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Author Note: This is a re-written version of the story with the same name. I personally think it's better, both in language and plotwise... the reactions feel more realistic too. I have also changed Malik somewhat and Marik has taken Malik's former place in this fic XD Personally I think for the better. He's as hyper as he was before, but now he doesn't act all mindless and innocent. Now he's calculating and always after what he personally wants, though he's just as cuddly, though he's cuddly for a different reason now XD I like this better, feels more like Malik, and Marik XD Wow, almost complicated XD Marik is though, still slightly exaggerated XD Yami is also more calculating and Yugi has gotten himself a different reason for meeting Yami, as well as a stronger and more determined personality D More mature... I guess XD

The God Of Dance

Chapter One: Unexpected Turns



Cars, busses and cyclists were seen everywhere, people hurrying to wherever their destination lay, no one seeming to have the time to slow down even the slightest while they were slowly swallowed by the darkness spreading. The sky had now turned into a shade of orange and yellow as the sun began to set, kissing the world good night with it's wonderful red colors, leaving the world in the care of the night, bringing comfort for some, but fear to others.

But all of this though, was able to pass one young boy's mind as he lay safely inside the house, walls parting him from the rest of the world outside as he slept, big eyes closed, dark eyelashes kissing pale cheeks.

The small teen lay on a couch in the living room upstairs, illuminated by the light from the TV as he rested there on his stomach, one arm dangling over the edge while the other was comfortably tucked under his right cheek. A pair of dark jeans and a dark blue polo jumper adorned his small form, said clothes making him look even smaller than he already was, hugging his thin waist losely where he lay.

Too pale skin adorned soft features, revealing that the small boy was obviously sick, succulent lips parted slightly as the boy drew heavy breaths, nose unable to give him the oxygen he needed.

But in the lovely silence, a strong noise suddenly filled the room and the form groaned softly, brows drawing together in discomfort as he buried his head deeper into the couch, trying to get rid of the horrible noise raping his ears. But no matter what he did, it wouldn't let him escape and soon enough, the small boy opened his eyes tiredly, looking around the room with a fogged consciousness, sleep yet holding him somewhat captive.

"...And here he is, Ladies and Gentlemen!! The 'God' we all have been waiting for!!..." a black haired man yelled as music was heard in the background, the girls screaming almost overpowering it.

Amethyst orbs quickly locked with the TV and widened, mind suddenly crystal clear when his ears recognized the song. Smiling, Yugi tried to sit up but ended up clutching his aching head, the fever still present as he stayed down, eyeing the screen with interest as the singer-song writer and dancer of the song entered the stage.

Yugi felt his heart stop as he looked into the other's crimson eyes, the world around him coming to an halt as he watched the other dance. He knew he shouldn't feel this way, that he should just continue to surpress the emotions sometimes filling him whenever he saw the famous dancer. But no matter how hard he tried, they always flickered back to life like a tornado every time he looked the other in the eyes, the feelings swallowing him whole. He knew they weren't "normal", the feelings he felt for the other. Not only was he having romantic feelings towards another male, but towards someone he had never met personally either. And he didn't know what to do with them. Yugi wasn't the type that allowed his heart to get attached to people or objects too easily, because it often meant having it wounded and hurt, but no matter what he did, he couldn't stop the emotions for the other.

He had often told himself that it wasn't love he felt for the other, since hosting romantic feelings towards someone didn't necessarily mean love. That it could just be lust or that the dancer made for a good object of romantic fantasies... But it didn't make him feel better. Lusting for someone he didn't know wasn't exactly appealing to him, and it certainly wasn't like him. What he wanted was true love, the kind of love that was often told in fairy tales. An unbound love where give and take was the rule, not just give or take. It was maybe silly, but it was what he wanted... not just the body of another, making his feelings for the other so complicated and frustrating... yet powerful at the same time. He just didn't know what to do with himself...

The small teen sighed heavily, running a slender hand through tri-colored hair. It was also hard to hide the confusing feelings he felt for the dancer for the others as well. He just had no control over himself whenever the other was on screen or in the newspaper, his reactions always hard to surpress or hide. One could only hope they hadn't caught his reactions... It would be hard to explain... especially since he doesn't know how he feels himself, and the fact that he's not completely sure how they would all react to him maybe being homosexual. Of course they were his friends, but that in itself didn't necessarily mean they accepted everything about him.

Shaking his head and releasing an exhausted sigh, Yugi then let all his emotions be as he returned to watch the dancer with great fascination, that warm feeling in his heart returning as he watched the seductive movements of the other, the man on the screen bending his body in unearthly and surreal motions.

In the meantime, a tall teen stood at the front door, honey eyes alert where he stood, wearing a green jacket covering a white t-shirt and brown manchester jeans. Short blond hair swayed in the soft breeze as he continued to knock on the door, a puzzled and worried look entering his handsome face.

