Hi! I'm back! YAY! And I have another fic for you lovely people!

Okay, firstly this fic was created on the spur of the moment – mostly as a result of another fic by : 'chibi neko doll' called 'Halfway Meet' (and it was so adorable! It totally gave me the idea for this fic) so if you like Yami as a bit nuts read 'Halfway Meet' you won't be disappointed!

Now, back to me. Right, just like in all my other fics the same rules apply, Krysta and Leo make an appearance in this one too along with the borrowed characters of Sakura and Yue from Card Captor Sakura. And the four of them live with Yugi, Yami and Grandpa.

Okay here goes!

(I love this one already!)

DISCLAIMER – I don't own Yu-gi-oh or Cardcaptor Sakura or any of their characters but Leo and Krysta are all mine (and my fics too!)


"GET AWAY FROM HIM, YOU RAVING LUNATIC!" Yami shouted furiously.

There was shocked silence.

But one looked like he was on the verge of bursting into tears.

Crimson eyes filling with tears, a look of break-breaking hurt crossed the gorgeous face of the seventeen year old before the former pharaoh.

"Yami!" Fifteen year old Yugi Moto exclaimed scathingly. "What's the matter with you! You didn't have to yell at him!"

Yami stared in disbelief as his little Hikari gently comforted the whimpering teenager, allowing him to rest his head on Yugi's shoulder.

"But he's insane!" Yami maintained, glaring at the now sobbing teenager in his Light's arms. "He was going to hurt you!"

The teenager looked up from Yugi suddenly, his crimson eyes wide.

"I wouldn't hurt him," He said softly. He looked at Yugi, giving the younger teenager his biggest, brightest smile. "I'd never hurt you Yugi. I love you! Why would I hurt someone I love?"

Yugi blinked, taken aback. "Y-you love me?"

"Of course!"

Yugi blinked again as the teenager suddenly bounced out of his arms, dashing to the window across the living room. He stared as the teenager pulled back the voile curtains and gazed out at the perfect summer's day.

"YUGI!" The teenager yelled suddenly, whirling around and dashing back to Yugi in a flash. "Can we go to the park? Please, please, please? I really wanna go!"

Yugi looked at the teenager confusedly, trying his best to follow the erratic actions of the other, now finding him holding his hands in his own and gazing down at Yugi with pure hope in those beautiful scarlet eyes.

"U-um, sure, why not?" Yugi said, deciding to get go with the flow of things.

This teenager was more unpredictable then anyone he had ever met before.

Yugi felt a giggle escape him as the seventeen year old suddenly grabbed him in a tight cuddle, easily lifting up and swinging him around in pure happiness.

"Thank you! You're the best!" He cried out blissfully.

Yami felt the anger rise uncontrollably inside him again. Glowering at the teenager, he folded his arms across his chest, giving the other teenager the best glare of hatred he could come up with.

Meanwhile, Yugi was getting dizzy.

"Um, can you put me down now?" He asked tapping the teenager on the shoulder.

The protective streak instantly kicking in, Yami darted forward and grasped the teenager's arm, forcefully stopping them. When Yugi was finally replaced on the ground again, Yami roughly pulled on the teenager's wrist, yanking him away from Yugi.

"Get a grip on yourself." Yami snapped.

The teenager looked hurtfully at him. "Sorry," He said quietly, his crimson eyes filling with tears again.

Yugi frowned. "Yami, what's wrong with you?" He demanded. "You can't just treat him this way. He's your twin for goodness sake!"