Summary: A story about a happy-go-lucky man, a woman haunted by her dreadful life, their hidden past, and their desire to be loved. Up to what extent can you prove your love for someone you cannot have?

Just to inform you: Throughout this fic, there will be OOC (this fic won't work out well if they are themselves), corniness, and fluff. This is a YohAnna fic but there might be a little HaoAnna.

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Uncertain Manna

I. Fate: what has been spoken

23-year-old Asakura Yoh was sitting on a bench; his headphones were on his ears while his right foot was tapping the floor, following the beat of the music. He raised his head and looked at the sign board on the ceiling. It read 'Arrival'. He turned his attention to his wrist watch. They're still not here. He released a heavy sigh.

Yoh had been waiting for his brother's arrival at the airport. He hadn't seen him for five years since he went to America to study cardiac surgery. He missed his twin brother but he didn't really want to wait for him for hours in the airport. The brunette remembered the phone call he received three days ago…

It was three o'clock in the morning when Yoh received the phone call…

"H'lo?" He sleepily answered the call.

"Hey Yoh!"

"Hao?" He rubbed his eyes with his free hand. "What are you thinking calling me at…" He looked at his alarm clock. "…three o'clock in the morning?"

"Oh… Wrong timing," He knew that his twin was smiling by the tone of his voice. He liked annoying Yoh since they were children.

Yoh yawned. "So why did you call?"

"I called to tell you that I'll be coming back there three days from now." Hao happily answered. "I'll be bringing someone special with me." He added.

That caught Yoh's attention. "Is she your girlfriend or something? Your fiancée or even your wife, maybe?"

Hao chuckled. "I can't tell you yet." There was a pause. "Anyway, I would like you to be there to pick us up. Would it be fine, Yoh?"

Yoh pretended that he was thinking. "Uh, no. Manta and I will be going out that day."

Hao sighed. "Manta can wait. Besides, is that how you treat your brother that you have not seen for five years? Aw, Yoh, you're hurting my feelings." He sarcastically said.

Yoh knew that his brother was quite right. He let out a deep, tired sigh. "Okay, I'll be there." He paused. "At least you can tell me your companion's name?"

Yoh sensed that Hao had an evil smile on his lips. "You wouldn't know if you won't come and pick us up. She's adorable, Yoh. You'll like her."

And that did all. Hao could always find a way to persuade him into doing something he doesn't really want to do.

He was really curious about the girl. In their younger years, Hao was always the popular one at school. A lot of girls would ask him to go out with them but he never accepted any invitation. His twin never introduced a girl to him so that phone call was quite a shock to him. She's lucky. Hao is smart and talented and handsome and loving. He smiled inwardly. Who could the lucky girl be?

"Air Japan flight 241 has now arrived from New York, USA." A lady working in the airport's control panel announced. "Air Japan flight 241 has now arrived from New York, USA."

Yoh stood up. "Well, it's about time." He stood before the barricade and waited for his brother and his companion.


People with different hair colors and nationalities from that flight had already passed his way but then he was not able to see his brunette twin. He was standing there for almost an hour and he had been watching other people come and go with their relatives and friends.

Okay, I'll wait for another thirty minutes…

Hao and his companion were out of sight.

Another thirty minutes…

They were still not there.

Thirty more minutes…

Still, no brunette called Asakura Hao.

Thirty minutes… Yoh had always been a patient person. Thoughts of Hao entered his mind. Maybe he's just making fun of me. Maybe he's not even going here. Maybe he's laughing out loud right now because of me falling for his stupid trick.

He sighed and went back to sit on the bench. But what if I'm wrong? He stared at the illustration board and black marker that were lying on his side. He brought it just in case he would need it. And I never thought that I would need those. He put the board on his lap and used the marker to write something on it. When he was finished, he raised it and read what he wrote. He had an unsure, nervous smile on his lips.

He stood up on the bench and raised the illustration board above his head then he began shouting, "Asakura Hao! Asakura Hao!"

