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Dreams and Nightmares

By: Mili

Chapter 14: Dreams come true

"Baby are you hungry, Still mad Right?... How many times do I have to apologize to you? I'm so sorry for had left you but you know I had to do it, right? Come on baby, now we are together again, we have to enjoy that," Kim sighed.

"Come here," she pointed to the couch with her puppy face, they laid on the couch "If it helps I really missed you, being with you, holding you, I missed your face, your hair, your smell, though you need a shower baby, you smell awful," Kim giggled

"I'm sorry to have left you but I'm not going to leave again, I promise," Kim assured "Just you and me forever…you are the only white knight in my life now," Kim smiled, making White Knight bark.

She's at home in Miami, having arrived 2 days ago from Reefside. After a few interviews she managed to go back to her normal life, the only thing left is the decision about the job but she still has some time for that. The coach offered her a few days off of work to rest.

She kept caressing White knight and sighed. "It seems that you are going to be the only White Knight for the rest of my life," Kim said sadly. "Maybe He was right,"


Kim stopped when she thought she had hear her name 'No, I'm hearing things' she continued walking until she heard it again, someone was calling for her behind her she turned around to find the owner of the voice


"Conner what's wrong?" Kim asked concerned about Conner action

"Hey Kim, I just want to tell you that…" Conner took a moment to catch his breath; he thought he had lost Kim. Looking straight to Kimberly he said, "He'll understand."

"What?" Kim gasped surprised

"My mother always says that to be happy in life you have to suffer a little, that way you recognize and appreciate the truly meaning of happiness," Conner told her. "He'll come around. You've had a lot of suffering in your lives; you deserve to find that happiness. He just needs some time to clear his head. But you'll be together, I'm sure of that."

"Thanks Conner," Kim smiled. She hugged him, sighing, trying to hold back the tears forming in her eyes. Kim smiled at him one last time before continuing her way to the gate.

Kira saw the moment between Kim and Conner and the smile displayed on Kim's face.

"What did you tell her?" she asked when Conner returned.

"Just the truth," Conner answered, smiling.

End of flashback

"Maybe we just need time, that's why for now you are the only White knight in my life," Kim used her baby voice making White Knight bark again. She heard the doorbell, and hurried to get the door. With White Knight just behind her, she opened the door.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" yelled a very angry Tommy, who was standing in her doorway.

"Tommy!" Kim gasped surprised to find him and noted how angry he seemed to be.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" he asked again, making his way into the house.

"Tommy I…" she started talking, closing the door, before turning around to watch him.

"I am a confident man, a strong man with a sixth degree black belt in Karate; I used to be the leader of the Power Rangers. I saved the planet many times. I have accomplished many goals in my life; I graduated from college, I have a PhD, I've been living by myself for years, I'm even saving the world again!" Tommy yelled in one breath.

"Tommy…" Kim stood near the door watching him, on the verges of tears but she couldn't cry, she tried to speak but she doesn't know what to tell him 'I deserve his hate' she thought.

"Don't you think I'm capable to make my own decisions?" Tommy said angry. "Who the hell do you think you are to decide what is the best for me?"

"I didn't…" she tried again but the words wouldn't come.

"I understand that you were scared when you came here to train; you were 17 and with all the nightmares, it must have been hard for you, but we had a relationship by then, you didn't have the right to decide for both of us, you didn't have the right to choose what was best for me."

"I never wanted…"

He interrupted as he didn't listen what she tried to say. "And then you did it again; you just decided to leave me again. I can't understand it now."

"I'm sorry," she whispered, lowering her head. Those were the only words that she can find for him. She knows how much she hurt him and knows he needs to drain all his hate.

"Why again? Because you're scared? To protect me? Guess what? I already have a mother to care about me," he spoke, frustrated.

All of it is too much for Kim, she can't take it anymore. "Damn it Tommy, you don't know how hard it was for me to see you dead in my arms. I went out of your life to make sure that something like that never happened to you, and then ten years later I walk into your life again and see what happened? You could have died on the moon. I left you ten years ago to protect you and now I put you in danger again. I can't take it anymore. I would rather have your hate than know that something happened to you and it was my fault!" she screamed, crying the last part, lowering her head again, trying to hide her tears.

