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Ranma of the Dancing Gods

Chapter 6: Tenchi's daughter

Suddenly, they were in space, tearing across the heavens. Nodoka brought herself to a stop to get her bearings.

Sasami shouted, "Tsunami!" and began to cry and hug everyone.

The cabbit cried happily. "Miyah!"

Ranma jumped and clung to the dome's smooth inner surface far above the other passengers.

"Lady Nodoka, Ranma, everyone, thank you for bringing us home!" shouted an ecstatic Sasami.

Nodoka announced, "We'll be arriving at your brother's shrine about three hours, Sasami. I regret to say that there are some problems. Ranma, Kasumi, Nabiki, please go to the aft conference room."

Washu was upset, Ayeka had run off to try to bring back Mayuka and had been stolen away to the World of Darkness. Sasami and Ryo Ohki were still missing and the situation was deteriorating. The power of Jurai was limited in the dark realm and the children had little chance of success fighting the demon Yuzuha in her own element. Tsunami was weak and on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to the loss of her connection to Sasami. Her sister would be of small help for this challenge. Suddenly, light blazed out of the mirror that she and Tsunami used to communicate. "Sasami's back!" Her sister shouted, "and she may have brought help!"

Ryoko was venting her frustration by throwing red fireballs into the lake. Her and Ayeka had fought constantly for Tenchi's affection, but she had come to care for the arrogant princess and had begun to hope that the Juraian prince might love them both. She just hadn't been able to show open affection for the princess and now, she might never be able to. And, Tenchi, her kind Tenchi had slapped her. She began to cry. 'What's the matter Ryoko?' spoke a voice in her mind.

'R-Ryo Ohki? Ryo Ohki!'

Male Ranma and Kasumi were holding hands and looking into each other's eyes at the table in the conference room while Nabiki was decidedly uncomfortable. Nodoka's hologram appeared with that 'grandmotherly' smile on her face. "Son, Kasumi, we need to have a long talk soon about relationships and what is now your carnal nature, but not now. You three are the leaders of this group that we have acquired and Sasami's family needs our help. It seems that a boy has similar problems to yours and one of his suitors has been kidnapped by a demon who was jilted by his grandfather, at least that's my general impression. I've analyzed the situation with the help of Washu, sister to the goddess that Sasami is bonded to, and we've decided that you may be the only one who can ensure Tenchi's success. Tenchi is the boy that Ayeka is enamored of." Nodoka briefed them on who the rest of the residents were and of what Washu had planned.

Ranma and Kasumi went to the suite that Nodoka told them was theirs as Ranma's mother informed the rest of the group about what was to happen. "Kas-chan, ya know, we haven't had much time ta ourselves since we left Irori and Boseiai-sama, but I decided that since Mom said that Sasami's brother is a priest an all…ya know…would la like ta…maybe after we beat this demon?" Ranma's eyes were trying to tell Kasumi what he couldn't put into words.

"Why Ranma, what ever are you trying to say?"

"Kas-chan, I ain't good with words ya know. What I'm tryin ta say is…I-I love ya an since all our family is here, ya know, what if we was ta get m-m-mar-mar…hitched before we go home?

Kasumi started to tear up and pulled the pigtailed boy into a hug and whispered into his ear, "I tried to love you as a little brother, ever since Nabiki and I made the mistake of pushing you off on Akane. You're so sweet. I admit it now, I was jealous and wanted you for my own. I know that for our own health and sanity we will have to share the carnal aspects of our life with many in order to help them, but yes, I'll gladly marry you. I want you to be my first."

Ranma blushed as he realized that he'd have to do 'that' with men and women both, but Boseiai had spent a lot of time explaining it to him. He returned her hug and quietly wept into her hair, "Kas-chan, my…my spirit belongs to you forever."

All of Nodoka's passengers were gathered on the bridge, under the large environmental dome. "Okay, everyone. Thanks to Nabiki and Ryo Ohki, I have been able to synthesize some of what Nabiki dubbed 'were suits'. They will follow through your changes, unless your alternate form is too far from the human norm. In that case, the suit shifts to subspace. The lining emits polarized light or 'daylight', enough to override any ambient light, so you don't have to worry about unexpected changes. There are suits for everyone with were capabilities." A container rose from the floor and opened up to expose the uniforms. Each had the name of the intended wearer on the collar. "The suits are keyed to each of you, just say 'change' or 'return' to switch to polarized light or back to daylight. Ranma, take my suit and keep it for me, please." The 'crew' took their uniforms and went to their staterooms and quickly changed into them.

Once they had all returned to the bridge, Nabiki spoke, "Listen up everyone, we have a job to do. We are going to help Sasami's family and I want us to be in the most effective forms we can have." She walked to Ranma and placed her hand on his shoulder and said, "Change." The two stared at each other for a moment, smirking identically. "Ranma, Kasumi, take your alternate forms." Two kauri appeared in their places after they gave the commands.

Nabiki-Ranma smirked as Hikaru took Akane's form, 'That little pervert!' Akane just malleted her double as she realized what he…she had done. She walked over to Kasumi and changed to a carbon copy of her sister. "I don't want to be mistaken for that twerp! He had better not do anything perverted with my body!"