People began staring at him. They read what was written on the board, 'Asakuara Hao'. Some were laughing at him and thought that he was insane. Yoh tried not to mind them but then it was difficult. He was blushing and was really ashamed of himself.

A security guard was approaching him when a blonde woman about his age that was standing in front of him made him stop what he was doing. His mouth dropped open and his eyes were showing amazement and surprise.

The security guard stood beside him. "Hey, what the hell do you think are you doing!"

Yoh's eyes were fixed on the woman. It's as if time had stopped and they were the only people standing there.

The blonde looked at the officer. "It's okay now. I'll take care of him." She said with a reassuring smile.

The guard looked at Yoh then to Anna with an eyebrow raised. "Just be sure that your boyfriend won't do anything stupid again, okay?"

She nodded and watched as the officer went away. He's not my boyfriend.

She turned her attention to the brunette who seemed to have regained his composure. She glared at him and grabbed the 'Asakura Hao' sign board from him. "What do you think you're doing, Asakura Yoh!" She angrily asked him.

"Hi, Anna!" He happily said. "So, what brought you here?" He casually asked. The fact is, he was very nervous. He was too stunned to say more. Finally, she's back.

The blonde said nothing. Neither of them spoke for quite a while.

"I knew you would come back one day," Yoh said, almost like a whisper. "I missed you, Anna."

Anna looked away from him. "He didn't tell you, did he?" There was a brief pause before she continued, "Hao can't come here today."

Yoh looked confused. Something in her tone was terrifying him, telling him that something will change because of Hao's absence. "What do you mean?" What does she have to do with Hao?

She stared at him with eyes that were assuming that that would be his reaction. She put the board down and placed her hands on her hips. "What I mean is that…" She paused, her lips curled into a casual smile. Yoh knew that that smile was hiding something, it meant something else. It terrified him. "… I will be Asakura Anna in the future."

Yoh cannot manage to put his usual carefree smile on his lips. He opened his mouth to say something but he was not able to say anything.

"I'm Kyoyama Anna," She looked at him with a proud smile. "Asakura Hao's fiancée"

There was a lump on Yoh's throat that disabled him to speak. He went down from the bench then stood next to Anna. Everything was happening too fast for him. He stared at Anna's deep, dark eyes, trying to figure out what she was thinking or what she was really feeling. Like what I used to do. But he saw nothing in her eyes. It's as if she had purposely put a veil on her eyes so that he can't see through them. It was how I was able to know her. By looking in her eyes, I was able to know the real Anna.

Anna started to walk away from him. "I'll explain everything to you later. I've already reserved a cab to take us to your house. My baggages are already in there."

The brunette stared at the blonde woman. What are you doing, Anna? He then followed her. Have you already forgotten that promise?

The painful past that he wanted to forget—it was all coming back to him now.


In the other side of the world, he was thinking about his lady.

He was sitting on a chair beside the window. There was a thick book about cardiac surgery sitting on the table in front of him. He always dreamed of being a doctor since his childhood. Now, he was a professional cardiac surgeon. He was rich, successful, handsome, a philanthropist. People admired him and thought of him as the 'Perfect Man'. He would smile at them but deep inside he knew that there was emptiness in his heart that was needed to be filled.

Until Anna came to his life and filled that emptiness…

He was staring outside the window but then got tired of looking at the green surrounding and blue sky. The picture frame on the right side of the table caught his attention. There was a small smile on his lips when he took it. He gently grazed his fingers on the glass. He remembered when it was taken and it made him feel better.

It was his and Anna's picture taken in a garden. He studied the image—his arm was around her shoulder and he had a happy smile that resembled his brother's. Her face showed no expression but if he would look deeper in her dark eyes, he could see that she was happy yet her soul was agonizing.

He put the picture frame back to its place then glanced at it before turning his attention to the book he was reading.

Take good care of my Anna, Yoh. I know you wouldn't disappoint me. He deeply sighed. Please make my Anna happy even just for a while.

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