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Chapter 1


Life wasn't fair. Life is cruel, mean, and vicious. How could life be fair when everything bad happened to her? Kagome sat on the floor of her small apartment sobbing. Her hair was a mess and it lay all around her shoulders. How could he do this to her? How could he leave her for another? What had possessed him to even look away from her?

Kagome put her hands on her swollen stomach. How could he leave her with his child? How?


"Kagome? We really need to talk." Hojo said as he sat on the couch facing Kagome. Kagome was in the middle of fixing up the living room so she didn't really pay attention.

"What is it?" Kagome asked dusting off the fireplace.

"Oh…you know your friend Erin, right?" Hojo said nervously rubbing his hands together.

"Yeah what about her?" Kagome said absently.

"I am in love with her." Hojo said with a tired grin.

"That's nice." Kagome said not paying any attention.

"Uh, we are going to live together." Hojo said waiting for Kagome to wake up and listen.

"Really? That is amazing." Kagome said not hearing.

"Which means I'll be moving out...leaving…you…alone" Hojo said not believing that she didn't comprehend what was going on.

"Your going on another trip? Oh dear…you do know that this is my 9th month right? You might miss the baby being born." Kagome said sadly.

"Look, I am not going to be there with you…ever. I am going to marry Erin." Hojo said standing up.

"What?" Kagome asked looking at him. "Sorry dear. I must be a little out of it. This whole pregnancy has got me turned up side down. Now what is going on?" Kagome took down her great grandmothers vase and began to dust it.

'Here it goes' Hojo thought. "We are getting a divorce." Hojo said coming to the point. He would not go through all that talking and hints like before.

Kagome dropped the vase. Then Kagome turned to him with a horrified expression. "What?" Kagome said in a whisper.

"Look…for some time now I have known that I was in love with your friend Erin. But it was not until last month did I know that she loved me in return." Hojo said hating the way Kagome's face looked.

"Why…?" Was all Kagome to say. Her breath was coming out ragged.

"From the beginning our marriage was doomed to fail. You wanted the home life. You wanted to raise a family and live happily ever after. I never wanted that. I hate kids and I hate the good nature family crap. I want to have fun. I want to go to parties. I want to go to clubs late at night and enjoy myself." Hojo said looking away from her. How could he do this to her? Get her pregnant with his kid and leave just like that? Hojo knew that it was wrong to leave her like this but…it had to be done. I man's got to do what a man gots to do.

Kagome swayed. "You. Couldn't. Have. Told. Me. Before?" Kagome manage to get out. "We. Have. Been. Married. For. 2. Years!" Kagome said in anger.

"Now Kagome-" Hojo began but was cut off.

"Don't you 'Now. Kagome.' Me!" Kagome hissed.

"Look, I am just going to get my stuff and get out of here okay?" Hojo said turning away.

"How could you do this to me?" Kagome whispered.

Hojo looked back at her. "I gave you what you wanted. Now you are just returning the favor." Hojo's eyes were emotionless. Hojo then turned from her and walked into her bedroom.

Just then the doorbell rang.

Kagome walked to the door and answered it.

There stood Erin shivering. Her eyes showed fear. "Kagome…we need to talk." Erin said in a small whisper. Kagome looked at her with hate. "There is no need. Your darling Hojo explained it." Kagome said bitterly. Kagome turned away from Erin and stormed into the kitchen.

Erin stared after her. Hojo had come from the room when he heard Erin's voice. Erin turned to him and mouthed. "How could you?" Hojo shrugged.

Erin ran into the kitchen. She hadn't meant to ruin her friend life. She really didn't. Erin saw Kagome chopping up food for dinner. Her shoulders sagged and she had huge tears rolling down her cheeks. "Kagome…" Erin whispered.

Kagome stopped and looked at Erin. What Erin saw made her gasp. It was sympathy. "I am so sorry." Was all Kagome could say. Hojo and Erin stared at her with complete shock. "What? What do you have to be sorry for?" Erin whispered wondering if they pushed her over the edge. "I am sorry for getting in your way. You two should have gotten married. Not me. I am sorry." Kagome turned from them and covered her face with her hands and began to sob. Erin went to her and wrapped her arms around Kagome.

As soon as Erin's skin contacted with Kagome a bad reflex happened. It was almost if the baby inside knew what was going on. With that touch the baby had felt betrayal. Somehow Kagome let the child act for her. Kagome grabbed Erin's coat by the collar and threw her to Hojo. Hojo just barely caught her. "GET OUT! GET YOUR WHORE AND GET OUT!" Kagome yelled holding up the butcher knife. Hojo quickly gathered his new love in his arms and ran.

Kagome slammed the door behind them. After she locked the door she fell to the floor with exhaustion.

End flashback

And there Kagome had stayed. She must have stayed in that position for over an hour. Kagome's back was aching and her stomach was hungry. But somehow Kagome didn't have the strength to get up. When Kagome heard the 4 o'clock bell ring she finally heard a key in the lock. Kagome looked at the door almost hoping that it was Hojo telling her it was a mistake.