Nabiki spoke up, "Okay, we're about to meet Sasami's family." Everyone looked out the dome as atmosphere began to glow from the friction of Nodoka's passage. She turned so that everyone could see the island of Japan of this world rapidly grow in their field of view.

Katsuhito, Washu, Noboyuki, Mihoshi and Kiyone were standing in the meadow between the house and the Lake, staring nervously at the sky. A trail of ionized gasses glowed red, far off in the sky. Shortly a series of booms shattered the silence and a warm wind seemed to come off of the lake. Washu gasped as a behemoth, larger than anything but the Throne or Tsunami herself wavered into existence in front of her eyes. The ship that was Nodoka continued to waver and pop and sing as the heat of atmospheric passage was dumped to the surrounding air. When Washu thought of the comparison to Ryo Ohki, 'Upgrades!' was all she could think.

The passengers were disembarked by teleportation and the group caught Washu's eye by their appearance. As the other residents ran to gather up Sasami in a group hug, Washu's eye began to twitch in an effort to suppress her first instinct. 'Save Ayeka first, guinea pigs later. Later, Washu-chan.' She saw the one male of the winged beings fly up toward Nodoka and wait just below. Then the ship began to implode, shrinking to a kimono clad, female human figure that was caught by the small, winged male. As the two landed beside the others, they hugged.

Katsuhito spoke, "Let us retire to the house, we don't have much time to spare."

Washu addressed the group in the living room and explained events to the present. "…and Tenchi and Ryoko followed Ayeka to the world of darkness. Unfortunately, Ryoko's power is limited and the power of Jurai has no link there either. If someone can take one of Funaho's branches there, Tenchi should be able to use his sword."

Sasami shouted, "Funaho will give me a living branch," and ran out.

Ranma said, "Kasumi and I will go. She can carry the branch and I'll take care of anyone in the way."

A few minutes later Ranma and Kasumi were standing in the center of a circle in Washu's lab. "When your mission is complete, I'll be able to bring all of you back. Now get ready."

The ring began to rise and Ranma shouted "Owww", while Kasumi eeped. "What's the big idea!"

Washu just smiled "Just taking some samples."

"Is that somethin ya have ta do ta send us?"

"Welllll, not really."


Washu threw a switch, cutting off Ranma's indignant remarks about her parentage. "Well, well, well, they're on their way." 'And I've got some samples to tide me over until I can get a sperm donation from that sexy flying boy.' "Bwah ha ha ha ha ha!" Cold chills ran down the spines of everyone present. Ryo Ohki began clawing at the exit, making pitiful meowing noises. For some reason Noboyuki and Soun had simultaneous nosebleeds and passed out. Ranma, in a room full of destroyed stuffed animals with Kasumi, began to sneeze again and again and again.

Jim Baxter woke up from a long nap in his stateroom. He looked around at his surroundings and rubbed his eyes. "Damn! Mary, mother of Jesus." he swore. his bed was still solid, but everything else had a semitransparent look to it. "I had better stay put, Maybe someone will remember me and come soon." He lay back down and tried to contemplate his situation.


Review responses

Dragon Man 180 The reason Ranma is there 'is' because I feel sorry for Yuzuha. If Washu tries to get the forbidden sample, she will get a lot more than she would bargain for. Ranma had his fears alleviated for a short time by Joe, they might be gone on his wedding night. The brief cameo between universes was my SI.

Dogbertcarrol-Ranma is still half human. The intermix of curses has a chaotic outcome. Meaning that I made up a lot of it, plus about twenty year old memories, though some are pretty clear. Joe did experiment, sort of in one of the books while travelling in a swap the form scouting episode. Also when he was cured of the were virus, he got it again by being frisky with his wife or lover and I thought it was hinted at that they swapped bodies more than once in their friskiness. And I hope that some of the other characters can be perceived as doing the nailing. Hopefully he is now more of a catalyst. Ch2 Yes, the curses, they do mix and Boseiai had a hand in setting the blend to frappe. Ch3 And I think Nodoka could be a descendant. Ch4 Weird? Ch5 I've admitted to a synopsis like style and if anyone wants to take it and make it their own, have at it. No SI except for a brief cameo. Ch6 almost a quote from LOTR remembered from the late 60's. Akane seems a very unstable character to me, but without the morning brawl and pressure to marry, she could be a lot nicer. Kasumi just seems be the self sacrificing type, but may need a lot of help and support, herself. She sees Ranma as someone who, when he makes a commitment, it'll be for life and then some. Ch7. Thanks, I need to go over it again to figure out what I did right. Ch8 I think Taro is a butthead, an insensitive butthead who would be like the high school jock that date rapes because its fun and he can get away with it. Nice thought about Yoshi. How about the half gallon pee pee to transform Ryoga, Mousse and Shampoo. As for the American Black Ops, willing to do ANYTHING in the name of national security. Ch9 Okay, I'll accept strange.

Ranko: Thanks for your light hearted review. I think that Nodoka and Nabiki are working up to my favorites for leadership. Nabiki's talent and Nodoka's experience.

Wonderbee31: Thanks for liking Nodoka, but a panda 'would' be useful for propagating an endangered species, though it would be better if he were a female panda.

Trugeta: Nodoka was ideal as a were-cabbit, her nature is nurture and passengers are like children to her expanded ship consciousness. The children would grow up as were cabbits as well.

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