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The God Of Dance

Chapter Three

Phararoh's Desire



Walking down the sidewalks in the center of Domino City, Malik couldn't help but feel slightly intrigued by it. Yami had never really told him that much about his past or hometown, prefering to keep his personal life in the shadows, something Malik didn't blame him for. Because really, who told their boss about their private past, especially when you had never met your boss before? It wasn't until much, much later that the two had become friends and Malik now concidered Yami one of his closest friends, feeling he could entrust Yami with anything. Still, even though they had become close and crossed the first only work-related relationship, Yami still didn't tell him much, only saying there wasn't much to tell. But walking down the city center, Malik really had to disagree. It was clear from where many of Yami's interests had been born from and the company owner could all too obviously see where Yami's motivation kept burning from - the city hosting many dance clubs, groups and theatre dance shows. Not to mention the city seemed to have a big amount of card stores, ridiculously easy telling Malik why Yami was so good at it and why he had an almost childish obsession with the game Duel Monsters. With this surrounding, the company owner had been more surprised if Yami hadn't been exceptionally good at it.

Stopping in his track down the road, Malik released a soft sigh while he just stood there, enjoying the gentle breeze sweeping over him. It was rare to do this, the sandy haired usually locked in his own city which was far from nature-friendly, being the core for many industries that had since long ago polluted the air to the point where it was hard to smell anything else any more. Smiling to himself, Malik let the wind play with his stylish white coloured pants with silver decorations and white t-shirt for a little longer before he opened bleak purple pools and started walking towards his destination again. But he hadn't gotten far before he stopped again, his eyes suddenly falling on a small game shop to his right. Intrigued, the sandy haired walked closer and came to a halt in front of the window, spotting some Duel Monsters cards displayed there. It was one particular card there that had gotten his attention and it didn't take long before Malik entered the shop, temporarily on another mission.

Pushing down on the bell on the counter, Malik was soon faced with an old man with spiky grey hair and gentle eyes.

"Hello young man! What can I do for you?" he asked, the sandy haired smiling in return.

"Hello. I was just wondering - Are those cards in the window for sale?" he asked politely, nodding towards the window behind him where the cards were displayed in a glass box.

The shop owner gave a mixed smile of amusement and liking.

"So you play Duel Monsters?" the older asked, fishing for what Malik thought was a key in one of the drawers.

"Ah, no, it's not for me. It's for a friend who is childishly into the game actually." the sandy haired answered and gave an amused grin.

"I see." the man answered before stepping out from behind the counter, smiling widely. "Yes, they're for sale. Which one is it that you want?" he asked while opening the glass door, waiting for the costumer's answer.

Malik pointed towards the desired card and smirked while the older man said it was a perfect choice. Malik knew Yami would kill him for buying that card for him, but he couldn't resist it when the card was right in front of him. The famous dancer had been talking about that card for weeks and weeks, killing Malik with what he himself thought - unecessary information about the game. So the company owner hoped this would be a successed attempt to make his card-knowledge-hours fewer. Not to mention it was a perfect present as a repayment for everything Yami did for Malik's company. He just had to hope Yami didn't blow up in his face from - what the dancer thought, was an outrageous present. Yami just hated expensive gifts from his friends, something that Malik of course, took advantage of, always enjoying seeing Yami a little agitated and pissed off. Sure it was usually followed by a fight, but they always quickly made truce and everything was forgotten. Something Malik couldn't deny made him even more set on pissing Yami off from time to time, loving he did something good for Yami while the other went berserk for awhile before realizing he was the one "doing wrong" and apologizing to Malik. The sandy haired couldn't help but feel powerful at those moments, Yami usually being the one in charge...Oh wasn't life sweet.


Gathering the people around them, Bakura couldn't for the life of him hold back the widest grin he'd ever managed today, his wide smile almost splitting his face in two. He knew he should feel sorry for his friend, but what fun would that bring? It was a lot more fun just pittying Yami for his obviously hard upcoming hours, the occupants in the room promising very different qualities and reasons for being in the audition. Some of them really deserved a star for even believeing they had a chance in this buisness while some of them seriously needed some brain checking service, their choice in far too revealing clothes making him snort and mentally sticking a pole up their asses. Ra knows how much he hoped it'd stay there too, preventing some of them from moving and entering his room, vasting his valuable time for some silly audition.