Yugi hadn't been in school for two days now and no one answered the phone at home either, making the otherwise happy teen slightly worried. It just wasn't like Yugi to not tell them if something was wrong...

Knocking again at the door and still not getting an answer, he turned the door knob lightly and felt the door swing open slowly. Looking surprised, he quietly made his way into the house.

"Yugi?" he called out softly, looking around the shop.

Still no answer.

Frowning, Jou made his way deeper into the shop, suddenly coming to an halt as he heard something upstairs. Intrigued, he started climbing the stairs to the private part of the house, walking quietly to the living room where he hoped to find what he was looking for.

Stopping at the door, he soundlessly turned the knob and pushed the door open. And sure enough, there the object of his search sat, clearly spaced out. Smiling, Jounouchi started making his way over to his friend, but stopped dead in his tracks as the other's face came into view.

The smallest was sprouting a barely visible blush and a sincere smile graced his face, the whole of him shining even though he looked slightly sick. Following the other's fixed gaze, Jou soon spotted Yami Atemu dancing on the screen to one of his new singles. Holding back a chuckle, the blond felt like smacking himself for not having figured it out until now. It had always been so obvious, the way Yugi looked whenever he saw Yami, but the blond had always shrugged it off for it being his own fiction of mind.

But seeing Yugi now made it all click and all other thoughts of why he had come here vanished into thin air, the smile now quickly turning into an evil grin, a trademark for the cheerful male.

'Ooohh, this can be SO much fun!' he thought evilly and sneaked up behind the couch. Then, without any warning, he flung himself at the other and locked an arm around the other's neck, using his other free hand to ruffle the other's tri-colored hair mercilessly while he held him down, earning an eep from the petit teen.

"Jounouchi!!" Yugi shouted in a mix of a wail and a scream as he squirmed around, desperately trying to free himself from the crazy blond maniac ontop of him, his sickness and head-ache temporarily completely forgotten.

The other just cackled at the others pitiful struggling and continued with what he was doing, loving the screams and eeps from the other as he continued his favourite thing to do: Messing with the Game King's hair and knowing he HATED it...Oh life could be sweet!

"Jou! Stop!!" the small one kept wailing while continuing his useless attempts to escape, kicking and pulling like a stranded fish, his small body no match for the much taller and bigger youth.

"Tell me I'm the best or I will never let you go, Game King! This is the only game you can't win and you know it!" the other victoriously yelled as he kept on with his assault on the spiky hair, grinning evilly.

"No, I won't!" the other yelled as he tried to knock out the other with a lamp from a small table beside the couch that he had managed to grab.

Unfortunately, the other managed to dodge it and soon took it and tossed it aside carelessly.

"So that's how you want it, eh Yugi! Well, you will get your wish!" the taller screamed and started tickling the spiky haired on the sides, having no mercy and soon enough attacking the defenseless stomach as well.

Yugi felt his last breath leave him.

"No! Not tickling!!" he screamed out, eyes widening even more while his laughs increased. 'Oh, Ra I'm gonna die!' he thought desperately as he stared up at honey eyes, tears creeping up his eyes while he tried to hold back his hysterical laughing.

"Oh no Yugi. Those puppy eyes won't work! Just give up will ya. You can't win everything." Jounouchi teased as the helpless boy fell onto his side on the floor, panting and snaking around as the 'tickling of doom' continued.

Amethyst orbs glared lightly up at the other before a look of desperation swept over them. Frowning for a few seconds he then looked like he had made up his mind and tried to speak, but found it very hard to do so in between his mad laughing and giggling.

Jounouchi seemed to notice this and stopped for a moment, giving the other a waiting look while he crossed his arms, waiting, a grin smacked onto his whole face. One could almost expect to see fangs between those parted lips.

Yugi, on the other hand, sighed. He had no choice if he wanted to live.

"Sure Jou, You are the best... Happy now?" he said and pouted, crossing his arms and trying to glare evilly at the said male. Though it failed, like so many times before. Things like that just didn't seem to fit the little one, only making him cuter than he already was, even though he was already eighteen years old.

"Haha Yugi. You really can't look angry or pissed! You really are ze sweet kid, a mother-in-law's dream!" the blond snickered for a retort to the other's look, knowing this would provoke the other even more.

"Watch your mouth Jou. I would suggest you should sleep with one eye open for the next few months... I can't really guarantee your safety." the small tri-colored male countered, pouting even more in annoyance.

"Or what Yugi... Gonna smack me with a cucumber? You may be the Game King, but you are still just the cute kiddo next door. What could you possibly do?" the tall man asked and smirked at the look the other gave him.

'Oh, so he doesn't take me seriously now, does he! Well, let's see how he can handle this...!' Yugi thought as he flung himself towards the other in a swift movement.

