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Dear Diary,

After that night, finding out all the secrets that bound my new LIVING boyfriend and giving him much love in the form of some really french kissing, everything was perfect.

Mom approved of him right away. So did Andy. I guess that Jesse was just so polite, suitable and hott for me that Mom dismissed the fact that he was three years older. (Actually, two and a few months – I was going to turn seventeen soon) Jesse stayed for dinner on Sunday night, to my surprise, since Andy was so picky of his children's dates.

My school grades arose and so did my self-esteem. I did manage to corner Paul and ask him about how he helped Jesse and why he did it. Paul just said he wanted everything to work out between us – that we could start anew. He said he was going to try a new perspective and finding the ol' shifter spell to renew the life of a ghost was his first step.

I told him that it was all settled – as long as he didn't take a vow to become a priest or anything. Paul agreed that he would not.

And the Evanescence sign thing? That was all Jesse. He wanted to divert me and he knew the perfect way to do it. I moped about it for a little while and ignored him but then started to talk to him again. All was well.

But you know the two most exciting pieces of news?

Yeah, that would be that firstly, Adam McTavish and CeeCee Webb are OFFICALLY dating. I was completely in seventh heaven when I found out. Adam promised that he would invite us to their wedding as long as he could be the godfather for our first child – it was a signed deal.

The second best piece of news is that – My mom's going to have a baby! With Andy, of course. She had known it for quite a while – a few months – but she didn't feel as if she should break the news to me until after my exams at school were over. I laughed at that after my initial shock and began prying into the details.

By the look of the ultra sounds the doctors say it's going to be a girl. I am going to have a little sister!

I better stop babbling now. Jesse's coming over, but don't think it's a date… Paul's coming too. With his new girlfriend – some chick named Samantha. But that's okay. She's really nice and Paul seems to treat her with true respect. Perhaps he's falling in love? I mentioned this and he just glared at me. Sam slapped my arm playfully.

We're going to see the knew movie: Madagascar. Apparently Samantha and Paul want to see it as much as I do – Jesse's not much of a comedy fan but he said he'd come along because he loves me so much.

What did I ever do to deserve such a perfect life? Perhaps I will never know.

Oh well, I guess I better go choose my outfit!


Suze Simon (which will some day be de Silva


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