The door opened and there stood a bunch of people in her door way. But only one caught her attention. Her eyes locked with her sister's and as soon as Kagome saw her sister she began to sob again.

Kikyo walked forward quietly and gathered he sister in her arms. Kagome held onto her like the world was ending. In way it did. For her.

Kikyo felt pure hatred for what happened. After Hojo had left with Erin he had called her to announce it, he was so proud and so happy. He even had the gull to invite her to Erin and his wedding! Kikyo felt hot tears run down her face. Oh, how she hated him!

Kikyo felt the child in Kagome's womb move. Kikyo felt a sad smile go across her face. It almost felt like the child was trying to comfort his mother.

Naruku knelt by his wife side. "What do you want me to do, love?" Naruku asked calmly. "Pack everything up. Pack even that pathetic worms stuff. We'll stop on the way home and sell it at a pon shop." Kikyo said with hate. Naruku rubbed his wife's back with love. "As you wish."

Half an hour later Kagome was asleep in Kikyo and Naruku's mansion. While Kagome slept Naruku and Kikyo were in the living room talking. Kikyo stood with her back against Naruku. She was staring at the wall with furry. Naruku sat in a black leather armchair frowning.

"I hate him!" Kikyo said slamming her fist on the wall. "Easy honey…easy. Lets keep Kagome asleep. With everything that happened today…let's try to keep Kagome from going into labor." Naruku said soothing her.

"Naruku…she is only 19! How could he?" Kikyo said with bitterness.

"He is what you say is your definition of a mortal man." Naruku said smiling sourly.

"True. Darling? Why-" Kikyo was stopped by the ringing of the house phone. With a curse Kikyo answered it.

"Hello?" Kikyo said in annoyed voice.

"May I speak to Kagome?" Came the small voice from the other end.

"ERIN!" Kikyo growled.

"Please…we really need to talk. I never meant for this to happen." Erin said pathetically.

"You never meant it to happen, huh? If you really hadn't meant it then you would have not done it! You knew how much Kagome loved him. You knew that she was pregnant with his child! How could you…How DARE you take Kagome's husband away?" Kikyo yelled into the phone.

"Kikyo! Please! Don't waken Kagome." Naruku said standing up from his chair. Naruku walked over to Kikyo tried to listen in.

"I…I didn't! He came to me!" Erin protested weakly.

"But, you accepted him. You accepted him like a whore. Well, I am glad you finally found out who you are. Hope you're happy." Kikyo said bitterly.

"It's not like that! We love-"

"LOVE? HA! He isn't capable of love! What man makes a child with his own wife and decides that he doesn't want that life 9 months later? You better watch yourself. If I catch you near Kagome or near that baby…you will answer to me personally." Kikyo threatened.

"Kikyo…give me the phone." Naruku said holding out his hand to her. Kikyo handed to him and she turned away from him so she could pace the floor.

"Naruku? I am so glad. Look, can I speak to Kagome?" Erin said in relief.

"You may be the model of the year Erin. But your looks are nothing compared to my Kikyo. If you think for one moment that I would go against her…you are all wrong. I want to ask you a question. How many friends, do you think, will stay on your side after this gets out?" Naruku said in a cold heartless voice.

"I…" Was all Erin could manage before Naruku carried on.

"I'll tell you…none. Zip."

"I have some friends!" Erin said.

"Really? Think for one moment. Do they want to friends with a husband stealer? How do they know that you won't get tired of Hojo and try to steal one of their husbands? Besides, they wouldn't dare ruin their reputations by associating with you." Naruku said straight to the point. "If you think my wife's threat was bad listen to this. If I even catch wind that you or Hojo are TRYING to contact Kagome or her future child I'll haul you in court so fast your head will spin. After the court gets done with you then I'll let my wife beat the crap out of you. Stay away." With that Naruku hung up the phone.

Naruku looked at his wife. Kikyo was sitting where he had been sitting and she was holding herself. "Kikyo…are you alright?" Naruku asked quietly. "How can you even ask that? How can you care about me when Kagome is the one in need?" Kikyo asked. Naruku walked over to Kikyo and got on his knees in front of her and laid his hands on Kikyo's legs and rubbed them. "Because I love you. It doesn't mean that I don't love your sister but…I love your sister like my own sister. I don't love you like that. I love you like you are my wife. I married you. You are mine and I am yours. Forever. Now, answer the question. Are you alright?" Naruku asked.

"Yeah…I guess. I am just a little shaken." Kikyo said and then she muttered to herself, "This is why I didn't want to get pregnant." It was very quiet but Naruku caught it.

Naruku gasped horrified. "Kikyo…was that the reason why…you kept putting me off?"

Kikyo looked away form him and blushed.

Naruku took his hand moved her head so she had to look into his eyes. His eyes had a pleading look. "Kikyo…please…answer me. Do you think that once you get pregnant that I would…le…leave you?" Naruku had to swallow.

Kikyo's eyes were full of sorrow. "I don't know. I know you love me with my slim figure and my beautiful looks. I know," Kikyo quickly added when she saw Naruku get a dark look on his face, " That you also love me for my soul and mind. But once I get pregnant I will lose that figure and I most likely I will use my looks. During those 9 months I will become the most annoying and grouchiest person in the world and…I…I don't know if you could handle that."