For a short second, it really looked like he would successfully knock Jou to the ground, but the blond had incredible reflexes and dodged him in the last second, making the other fly past like a colorful dart, hitting the ground forcefully.

Yugi threw his head around like an angry wolf and shot a death glare at the blond, flinging himself at him once again.

"Oh no! The almighty Game King is going to punish me! My life is over! Oh please spare me, I have family!" the other mock-screamed as he mimicked a fake-terrified girl. He then spun around and started running towards the door opening into the kitchen, flailing wildly with his arms a he did so. "Everyone take cover, the Game King is on the loose!" he wailed in a high pitch voice and threw himself under a table.

Yugi, high on heel, made a furious warrior sound and flew himself under the table too, hissing threateningly.

Jou, surprised and terrified, gave out a girlish scream in it's best, or maybe worst tone, and jerked himself up and ran as fast as he could to Yugi's room, never daring to look behind him.

Yugi called out to him with a pleased voice, mischievousness and contentedness playing freely in it as he ran after the blond.

"Hey, I thought I was just the cute kid next door? Why are you running then? Shouldn't you be feeding me cookies or something?" he mocked and gripped Jou's jacket when he had managed to catch up with the blond without him noticing.

"Oh, it seems like I forgot to tell you a minor thing. Like that in the evenings, he's turning into a wary werewolf that only I know about!!" Jounouchi yelped as he slapped the hand off of him and darted into a small room.

"Yeah, it seems like that!" Yugi called and disappeared into the room as well.

All that was heard after that was girlish screaming from Jou and roars from Yugi as they continued running from room to room. If anyone saw them now, they would drop dead, from various reasons. The sight of a terrified tall Jou running for his life from a petit Yugi with a frying pan in his hands surely would make anyone raise an eyebrow and chuckle, or shake their heads in pity...

They passed by vases and vulnerable things dangerously close as they ran around for hours. And amazingly enough, they managed to not knock down anything in the process. Which was very good for Yugi if he didn't want to meet his grandfather's wrath when he got back from a dig in Egypt. The result ending in death most likely for the teen. The man just loved his vases...

But in their running, they were both unaware that they were missing something –pretty- important that the speaker on TV was talking about, since their minds were set on surviving. Or well...Jou's was, Yugi just wanted to hit that solid head with his favourite weapon right now...

"And I have the pleasure to announce that the famous dancer Yami Atemu, that you saw earlier has informed that he is returning to his childhood town in a few days. What his intentions are is unclear for now, but he has told us that it's something funny and what he would call 'A little thanks' to his childhood town Domino!!! We'll just have to wait and see what it is, folks!..."


A group of four males walked down a road, chattering happily with each other, everyone glad to be out of school's depressing walls and artificial light. Now it was summer and they would never have to see that spirit-killing place ever again, now discussing wildly about their near futures and plans.

Jou, in his usual green jacket, had the lead and talked to a white haired teen with deep brown, delicate chocolate eyes. He had a white shirt covering his frame, joined with a pair of blue jeans that brought the eyes up to the white, pale hair. The boy held an aura of kindness around him and his eyes told of a caring heart that reached out to others excitedly. Smiling up at Jounouchi, Ryou shuffled away a white straw blowing into his face, before smirking uncharacteristically up at the other.

"Wow. Not only were you slow with figuring out where Yugi was, but you almost killed the poor guy too!" the white haired joked, trying to surpress his laughter by covering his mouth with one hand. Though, it failed badly. He could just as well have tried to kill a Kuriboh by hugging it.

"Hey! Excuse me for worrying about my pals!... How should I have known that he was sick when no one told me..." Jounouchi answered, giving a mild glare at the other male, whom just looked the other way, acting innocent.

"Well, I thought Yugi had told you, and even if he hadn't, I thought you would have guessed as much." Ryou continued to laugh, amused.

"I'm sorry Jou, I should have told you. But I thought you would know eventually, since I told Ryou and Seto about it." Yugi butted in, looking apologectic, walking between the two and coughing softly.

"Nah, don't worry about it Yugi. I got to know eventually! Though, I'm sorry for almost killing you yesterday when I came buy. You should have told me you were sick, then I would have stopped!" Jounouchi continued, poking his small friend lightly on the arm playfully.

"Easier said than done when it comes to you!" Yugi laughed. "You kinda forget everything when you get attacked buy a blond monster. But it's ok, I just felt slightly dizzy afterwards, no big deal."

"So, how's your fever today? Any better, even though you battled a foul beast yesterday?" Ryou asked, earning a pout from the tall blond, which the white haired ignored flatly, grinning to himself. Messing with Jou was so easy it was addictive.

"It's ok, though it's worse compared to before, but I couldn't stay home any more. Being home alone for almost three days without anything intelligent to talk to almost killed me. I had to get out!... I was lucky to have my cards though." the tri colored male said, holding his temple and shaking his head in an over dramatic gesture.

