A/N: This is a sequel to the bout of musings that came to be known as WWC. I highly suggest that you read that one first. (BTW: I created a Flash movie that recaps the first story. See the media page on my site.) Unlike its predecessor, this part of the tale has little direct correlation to the current series... so buckle up. Let's see where this ride takes us!

When Worlds Collide 2 - Collision Course

Ch 1 - Prologue

-- Tenochtitlan, Mexico - March 2010 --

Clark Kent reached to massage the back of his neck as he marveled at the remains of the ancient Aztecan temple. He tried to imagine what it had looked like during the time when the ancient civilization had thrived.

He had been all over the world in the past five years. When he arrived in China five years ago, he'd found out that the mystical map hadn't been a map at all. It was a drawing of the temple from a position outside of it. When he'd found the location, it had only served as a clue leading somewhere else. There were times when he felt like he was on a crazy treasure hunt. There were also times when he felt like he wasn't the only one searching.

He'd learned a great deal about every civilization he'd encountered. It was like a real life history lesson each day. He had never really paid much attention in his tenth grade world history class— but this was so much more… intense than any lecture could ever be.

He'd studied under a sensei to learn the way of the samurai. His time in Africa had earned him the ability to recount all the animals that had passed through an area within weeks. In Greece, he had reached the peak of Vasilista, visualizing the fantastic tales of the Greek divinity.

As food and supplies grew scarce, he'd had to work, finding a certain comfort and familiarity in doing the labor he once shared with his father. Work as a sailor earned his passage on ships, and farm duties often granted him lodging and a meal. Writing became an outlet, as he described the sites he'd seen, the people he met, and the world that he never knew existed.

Sometimes he was able to submit an article to various global news services, a small income that helped fund his never ceasing travels. Yet there were still questions he didn't have answers to.

Glancing down at the black pouch in his hand, he took another look at the temple. This was the place where he'd finally found the third stone. It was time to go home.