Deity of Death1 inspired me to write the sequel to What the Rain Brings. Since I didn't get a chance to thank my reviewers back then, I'll thank them now! I'm glad you guys liked the first part. This is dedicated to you!

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Tohru's POV

The sun beamed on me, promising a beautiful day. I matched its smile as I extended a hand and wiped the glass window. The white cloth streaked against the transparent glass, removing the daily grime it attracted.

My grin widened as I thought of a particular couple. Kyo, Shigure and I were going to visit Kagura and Yuki later today and I couldn't wait. I even baked them strawberry shortcake as a tribute to this special occasion. It's been so long since we properly sat down for a meal and shared laughter and smiles.

Strawberries are a special fruit to me. Yuki planted them for my benefit in his secret base when we were younger. I was enthralled by his concern for that patch of land when we protected the base from a terrible rain storm. A new leaf of kindness unfurled on the flower of his persona that night. The leaves are continuing to unravel to this day. I'm happy that Kagura found out his worth as well. He truly did help her through her emotional storm, one incurred by what Kyo and I felt for each other.

At first I felt guilty returning Kyo's feelings. I was fully aware that Kagura was deeply in love with him. Not only that, but her and I had built up a friendship! Loving him had to be a form of betrayal! But one kiss calmed my inner turmoil. This further extension of his love made me dizzy with excitement and fright. I wanted to hold that emotion in my hands and never let it go. It was right. What he made me feel was euphoria in itself.

When I turned to look outside, I caught a glimpse of Kagura's fleeing form. The error of my actions weighed heavily on my shoulders. Like the sun's warmth gives way to a chilly night, happiness drained from my heart.

I had to go after her! I had to console her, tell her everything was alright. But was it really? I could say so because I was on the receiving end of the sunshine of Kyo's love. Kagura's dreams of being his bride died when she saw us together. But I didn't think these thoughts back then. I believed my words could calm her, so I started to run after Kagura. I was stopped when he placed a hand on my shoulder.

'Don't,' he said. He told me that my presence would only add wood to the flame. There was no need for me to console her anyway, because out of nowhere, red umbrella in his grip like a sword, gallant Yuki ran in the same direction as her. He looked ready to slay her demons and save her from the woe that accompanies a broken heart.

It was a fortunate occurrence that Kagura was able to move on with Yuki by her side. He had told me the incident in great detail after they returned from the rain. I could detect the affection in his voice when he spoke about her. I hoped she could return his feelings so much. They could be so happy together.

Even though the window was clean, I lingered by it. Kagura's life was like the once dirty window. She could only see the grime and filth of life after she lost Kyo. She probably couldn't imagine any clarity in it at all. Even when in Yuki's arms, she must've still been so confused. But with time, the window was clearer and cleaner. It was a combined effort, seeing beyond the pain. Even though Yuki was there for her, Kagura suffered an inner war between what she now felt for Yuki and staying loyal to Kyo. Despite that, time cleaned the window and they finally received their sunny day.

I read a book about angels once. It described four-winged angels called seraphim. There were even many beautiful illustrations in the book. That's what she and Yuki are: gentle seraphim. Naturally, these angels were drawn to each other. Yuki and Kagura helped each other, supported each other with love and kindness.

I like thinking of them of seraphim. They have a heavenly radiance that everyone can see right away. They have the kind of relationship that is based on pure trust and affection. Their wings aren't seen, but I know that they have them. Those two have translucent wings.

I sighed at the sight of another seraph with translucent wings, one who incoming home to me. Kyo...My Kyo. The man I love.

I blessed the day I found out he was the angel for me.

Just as Yuki and Kagura must have blessed the day they found each other.