The other two just chuckled and patted his head, knowing what he meant.

"Well, welcome back then. You made it just in time to the absolute last day of school and the first day of your freedom!" Jou joked, clapping his hands happilly. "Gosh, have I waited for this day!"

"Ah, speaking of which... I heard Seto is taking you to his love nest soon! You must be excited! Finally the two of you are together for real, at last!" Ryou suddenly said out of the blue, grinning again from the puzzled look he got from Yugi and the You-Better-Run-Fast-If-You-Wish-To-Live glare from Jounouchi.

"It's not like that!" the honey eyed male retorted through clenched teeth. "And I'm actually going later today. Kaiba wants to show me his new mansion and... well, I guess he wants some private time with me too." he blushed, looking down at the ground.

Yugi looked slightly surprised. It certainly wasn't like Kaiba to do that, but then again, Seto usually was really straight forward, and when it had to do with something he wanted, he didn't wait nor hide it.

"That's sounds great Jou! I'm happy for you! After all this time. Well, be sure to use it well... and don't let Seto rule over you too much, you need to rest inbetween too!" Yugi said and winked.

The other two just stared at the other, not expecting something like that to exit the other's mouth. No matter how many times Yugi did dirty jokes, it was still just as hard to put Yugi's face and the joke together. They just... didn't fit, though, they had to admit Yugi was very good at them, no matter how innocent he actually was. Though, the leather shirt he usually wore, like now, certainly was contradictive to the innocent aura.

Coughing, Jou blushed a little.

"I'll be sure to remember that..." he said, grinning stupidly.

Leaving the subject of romance between two ex-friends-now-lovers behind them, they continued down the road, no real destination in mind, though they would probably end up at Yugi's grandfather's gameshop in the end as usual. The shop was practically like a second home to them.

Jounouchi and Ryou then got into a really deep and excited discussion about the new Play Station 3, talking loudly and enthustiatically, waving their arms around like it was their last day on earth.

Yugi on the other hand, didn't feel like joining in, his head feeling almost sore from his fever. So he chose to fall behind, walking after the other two while they continued to chat, the tri colored's thoughts drifting off to somewhere else as they walked, contemplating on something.

After walking around for quite some time and ending up in one of the main city parks, Jou then stopped suddenly in this path and eyed the wall beside him, causing Ryou to make a fast stop and fall face down on the ground, literally biting the grass. Sitting up, he made sure to glare really hard at the blond while he spat the green straws out of his mouth.

"Hey, what the heck!" he shouted, crossing his arms and hissing. "I wasn't really hungry you know."

"Stop sulking and get your butt over here Ryou! You gotta see this!" Jou answered, smiling widely as he waved the other over.

Intrigued, Ryou quickly got to his feet and soon eyed the same poster that had caught the others attention on one of the trees. His brown orbs lightened up in excitement and he looked at Jounouchi with a mischievous look clearly pleased and at the same time searching for affirmation. Jou just nodded his head and continued to grin, clearly thinking it was a great idea. Happy, Ryou then turned around, yelling for the smallest of them who still was a little distance away from them, obviously spaced out and deep in thought as he walked.

"Hey, Yugi! You should really see this, I think it will get your interest!" the white haired yelled, but he got no answer, nor reaction from the other that comfirmed that said person had heard him. Pouting, Ryou tried again.

Still no answer.

"Yugi, can you hear me!? Come here a sec!" he screamed a little higher, but the other just continued to walk, deep within his own mind.

And when Yugi just walked past just seconds later, Ryou spotted another one of their friends and he realised that there was only one way to snap Yugi back to reality. A way that was currently walking happilly towards them.

Ryou was sure that Yugi would not like it, but he had no other choice, it seemed. Drastic situations calls for drastic measures, after all. And this certainly was a drastic measure... a dangerous one.

Turning around, the white haired male gulped and faced the new person that had joined them.

"Hey Marik!" he smiled, nervousness hidden behind it. "Would you like to...erh... do me a favour?" he asked, eyeing the other.

The nineteen year old looked at him with an indifferent look, but soon nodded and smirked, sand colored bangs moving back and forth in the soft wind, not really suiting the usually harsh and rude male.

"Sure Ryou, what is it? Want me to kick someone's butt?"

"Hmm, let me think... NO!! I was just wondering if...ehrm... could you go... and like...well, give Yugi a hug... or something? He looks like he could use one and I think yo're the best one for the job." he told the other and sweat-dropped as he saw the others expression. It surely was creepy.

Marik made a wide grin and his dark eyes gleamed dangeruously. It sure wasn't often Ryou let him cuddle with Yugi, the white haired thinking he was too extreme most of the times and a danger to the small teen, just causing sceenes at school. But hey, who wouldn't with someone like Yugi, he just screamed cuddle-bear?! And besides, not many was able to stand Marik's extreme sides beside Yugi, so of course he wanted to show his appreciation to his friend... and have some fun in the process. Yugi's reactions were always so amusing, trigging you to do even more to the cute teen than you had planned from the beginning!