Bakura didn't even know why Yami held this audition, so why he was helping him out was beyond his mental capability. The white haired choreographer guessed Yami was a little fed up with being a solo artist, but the dancer had never confirmed it, just snarling at him and telling him it was his private reason. Malik thought it could have to do with Yami just wanting to do something else than just be on stage and in front of a camera, which was never confirmed either, the both of them having to patiently wait for Yami to tell them. Never the less here he stood, gracefully waiting to take care of some of the morons in front of him he just knew was going to be some of his subjects, just because mother life loves to piss him off when he's had a too good morning. Bakura seriously hoped he wouldn't have to take care of the girl in the extremely short, red dress and too much make-up on to tell if it really was a girl or not, had it not been for her too big "shelf" on her chest. He couldn't promise the girl a safe return from his room if that was the case... accidents do happen in the most strange places when you least expect it...

The white haired felt an eyebrow twitch when said girl locked eyes with him and gave a wink, sending a horrible shiver down his spine. Shuddering, Bakura quickly leaned in towards Yami who was currently checking through the papers in his hands.

"Yami." the white haired started, pausing in petrification when he heard himself squeak. That girl sure knew how to put terror in a human being..."Yami." he repeated in another whisper, getting Yami's attention who paused in his paper reading, glancing at Bakura. "I'm still helping you, but you can continue dreaming if you think I'll give up my sanity for you. If I get one too big freak, like that girl over there-" he said, nodding in the girl's direction, causing Yami to temporarily freeze on the spot, eyes widening just barely. "- If I get one of those - I'm not hesitating one second about sending them over to you for you to judge. You're my compadre, but this is your audition and I'm only going to help you as far as my sanity and mental well-being can take." he finished, watching as Yami paled a little, for the first time looking the crowd over and noticing some of the very... obviously 'special' people gathered there.

"...Fine, I understand that. Thank you for helping as much as you can then." Yami answered with a tence voice, clearly not appreciating nor liking the situation, but fully well accepting and understanding Bakura.

Coughing and taking a deep breath, Yami then looked up from his papers and eyed the crowd before nodding at Bakura.

The white haired smirked evilly and gave a high, ear-raping whistle that effectively silenced everyone in the room.

"Now it's time to start the audition and fix the dancing groups." Yami announced, smiling widely. "In my hand I'm holding a list, a list in which some of your names will be written down on. This list is for the dancing groups and I'm sad to have to say that not every one of you will be able to attend them. You are far too many for me to be able to teach dance to, so I've asked my assistants-" he continued, motioning to some of the men placed around the room near the walls. "- to have a small interview with you. Based on your answers, you'll be placed on the list or not. Seventy percent of you will get on the list, but to the other thirty percent - I'm sorry. But this is how it has to be." Yami finished, walking to the side and giving the list to the head assistant before continuing.

"Now for the audition. You who have come here for it will be judged by either me or my dance choreographer Bakura, Bakura maybe ending up sending you to be judged by me too if he's unsure of what he thinks. You will be judged by your ability to adapt to different music types, though that doesn't mean you have to be a good dancer to have a chance to win. Also, the winner won't be announced right away, Bakura and me having decided to hand pick ten of you and follow your dance developement for two weeks to see whom we think have the most potential. The one leaving the best impression on us will be the winner and having a chance to be my dance partner." Yami said, looking around to look at Yugi while gasps echoed heavily around the room at hearing the final sentence.

Bakura smirked at this, enjoying the shocked and thrilled faces of the people around them. No one had known what the price for the winner of the audition was, the poster in itself only promising private dancing with Yami Atemu. So he guessed this was a very nice surprise to them, many of the girls clutching their chests while trying to stabilize their breathing and rapidly beating hearts. Though he was slightly surprised to spot one teen at the back who didn't look as exited as the others... Yugi looked the other way around, wearing the face of someone who had just returned from alien captivity with cruel experiments, his face dried from most colour and body stiff. Bakura had the itching urge to walk over to the game master and poke him to see if he would fall like a statue or not, but fought against it and remained where he stood.

"So, let us begin. We will call your name when it's your turn, so be sure to be in here when we call yours. Each person will be in here for around fifteen minutes and last - Good luck to you all." Yami said and smiled his biggest smile, forcing himself to not walk over to Yugi and cuddle him senseless, wanting that shocked face to return to the bright one he had seen not too long ago. He could curse himself all he wanted, but the fact remained that Yugi was what he wanted right now and feeling tired of questioning himself any more, Yami had decided to go for it and see if his feelings subsided once he'd had some fun with Yugi. If it was a shallow liking to Yugi, the feelings would surely disappear, otherwise... that was a problem he'd have to handle then...