Tommy stood there looking at her, surprised by her words, trying to find a way to answer her. He sighed and approached her, lifting her chin to look into her eyes. "Look Kim, the first time I was stupid and let you go, but this time I'm not going to just sit here and watch you go. I'm going to fight for this; I'm going to fight for us."

"What?" Kim gasped, surprised by his words. After he came here yelling, all angry, she wasn't expecting those words now.

"I'm a grown man; I'm going to take my decisions this time. I'm not going to loose you again, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make you see that."

"Tommy… I…" Kim stammered, tears rolling down her face

"I know you're afraid; I'm afraid too, but let's face this together. Let's face the future together," Tommy murmured, caressing her cheek. "I've lived a good life, but it always seemed that something was missing. I felt incomplete. Now I realize what was missing in my life. Kim, I love you, I've been in love with you since the moment I met you and even after all these years, you're still in my heart. We met ten years ago in a high school hallway and now fate is giving us a second chance, a chance to find happiness. Let's be happy. I need you beautiful."

She can't hold them back anymore, tears rolling down her face now. It seemed so unreal for her, but he's right in front of her, he wants to be with her. Only three words came to mind. "I miss you," she said softly

He smiled at her words, took her hand in his, leaned down, and kissed her. That desired, sweet kiss, that stops their hearts but at the same time makes them feel alive.

"I've been wanting to do that for a long time," she said when they broke apart. He wiped her tears.

"Hey! You stole my line," Tommy teased her, little tears on his face too.

"Oh, Sorry, let's try it again," Kim told him smiling, taking him by the neck, and kissing him again. This time the kiss was deeper, with all the passion that has been in their hearts for all these years.

When they came up for air, Tommy rested his forehead on hers, staying like that just looking at her, smiling. "You were supposed to say I've been wanting to do that for a long time," Kim said.

"Sorry I forgot, I lost practice."

"Then we need to practice, a lot," Kim said pulling him down to her again to kiss him. After a few minutes of passionate kisses, that led them to the couch, Kim just sat there staring at Tommy as she took a deep breath.

"I think there are other things that we need to practice," she said softly, taking his hand to help her stand, and then leading him to the stairs.

"Wait, Beautiful. Are you sure about this? I mean, I don't want to rush things between us," Tommy stopped her. God knows how much he had dreamed about this moment but He doesn't want to ruin this. He wants to make it perfect this time.

"I love you, I'm sure of that and I want you in every way possible," she told him, making him smile. He took her in his arms, carrying her in bridal style upstairs. They closed the door to shut out the rest of the world, to connect their hearts, souls and bodies for the first time.

Kimwoke up alone in her room, with the biggest smile on her face.The male shirt tossed on one of the chairs told her it wasn't a dream. She noted something, or better yet, someone, missing, She stood up, put a rob on and went to find him. She found him downstairs in the kitchen making breakfast.

On the table were two plates with eggs, bacon and bread, coffee and orange juice to one side. He was transferring the pancakes to a plate when he felt her staring. "Morning Beautiful," he greeted her, grinning.

"The best morning," she said, walking into the kitchen.

"How did you sleep?" he asked hugging her and placing a sweet kiss on her forehead.

"Great. You?" she asked, wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I couldn't sleep, you were snoring all night," Tommy smiled, getting a slight punch in the chest from her.

"I don't snore!" she replied, playfully hurt by his comment.

"Keep telling yourself that," he teased her, kissing her forehead again before he smiled and rested his forehead back on hers. He spoke softly, "Last night was amazing."

"Yes it was," she smiled. Last night was the end of years of suffering, pain, loneliness but it was also the beginning of the best thing in her life.

"So?" she asked him, worry clear in her voice.

"So?" he replied.

"What will happen with us?" Even though they had found their way back to each other, Kim knows there are some things that they need to discuss.

"I heard that there will be a Gymnastics Center in Reefside. You can look for a job there, maybe there is still a position for you," Tommy told her. He knows she is scared about this next step but he is just too happy to have her again in his life.

"It would be great to live close to you, but I never checked the apartment. I have to go back and see it," Kim started explaining.