"You picked the right man for the job!" Marik grinned before sprinting off amazingly fast towards the poor target. The maniac would have no mercy with the petit victim, and for a terrifying moment, Ryou wondered if he had just sent his friend to an early doom. He dearly hoped not...

"That's just what makes me worry..." Ryou muttered, before he started to pray frantically to Ra as he saw the other fling himself at the unaware boy and knocking him to the ground with a loud thump that was quickly followed by a bone-chilling scream.


Jou glanced at Ryou with a look clearly asking for the logic in Ryou's decision before they quickly made their way over to the other two and eyed the situation. Poor Yugi was locked in a death hug from the bigger male and he looked very, well, trapped.

Ryou looked at Yugi apologetically, somewhat hiding behind Jou when Yugi mumbled 'traitor' and glared at him, a Marik now attached to his waist.

"And here I thought you were the one that was keeping Marik from doing things like this..." Yugi mumbled again, pointing sourly at Marik who was currently straddling his hips, licking the tri-colored's neck like a hungry wolf. "I saw you talking to him and it doesn't take much to put two and two together..."

"I eh... just asked for a hug." Ryou started, but changed his approach quickly when he saw the other's look. "I'm honestly sorry Yugi. But this was the only way to get your attention. You spaced out again and were really lost." the white haired apologised. "Marik, let go of Yugi now. You have had yours..."

"No way! You asked me to, now take your punishment Ryou! Like hell I would let my plushie go now!" Marik scoffed before smirking at Ryou. "Yugi's mine!" he added and licked Yugi's cheek almost possessively, earning a pout, followed by a light blush over pale cheeks from the small game master.

Jounouchi just shook his head while trying to hide his giggles from Yugi, who would certainly have his head if he caught it. When Marik got his hands on Yugi, you never knew how it would end, and it certainly was amusing to watch, and a great source for discussion and theories in school. God knows how many different ones that were floating around about them as a couple... with fetishes! They would surely be the talk in school next year too, even though they had just made it out their last year.

"Don't just stand there! Help me!" Yugi grumbled, trying to avoid Marik from biting his neck and shooting a death-glare at the standing duo, who knew they had no choice. Though this was going to be a real challenge.

The nearest minutes were filled with pulling, pleading, arguing... and biting on Marik's part, the male refusing to rise from the ground. Or more so, from the male he was stradling.

The three had tried everything to get the sandy haired off of the small teen, but to no avail. Marik sure was determined... and violent. Poor Jou wouldn't be rid if that bite mark in the nearest future... One could only hope Seto Kaiba wouldn't get the wrong idea... That could cause some heavy, unwanted violence...

Yugi sighed, annoyed. Marik was his friend, but when he got like this, he just wanted to send the other one to a lab for mad and life threateningly research... Or just to the Shadow Realm.

Desperate, he tried the last thing he could come up with.

"Ehm, Marik... We can't sit here all day, right?" he said and laughed nervously. "Won't Ishizu be mad at you if you don't come home soon?" he asked hopefully. The only person on this earth that could boss Marik around was Ishizu and Ryou, though the white haired was an exception at the moment. When he had given Marik permission to something, not even he could get the other to change his mind or listen.

Marik eyed him with amusement, smirking down at him and leaning in, their noses almost touching.

"Nice try Yugi. Smart as always. But too bad for you, my sister is out of town for a week or so. She's gone home to Egypt to visit my relatives. So it looks like you won't get way for a while, ne?" he said and nuzzled Yugi's neck happilly.

Ryou and Jou shook their heads, giving their sympathy to Yugi. Marik was always like this with Yugi whenever he got the chance when Ryou wasn't around, but today he was even more extreme than usual. Maybe it was because Ryou had managed to stop Marik from "molesting" Yugi at all for a few weeks, and the maniac had built up some sort of stack with strength until he got the chance to? You never really knew how Marik thought...

Yugi, who was really tired of lying on the ground, tried to wriggle away, but the sandy haired caught his wrists and held him down, preventing him from escaping.

"Marik!! People are walking buy and looking!" Yugi wailed, kicking a little and pouting angrily. "Get off of me!"

The other just laughed and turned to look at some random passing people, smirking and licking his lips, clearly giving the wrong idea.

"Not until I say so. You have escaped my clutches for far too long thanks to Ryou, so I'm going to make up for it now. And let the other's look! Poor humans have probably never seen a homosexual couple!" Marik cackled.

"We're not a couple! Get a grip!" Yugi screamed and kicked some more, almost successfully kicking the other on a very sensitive place, nearly killing the "family happiness".

