerned, they lived happily and contentedly all the remaining days of their lives. Although, there was that one timeā€¦


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