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Ranma of the Dancing Gods: Prolog

Joe and Marge watched the portal dissipate, locking them away from their friends. Marge said, "I don't think we're home, this is a different universe. My link to the earth mother is different." "Well, let's see if we can find any one to help us get back. I'll find some clothes to disguise you a little better." Joe found a robe on a clothes line and left a gold piece in its place. Returning, he covered Marge's red kauri form. "The best I can tell, I think we're in Japan. Maybe tonight we can find something out or someone to help us."

After sunset, the moon rose and Joe became a perfect copy of Marge and the two went out on a fact finding mission. The two converged on a house where a lot of male misery abounded. Marge entered the window of what appeared to be a master bedroom and projected the appearance of the man's dead wife into his mind. She went about easing his tortured soul in the unique manner of kauri succubae. Along with the sexual energy, she got information and language skills as well as the nightmares that plagued the man. She was confused by the apparent presence of several were type creatures in the neighborhood according to the man's memories. She kissed the man's cheek and took a small piece of jewelry in payment and left by the window.

Joe landed at another window and peered in to see the source of the raging male misery that called to her kauri form. She was amazed to see a giant panda sleeping by the young man who was her target. Joe carefully deepened the panda's sleep and took the appearance of a young girl with short black hair. The dreamlike quality allowed the boy to give up his virginity, and the problems weighing on his mind, to Joe. As the boy thrashed about at the peak of bliss, a half full glass of water was knocked from a table, splashing him as Joe was carefully nibbling his ear. The transformation took Joe by surprise as what was connecting the two disappeared and she accidentally drew blood from the young, red headed girl's ear. "Oh damn." Joe put Ranma, she now had a name for the young shapeshifter, into a deeper sleep. She wrote a fairly long note describing what to expect and a warning about biting people and placed it on her ample, bare chest. She then looked about for the required payment and saw a red silk shirt hanging in a closet, "That'll do." Joe then flew out of the window, joining Marge in their errand of 'mercy' for the male residents of Nerima.

The two kauri were found at the outskirts of Nerima by a portly wizard and returned to their adopted universe, leaving behind a number of smiling, sleeping male residents and one half girl who had something pleasant to dream about for once. The blind fear of the nekoken had been eased for the time being. She was in for a major shock in the morning when she read the long note on her chest, and a bigger shock when the moon rose the next night.

End prolog

This is a feeler for an idea to add some confusion to the Ranma universe, post failed wedding.

Who should Ranma bite first?

Suggested pairings?

Ranma's default moon change will be to the kauri form that Joe had when she bit her.

Jack Chalker was the supreme writer when the subject of shape changing curses and problems relating to them came up. I may have modified the were virus a little as it has been a long time since I read 'River of the Dancing Gods'…so sorry. If someone better at writing than myself is interested in doing Ranma with a RotDG twist please drop an e-mail.