"Hey, watch out! And maybe not, but you're so nice that you'll let me have my dreams." Marik answered slyly and gave a challenging smirk, earning a growl from the smaller one.

Suddenly Yugi heard Marik's stomach let out a low rumble, as if trying to help him.

Then it hit him. Ice-cream! Ishizu never gave Marik ice-cream because it had sugar in it and because of...well...how he got when given some. Ice-cream if something should be able to get him out of here, since Marik rarely got one, even if he loved it to bits. The sandy haired teen had tried to get some many times, but Ishizu had almost magically always been able to know when he tried, and also therefore stopping him with a furious look and a promise of horrible torture if he ever tried again.

Yugi cringed somewhat from the memories. It was not that Marik was mad or cruel in any way, it's just that Marik is, well...simply Marik. And even more Marik when on a sugar rush. Something equal baaad.

But don't think that things like that could erase Yugi's thoughts for freedom.

Set on escape, he turned his head to the white haired and indicated for him to come closer and whispered to Ryou, slapping Marik's face away when he tried to listen in, and told Ryou about his plan. The said boy's face lit up and he nodded, Marik glaring for not hearing.

"Jou, prepare for mission 'Sugar High Maniac'" he informed the other when he was sure Marik wouldn't hear as he headed for the nearest ice-cream bar. He didn't get very far though, as he was caught by the arm by Jou, a sceptical look plastered on his face.

"Not to burst your bubble or anything, but are you sure that's such a good idea? I mean, remember what happened last time..." the honey eyed male said and shivered lightly.

Ryou eyed him. Sure he remembered, -how- could anyone forget that. Marik had almost burned down the whole of Domino when he had got a sugar rush from an ice-cream that Jounouchi and he had given him to try and get him home from Yugi one day. Marik had practically transformed into something... that could not be named. And they were lucky to still be alive. Not just because they had been able to stop escape an over cuddly and crazy-berserk Marik, but because they had survived Ishizu as well. The latter probably being the most scary of the two...

Marik's elder sister had almost transformed into a demon when she discovered what had happened and had practically hunted them for days, never resting for a second, a frying pan waving like mad in her hand as they ran from her. She had even sent a mad dog after them and they had only managed to escape it by jumping into an ice cold river. After 5 terrifying days though, she had stopped. But they had never dared to go home to Marik after that. It was too scary, Ishizu's furious face was still too clearly imprinted in their minds.

"Yeah I know Jou, but we have to get Yugi out of there and I can't come up with a better idea, can you?" he asked. The white haired really didn't want to experience what happened last time, but they could not just leave Yugi either. They just had to keep Marik under control... yeah right... and look after him more closely until the sugar had wore off... Or just pray to Ra that everything would turn out alright...

"No...I don't, I guess. Let's go then, and bring the world to an early doom" Jounouchi sighed and walked off, tugging Ryou along.


Soon the two of them returned with a big fluffy strawberry ice-cream and to Yugi's delight, he saw want and greed in the eldest orbs.

Jou licked the fluffy cream and let out a soft humming sound, clearly pissing Marik off.

"Mmmm, this is SO good! Would you like to try Ryou?" the blond questioned innocently and handed it over to Ryou who took it without hesitation.

It was almost pitying to see the sandy haired's expression as he looked at the pink cream. He looked like a puppy that had not eaten for months and was at the edge of starvation, though the puppy part was not there because he looked more like a demon who was close to kill for it.

"Curse you! You're just doing this for payback, but I'm not letting Yugi go because of it!" Marik growled, sitting up and placing Yugi in his lap, an iron grip around the smaller's waist, empathising his statement, to Yugi's dismay.

"Oh, you're completely wrong dear Marik. We got this to be able to make you a deal." Ryou said smugly, smirking.

"A deal?" Marik asked suspiciously, eyeing the white haired with narrowed eyes.

"That's right. We will, against our better knowledge, bless you with this ice cream... After you have set Yugi free." Ryou continued, pleased with the look of mild shock that crossed Marik's features.

Looking at Yugi, Marik then grinned before standing and placing Yugi beside him on the ground.

"Sorry Yugi. You're nice and all, but for an ice cream I'll have to let you go." Marik joked, teasing Yugi as he went over to get the ice cream, Ryou reluctantly handing it over, knowing he was doing something against his better judgement.

"How are ya buddy? He didn't crush any body parts I hope!" Jounouchi said an flung an arm around Yugi's shoulders while Marik gave him a glare while licking the ice cream in bliss.

"Nope, don't think so. I seem to be too used with Marik to be affected in any way." the tri-colored joked half-heartedly, glad to be free.

Then, something struck him.

"Hey Ryou! What did you want to talk to me about? It must have been something important since you sent Marik after me for it." he said, tilting his head to the side cutely and giving the other a puzzled look, before turning his big eyes into narrowed slits, eyes dark. It had better be good.

