This is dedicated to the amazing NikoruSanzo who Random Perverse Thoughts (trademark pending) seem to keep finding ways to get me to write the strangest of things (including Carl as Scarlett O'Hara). Where would I be without you? And for those of you who like to know these things, this came about because she said she wanted a sexy chase scene... oh, and a 1/2 naked Carl. As always, I am to please.

Carl was running through the dark and sinister castle, turning to look fearfully over his shoulder. His breath was coming in pants as he raced down a deserted corridor. As he rounded a corner, his robe caught on a suit of armor. With so much speed behind him, he was unable to stop in time to prevent the material from ripping – exposing an expanse of white skin and linen undergarments.

He sprinted down the hall and into a large ballroomwhere heskidded to a halt to catch his breath and consider where to go next. He looked around the ballroom wildly but the shadows were deep and revealed nothing. Even the mirrors refused to reflect properly in the dim light. He saw several doors leading off the ballroom and tried to decide which one could lead him to safety. He nearly screamed when a mocking voice spoke from behind him.

"You disappoint me, holy man. They say you are clever and yet here you are, at my mercy." Dracula smiled predatorily and stepped even closer.

Carl backed away, his eyes wide and his chest heaving. "What do you want from me?" His heart was pounding and he was sure Dracula could here it.

Dracula chuckled mockingly and said "Innocent little friar. What do you think I want?" He reached out a hand and trailed his fingers down the pale skin of Carl's chest. Carl shuddered at the touch but seemed frozen in place. This amused Dracula enormously and he said "You will dance with me, little friar." and pulled Carl close, moving them in a slow waltz. Carl tried to struggle but this only caused the vampire to pull him even tighter to him.

"You can not escape me. You are mine. Mine to do with what I will." Dracula whispered in Carl's ear and then proved it by trailing his lips down Carl's throat, his sharp teeth grazing the skin without drawing blood.

Carl shuddered again, a slight moan coming from his lips. He was helpless now – unable to break free from Dracula's hold. His head fell back as if in offering.

Dracula smiled and said "Yes, that's it. Surrender to me. Surrender all to me, little friar.

Carl stiffened and pulled away. "Ok, I was trying to play along with you since the damsel in distress thing turns you on but enough with the little friar thing. Its annoying the hell out of me."

Dracula sighed. He loved Carl dearly but he had no romance in his soul.