"I was thinking that you should live in a house," Tommy said. Kim looked at him surprised. "I mean, White Knight needs space." Tommy explained

"I have to go and look for a house then." She understands his concern now.

"I live in a big house, you can stay there with me," Tommy commented, a little scared, trying to keep his voice even.

"In your guest room, right?" Kim asked, insecure about what he is implying.

"No, that room is dirty, and there is a lot of stuff in there. You have to stay in my room. Of course you don't have to pay me anything." Before Kim could say anything he continued, "I just need you to do some things for me."

"What things?" Kim asked him, lifting her eyes brow.

"I just want you to," he leaned down and started kissing her neck, making her giggled. He continued talking, "You know, do my laundry, cook for me, clean the house, pick up my mail, take my messages, you know stuff like that." He's playing with her ear now.

"So you want a maid?" Kim asked him playful.

"I don't think that is the right word. I want you to do other things, like kiss me every morning, wait for me when I come home from work, hold me tight every night, tell me that you love me everyday."

"Tommy, are you asking to move in with you?" Kim asked him straight, still a bit of worry reflected in her voice.

"Yes," he answered, with no doubt in his voice.

"Are you sure about this? I mean, don't you think it would be too soon?" she started, doubtful about that next step in their lives

"I love you, I'm sure of that and I want you in my life," he repeated the same words that she used last night.

Kim took a deep breath and laughed. "Did you hear that White Knight, we're moving!" White Knight barked

Tommy took Kimberly in his arms and spun her around. He put her down and kissed her, making it a sweet and tender kiss.

"I love you, Beautiful."

"I love you, Tommy."


"Hey, sleepy-head. Thank God you are awake."

"What? What happened? Where am I?" Kim asked confuse

"We're in the hotel in Reefside, you really scared me," Liz explained to her as she saw the lost look in Kim's eyes. "When you arrived to the hotel this afternoon you were crying, and you said that you wanted to be alone. I came to check on you around six and you were all sweaty and screaming; I thought you were having a nightmare, so I tried to wake you but I couldn't, and then you stopped but you were still asleep. You seemed to be crying and then you were smiling. You really were in Dreamland, weren't you?"

'A Dream' Kim thought. She checked the clock, which read 12:30 A.M. Sweaty and confused, Kim started thinking. That dream, it's been years since she had a dream so real, but it wasn't a bad dream, it started like a nightmare but in the end it was perfect; all that she wanted in her life but what did it mean?

"What was the dream about?" Liz asked concern.

"I can't remember," Kim said avoiding Liz's eyes.

"Ok, are you hungry? Do you need anything?" Liz knows she is lying about the dream but she doesn't want to push about it, at least not for now.

"No, I'm fine thanks," Kim assured her, trying to smile.

"Ok. So I'll be in my room if you need anything."

"Thanks," Kim told her softly. Before Liz reached the door Kim asked her, "Liz where are the keys to the car?"

"Are you going to go out? I don't think it's a good idea," Liz told her, her concern for Kim evident.

"I just have to do something."

"Here, take them. The map is in the car," Liz said. "Don't you want me to go with you?"

"I'll be fine," Kim assured her friend.

"Ok, Kim." Liz stopped in the doorway. "You should take a quick shower. You don't want to see Tommy all sweaty and with the hair like that."

"Thanks." Kim smiled to her friend, she stays sitting in her bed thinking. "What a weird day and then the dream, it was like a sign."

The day had started bad, when she found out that Coach Smith wanted her to go and see the building for the new Gymnastic Center in Reefside. She knew it would mean trouble, she knew he lived there, and she knew that he worked at the same place they want to make the exhibition. With her luck, obviously she was going to see him. Fate, of course, didn't disappoint her, and managed to not only let her find him in a hallway but to end up spending the afternoon with him. How much worse could it be? He was so mean to her at first. 'He had the right to do that,' she thought but then when they were checking the building it seemed like nothing had happened between them, like the ten years of separation didn't mean anything in their lives. Just when it was all perfect, he asked her to go for a coffee. 'Maybe there is still a chance for us, at least to be friends,' she thought again, only to have all her hopes fade with Hayley's words. It's true, she had managed to ruin his life with that letter, and now she was in his life again, just about to do the same thing. She had to leave, she wasn't ready to face him, but now, after that weird dream, she knows what she has to do now.