"Well.. eh... Jou spotted something and I think it can be of your interest Yugi. It's a poster that I would like you to look at." Ryou told him and pointed to the said artifact on the wall.

Yugi eyed through the text on it and soon a light blush that he desperately tried to fend off, made itself known on his face. Did they know after all?

Turning, he looked at them all.

"Why... do you think I must read this?" he asked, nervousness seeping through his voice as he stood there, trying to act indifferent.

Ryou raised an eyebrow. Why was Yugi still trying to hide it from them? If they had a problem with it they would surely had shown it buy now, and Jou was, for god's sake, dating Seto.

"Common Yugi! What do you take us for?" Jou said before Ryou had the chance to say anything.

"What do you mean?" Yugi said, still trying to act like he didn't know what they were talking about.

"It's so obvious that it's sad that you're trying to hide it from us! Yugi, what is it? Don't you think that you mean enough to us to be accepted for who you are? You liking another male won't change it." Ryou answered, Jou almost looking hurt.

Yugi caught that look and felt bad. He needed to explain, even if he didn't know how.

"No... it's not that. I know you wouldn't think like that." he said and smiled, emotional confusion swimming at the edges of his lips. "It's just that... I don't know what I feel myself... It's so complicated it's driving me nuts! I just... don't know how I feel..." he ended, looking slightly frustrated.

"Oh..." the white haired voiced. "Well, that excplains it. Good to know you didn't hide it because you didn't trust us, at least. But that makes this poster even better!" Ryou continued, smiling encouragingly. "What better way is it to find out how you feel but meet said man in person! This is you opportunity to find out!"

Yugi eyed him, looking thoughtful, doubt radiating from him as he raised an eyebrow, not sure if he agreed.

"Common Yugi. Dancing have always been something you have been really good at, apart from games. You'll do fine. You are just going to dance in a group with other people with Yami Atemu, no big deal!" Jou said, grinning. "It is after all, for beginners! You're supposed to learn, not be awesome at it from the beginning."

"Hmm, well, I guess... But..." Yugi trailed off.

'I'm not sure I want to know...' he thought, having a bad feeling about going there. He wasn't sure if he was emotionally stable enough to go there and figure out how he felt. To boot, he wasn't sure if he would like the answer... 'But I really like to dance...'

"Hmm, well, I guess I could always try. It's only for four weeks. It can't be that bad... You'll have to come with me the first time though." Yugi said, looking at them with almost pleading eyes.

"Do you even have to ask, Yugi!" all three of them shouted, Marik butting in something about not wanting to miss Yugi going up in flames from embarrassement.

"But we'll have to leave now if we want to make it in time to the audition tough." Jounouchi suddenly said and gripped Yugi by the arm, dragging him down the road.

"WHAT!?" Yugi yelled surprised and stared at him. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'AUDITION'!?"

Honey eyes sparkled at him.

"Oh, did you miss the spot saying that they are having a small audition held today? They are holding one for the special group that will be given more advanced training, Yami apperantly having said he wanted one for fun and as a change from the stage life." he said and continued to drag them towards the centre of Domino, the audition building not far away. "It makes sense I guess..."

"HAVE YOU COMPLETELY LOST IT! I haven't danced in ages. AND I have never danced in front of an audience either! Are you out to kill me, Jou!?" Yugi questioned, petrified.

"Naaa, you'll do fine. Just relax and do what comes into your mind, you know you've got it." the honey eyed coaxed and dragged them into the building for the said audition.

"That's easy for you to say! You aren't the one who has to dance in front of critical eyes!" Yugi continued to wail as they stopped outside a door.

"Well, now we're here. Good luck Yugi!" Ryou said and smiled. "You'll do fine. Just be yourself and do what falls you in." he added before he forcefully pushed the other inside, Marik waving a hand as he gave an amused smirk.

Yugi stumbled inside and looked in annoyance at the three males outside.

"I'll never forget this, just wait you three..." he said threateningly, a dark glare directed at all of them before he turned around to walk further into the room, letting his angry scowl fall and being replaced by his nervousness as he walked with his face downwards.

Then hearing something he recognized, he looked up... and froze.

'Hell no...!' he tought and spun around quickly, walking with quick footsteps out the same way as he had just entered, stiff as a stick.

"Yugi, what the heck are you doing?" Ryou asked surprised as he turned around and spotted Yugi behind them.

The small teen just stood there, dumbstruck, unable to form words at the moment.

"Eh, Yugi? Are you ok buddy?" a worried Jou asked, waving a hand in front of his face.

Yugi gave no response to this though and just continued to look ahead of him, lost. But Marik had the best solution to this and licked the other's neck hungrily, his ice cream long since eaten and now waiting for the sugar to kick in.

Yugi immediately snapped out of it and glared at Marik, who just shrugged and leaned casually against the wall again, unfaced by Yugi's irritation.