Naruku looked away from her piercing eyes. "Are you saying…that I can't handle it? Are you saying that you would scare me? How…can you possibly do that to me when I am absolutely in love with you?" Naruku picked up Kikyo in one swift motion and sat down quickly sat down in the seat and laid her down on his lap. Kikyo looked up into Naruku's eyes and gasped at the passion that was held there.

"I will never leave you." Naruku said staring into his lover's eyes. "But that is what Hojo said to Kagome and look…he left her. How do I know that you'll stay with me?" Kikyo asked.

"The reason why Hojo didn't stay with Kagome was just due to him being a pathetic human who is not capable of holding love in such a passion that one could stay with their partner for life. That type of passion is not even close to describing the passion that I have for you." Naruku growled.

Kikyo smiled. Kikyo brought Naruku's lips to meet hers. While Naruku 'attacked' her lips Kikyo felt a burning in her soul. This man before her loved her beyond anything she had ever known. No matter what happened they would stay together.

When it started getting good Naruku suddenly pulled away and looked at something over her head. Kikyo sat up and turned to see her sister standing there. She was white as a sheet and she was holding her stomach. Her breathing was haggard.

"Kagome? What's wrong?" Kikyo said startled. Kikyo jumped up and ran to her sister's side. "Kagome, you had a big shock today. Why don't you lay down and I'll get you something to eat?" Kikyo asked taking her sister's hand. Kagome grasped it tightly. Kagome shook her head. "Kagome…your baby needs the food." Kikyo said trying to convince her sister. Kagome smiled sadly and gasped.

"Kikyo…breath the baby…breath is coming…breath now. My water just broke." Kagome said leaning against Kikyo. Kikyo stood their shocked. "What…?" Was all Kikyo could say.

Naruku jumped up and scooped up Kagome in his arms. "Kikyo! Go get the keys and start the car! Oh and get some towels!" Naruku yelled trying to get Kikyo out of her dazed look.

Kikyo was in a dream. The baby…of an angel and the devil…was coming. Kikyo ran downstairs ahead of Naruku and grabbed a couple of towels from the kitchen and the keys to the Jaguar. Kikyo held open the door for Naruku and led the way to the car.

10 hours later…Kikyo had her head in her hands as she sat in the waiting room in the hospital. Naruku was standing next to her staring straight ahead.

Deep inside Kikyo was a battle of emotions. She hated and loved that child that Kagome was bringing into the world. She hated it because it made Kagome go through h and yet she loved because it was Kagome's child…her niece….

A Nurse came in and told them that they could come back to see her. Kikyo leapt to her feet and ran past the nurse leaving Naruku to thank the nurse and fallow her.

Kikyo ran into Kagome's room and froze. Kagome sat there…frozen. Staring at nothing in particular. In her arms, held limply, was a little bundle. Kikyo walked forward slowly. "Kagome?" Kikyo whispered afraid that if she said it any louder that the whole roof would cave in.

"As I…went into labor…I…thought about what this meant…I…I don't know. But Kikyo it was like my soul drifted away from the pain into a heavenly place…a place where I could sit and just think. I thought about Hojo…about my baby…and about me. I should have seen it Kikyo…even when we were dating. He never really loved me. He loved the IDEA that I was his. He never saw me as a human being. I was stupid and blind. But…do you know what Kikyo? I am okay with it. I got the better end of the deal…I get the baby. Yes, I love my baby. For who could not? I carried within me for 9 months and…I just spent 10 horrid hours giving birth to it. Who would go all through that…and not love that baby." Kagome spoke as if in a dream.

Kikyo had tears going down her face. Kikyo knelt by Kagome's bed and held onto the rim. Naruku stood off into a corner knowing that this was just a time for sisters.

"I…I am going to give everything to my baby. Nothing will be denied. Kikyo…I am better off without him. That I know. I know that this…in time…will become just a scar. But Kikyo? I am so scared. I don't know what my life has in store. I don't know what waits for me. I don't know…Kikyo…I know that this sounds wrong and it could never be so but…I love him…I want him back…I don't know what to do." Kagome burst into tears. Kikyo wrapped her arms around her sister's heads.

After a while the baby curled up in the blankets began to move around. Kagome pulled away from her sister to look at her baby. Kikyo finally found her voice.

"So…is this my niece or my nephew?" Kikyo asked in a lighter tone. Kagome sniffed and smiled. "Kikyo? Naruku? Meet your Niece…Kara. Kara. This is Uncle Naruku and Aunt Kikyo. So, Kara are you going to tell them hi?" Kagome asked her child. The baby looked up at her with wide eyes and looked at her with curious eyes. Kagome handed Kara over to Kikyo. Kikyo took that baby and held her close to her chest.

"Oh my you are a beautiful baby! You are going to the prettiest girl that ever lived. Look at those bright eyes! And look! She has Kagome's hair. She is going to be lovely." Kikyo said smiling.

"She is beautiful." Naruku said a little jealous.

"Why would she not be? She came from me!" Came a voice behind Kikyo.

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