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Dreams and Nightmares

By: Mili

Chapter 1: Welcome to Reefside High School

I am wondering, How did I end in this situation?. The same situation of 10 years ago. Scared to see him again, scared to talk to him, scared to be close to him. Why do I have to feel this way? I thought it was over, but obviously I was wrong. I'm not sure if I can handle this. I took a decision 10 years ago, I've never had regrets, it was the right decision, wasn't it? Never mind, it doesn't matter right now, I moved on so does him. What is the big deal? Maybe I won't see him...

Yeah right with your luck, of course you're going to see him.

But… but I am supposed to be ready to see him again, so why can't I even breath?

Ok Kim, calm down, You knew this day has to arrive someday, maybe is better this way, maybe you both can get some kind of closure and end this situation.

Maybe we can be friends again after all...

Ok now you are dreaming. Friends? he hasn't talked to you for 10 years and now you wanna go in there, talk to him and say 'Hey, can we forget everything and be friends'. Come on Who are you kidding?

Yeah, he probably hates me.

Do you blame him? You broke up with him in the heartless way possible, by a letter and saying that you had found another man.

But I had to do it. What if he hates me? I can't handle that.

You have to be prepared for the worst. I'm wondering how does he look like now? Jason told he cut his hair. Does he still look so sexy?

Of course he does, he always was sexy with his dark eyes, that smile that can melt the North Pole, that broadly muscular perfect body, we were so shy with each other, we never had passionate kisses and of course we never made love. I think we weren't ready for that, but I used to dream about that. How perfect would have been share our first time with each other.

Where did that thought come from? You were scare about the fact that you have to see him again and now you are thinking about how would have been having sex with him?

You know what was the best of him? He used to look so dangerous and mysterious, He always was so shy and reserved but he was so different when we were together. He was so caring, romantic and lovely that's why I love him.

You mean you loved him. You are a woman now start acting like one. You have to talk to him. Close this chapter of your life after all.

But Should I tell him the truth about what happened. After all this time.

What for? What good would you do? He has lived a good life for 10 years, That's why you made the decision of not telling him in the first place. He doesn't need this right now. You took a decision 10 years ago, you have lived with that, Don't put him in this situation now. He doesn't need this. He doesn't deserve this.

"Hey Kim, Earth to Kim." asked a lady passing her hand in front of Kim's face while she was driving the car, breaking the mental fight that Kim was having with herself.

"What? sorry Liz I was lost in my thoughts." answered with a sad smile turning to see the lady who was driving the car.

"I can see that. So, What were you thinking so deep that I've been talking to you for the last 5 minutes and you weren't listening?." Asked Liz with a concern look.

"Past, Life, Decisions, Future..." Kim sighed.

"Why are you so nervous? I have never seen you so nervous about a meeting; It's just an exhibition. Or this is about the job. Did you take a decision? It's a huge change." Asked Liz trying to find out what was bothering her friend.

"I know, it would be a huge change but I still haven't taken a decision. I have other things to consider before do that. How long before we arrive?"

"Actually, We are already here. Kimberly Hart, Welcome to Reefside High School." said Liz parking the car .

"Now or never. It's time," whispered Kim taking a deep breath.

To be continued