"I shouldn't have left him this afternoon. I should have talked to him, explained to him the truth, but now the dream. It had to mean something."

She got up and went to the bathroom. After a quick shower she went to her luggage and put out a dress, put on her shoes, took the keys and her purse and went to the door. She knows it's late but she has to go there now; she has to talk to him. She opened the door and gasped in surprise at what she found standing there.


"I'm sorry Kim. I didn't mean to wake you, I know it's late but I needed to talk to you," Tommy started. He's a mess, with his hair uncombed and his shirt wrinkled. "I know this is going to sound weird but I had a weird…"

"Dream?" she finished for him, both surprised as they stood there staring at one another.

"Yes. How did you know?" Tommy managed to ask after he recovered from the initial shock.

"I had a dream about us," she began. "I had been kidnapped and you rescued me, but I left before we could talk and you went …"

"To your house for you." he finished for her, again the shock knocked them for a loop. Kim led him inside her room and closed the door.

"I was kidnapped by Grimax."

"That's what I dreamed," Tommy explained her, confuse.

"Have you heard that name before? Do you know anything about him?"


"There was an assistant coach on the team, his name was…"

"Danny Carter." Tommy finished for her. He shook his head, if they had the same dream, if that part of the dream was true maybe, "Kim why did you really write the letter? Was there really someone else or were you scared for me?" Tommy asked her, taking a place in front of her, pleading with his eyes for the truth.

"I had nightmares every night and I got scared," she explained. "I just…I thought that you…how could we…" she stammered. This is too much for her so she moves to sit on the end of her bed.

"I don't know," he answered sincerely, moving to sit next to her on her bed.

"What does this mean? Do you think it was real?" There are so many questions in her mind right now.

"I don't know."

"How could we have the same dream?"

"I don't know." He gave her the same answer, the only answer that he has right now. They sat there for a few minutes without talking, not even looking each other

"Kim," Tommy started turning to watch her. "Do you still love me?"

"What?" Kim turned to watch him, trying to understand his question.

"Do you still love me?" Tommy asked again.

"I…" Kim lowered her gaze trying to avoid his eyes. How can he ask her that now?

"Just tell me. Do you still love me?" He lifted her chin and looked straight into her eyes, their eyes connecting.

"Yes." was her sincere answer. He knows it's the truth; he can see it in her eyes, so he smiles at her.

"I still love you," he told her in a sweet tone, making her smile. They simply sat there staring each other.

From the balcony of Zedd's Palace on the moon, a form is watching the scene between Tommy and Kimberly, smiling.

"Valtrax, is the ship ready to leave?"

"Yes My Prince. Everything is set, just waiting for your orders to return to Triffart."

"Our mission is done here," Grimax smiled.

"We'll be waiting for you, Prince" Valtrax said before leaving Grimax alone.

Grimax watched for the last time the couple in Earth. He has spent ten years in a dark cell on his planet after his father punished him for not having found an honorable queen. He spent those first years trying to understand why he couldn't break the love between Kim and Tommy, why he couldn't make Kim love him, but all that time just helped him to realize the truth - how nothing can break true love. What Tommy and Kimberly share is a special bond that is unique and unbreakable no matter the distance, the time, the place. 'I just wish to find something like that one day,' Grimax thought, He rejected to intervene in their lives but that's why he came back, to repair his mistakes, to show them how no matter what, they would end up together. He came back to help them to find their way back to each other, like it was meant to be.

"Thank you Kimberly for teaching me what love is. Be happy, Kimberly," Grimax said, before leaving to the ship.

After a few minutes, Kimberly asked Tommy, "What do we do now? We've been apart for so many years, and we've changed a lot."

"Then let's start again; get to know each other again," Tommy smiled. 'Though I just have to look into your eyes and I know everything that I need to know about you' he thought, taking her hand and intertwining their fingers. A little tear made its way down her face. She smiled him and squeezed his hand.

"Let's start again"

The end