"Your own fault for leaving it wide open and unprotected while you were spaced out." he said confidently.

"So Yugi, man, what's up?" Jounouchi asked again, being rewarded by the whole story from Yugi. Or the short one, made big and long by the small male...

A devilish smirk plastered itself on all three males faces' as they suck in the information greedily. Well this was certainly somthing they had wanted and expected.

"What did you expect Yugi? It's his idea and he's the trainer, of course he'll be the one to pick them out during the audition." Jou said in amusement, watching as Yugi looked over his shoulder liked a scared mouse.

"I guess... I didn't think that far..." Yugi said, voice cracking slightly. "Maybe I should go home... I'm not sure I can handle this.."

Jounouchi looked at Ryou and the male nodded. They would never let an opportunity like this slip past Yugi, it was for his own good.

"Oh Marik..." Ryou said with a icky-soft voice. "Please drag Yugi in there and make sure Yami spots him before you leave."

Marik smirked as he straightened himself, starting to walk closer to Yugi.

Yugi froze at the words. How could they do this to him!

More didn't make it through his mind though, before Marik lifted him up so he was placed with one leg at either side of his waist and face to face as he was carried inside the room once again.

Yugi blushed and was frozen in place from shock for a short moment, before he came back to life and let out a low growl and tried to get out of the grip, seriously thinking about biting those god forsaken arms holding him prisoner.

"Let me go Marik!" he commanded and tried to loosen up the grip around his waist, feeling desperate to get out of there before Yami might see him. It would surely call for unwanted attention...

But when the only response he got was a smirk from the other, Yugi lost it and flung himself backwards which resulted in both of them speeding to the floor and landing with a hard crash, stars dancing before their eyes temporarily.

"LET ME GO!!" Yugi yelled again after having recovered, now digging his nails into the floor and trying to drag himself away from the other male who punced on him, all air leaving Yugi temporarily.

"No can do!" Marik yelled out in evil hyperness, amused by the whole situation and curious as to what the future minutes might bring. This always caused funny and curious attention from other's. Oh how Marik lowed to see other peoples shocked faces as he molested little sweet Yugi! Anyone would be jealous.

Ryou and Jounouchi just stood and looked at everything that happened. Sure they felt a little sorry for Yugi, and their conscience kept yelling at them in the back of their minds for them to help him. But they really couldn't. They would not be very good friends if they had let him go. Yugi would never get a chance like this again, and they would not let him miss it for the world.


Meanwhile, a pair of crimson eyes turned around and narrowed as he heard a desperate scream from the other side of the door.


"Bakura... Are there any problems with crazy fans?" he asked, looking tired and fed up.

The adressed white haired male looked up from his magazine and grinned.

"Not that I know of. The fans have been pretty calm today, how come? "The Pharaoh" missing the crazy action?" he smirked, dodgeing a glass of water that was sent his way, flying over his head.

"Cut it out with the stupid nick-name already! And are you stupid?!" he asked, clearly annoyed at the other's ridiculous question.

"Ok ok, sorry Yami! But you never know. There are some sick fucked up celebrities out there who enjoy crazy fans like some of yours. I just wanted to make sure." he laughed, shaking his head in amusement as Yami gave him the finger.

"Well, be sure to remember that I'm not one of them."

"Yes Sir!"

"Anyway, I'm going to check on the people. It's almost time for the audition." Yami finished before he turned the door knob leading out to the main dancing area and the current "waiting room".

"Do that. Good luck." Bakura answered by default and waved Yami off.

The famous dancer just shook his head before walking outside and closing the door. Bakura was the only one who was able to treat hime like that and get away with it. They had an odd friendship... honest, none the less.

Still hearing the loud screams, Yami looked up and around the room, soon enough spotting the cause of the commotion.

It didn't look like a cazy fan batteling a security guard or anything, at least... more like... a molesting?! What the fuck?

With slightly widened eyes, Yami started to make his way over on the mission to tell them to stop or they would get thrown out. Even though he had nothing against homosexuals, since he was one himself, he still couldn't have them on top of each other during one of his auditions, no matter how amusing it was...


Yugi fought for dear life as he tried to free himself for the second time this day. Ra was this not getting old!

"MARIK!!!" he screamed and pushed the other one on the chest, preventing the other from leaning in any further, happilly avoiding a bite on the cheek. "This is not the time! Get off! MARIK!"

But the other was totally unfaced by Yugi's actions and just continued to mess and tease with him, clearly enjoying to embarress Yugi and making him blush.

Growling, Yugi reached out a hand to grab at anything close by to hit the other with, and surprisingly fast found a...shoe?

Surprised and curious, he turned his head to the side and away form the task of glaring a whole in Marik to see who's shoe it was.

Mind going blank, the only think he could think was:

'Oh crap...'


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