While plotting his small game with his current affection, Yami announced the first person who would join him, soon enough disappearing behind one of the doors.


Watching Yami disappear behind a wooden door and the rest of the people in the room going back to preparing themselves, Yugi sighed and leaned against the nearest wall, sliding down to sit on the floor. Closing his eyes, the small teen then leaned his head tiredly against the wall behind him, forcing his tence muscles to relax while trying desperately to fend off the assaulting images of Yami and himself dancing in private.

He seriously couldn't believe he was doing this and why he was still here after hearing the price beated him braindead. Not that he thought he would have a chance to win the first price, but what IF he actually did... what would he do then? Just thinking about being alone with Yami sent his knees shaking and mouth going dry, so what if he'd have to dance with Yami in private more than one time? That would surely be a bigger challenge than it was facing Kaiba in Duel Monsters the first time... But no matter how he tried to convince himself to get the hell out of there, he couldn't defeat the disturbing feelings of longing cursing through his body, craving to get to know Yami more. This was something he had secretly dreamt about for weeks, but now faced with his dreams coming true, Yugi couldn't be sure if his dreams had been fair. How much did he actually like Yami? Was his feelings actually more than just a fictional crush, or had he just been putting Yami in the spot of filling his lonely heart without the risk of getting hurt?

Yugi placed his hands over his face, sighing heavilly in them while staying on the floor while he heard names being called a little now and then. It didn't matter how hard he tried to fool himself, beacuse in the end, he knew he was scared, scared of the truth that might come to life once he was alone with Yami. He had felt it when they had talked with each other those wonderful minutes, but had been too stubborn to admit them - he really liked Yami. But could he really allow himself to maybe nurse more than liking towards the dancer? Could he really handle his heart leading him down a road he wasn't sure he could handle walking on - Loving another male?


Opening the door for the fifth time in about an hour and a half, Bakura allowed himself to let out a tired groan while he stretched his sleeping muscles, not even bothering to hide his disappointment towards the young male leaving the room. So what if he crushed the boy's dreams, it wasn't like there had been any promising traits about the male to begin with. Someone had to break it to the kid when his parents obviously had not!

Running a hand through his hair, the choreographer decided to give himself a well deserved rest from his mission when he saw Yami disappearing inside his room again with another human. Judging from the look of the female following Yami, Bakura guessed he'd have at least twenty minutes to sneak-rest before Yami would find out, kicking his sorry ass for slacking off. So not being one to vaste something good, the white haired set to the task of finding something fun to do before he'd have to return to hell, knowing his next person was a female he'd rather send to the Shadow Realm - if it had existed. Curse nature for not making one.

He walked around aimlessly, effectively and most devotedly avoiding annoying girls on his way until he stopped in his tracks, spotting something leaning against the wall on the floor. Smirking, Bakura decided that this was the thing that would give him some amusement as well as paying him back at Yami for helping him with stupid wannabes. Who knew, maybe Yami would thank him for this... yeah, right, and Bakura was straight. No friggin' way.

Snickering to himself, the white haired then made his way over, stopping gracefully beside the small teen who didn't seem to notice him, face hidden in his hands in a tired pose.

"And I who thought I was the only game-geek who was also interested in bodily activities... looks like I was wrong." Bakura said loudly in an amused tone, quickly drawing Yugi's attention who looked up immediately when hearing how close the other was.

"Huh?" was all the young teen managed to say, utterly confused while he looked into Bakura's dark brown eyes, causing the choreographer to laugh softly.

"You're Yugi Mutou, right? The eighteen year old who has won every game contest he as ever entered in and is most well known for his amazing wins in Duel Monsters, am I not right?"

"Eh... I wouldn't like to express it like that, but yes, I'm that Yugi." Yugi answered kindly, though one could not miss his obvious suspicion towards the other, causing the white haired to mentally smirk. The kid was as smart as they said, not one thing missing the tri-coloured haired male. He had every right to be suspicious, though Bakura could bet Yami was the one who would suffer from his mischievousment.

"Never thought I'd see someone like you here. Much into dancing?" Bakura continued, eyeing Yugi with great interest, causing the slightly smaller one to squirm uncomfortably.

"I guess you could say that, though card games are more my field. I also haven't danced in a while now... I take it you're also into Duel Monsters, since you know who I am." Yugi continued, smiling at the other and giving a look of interest. Looked like Bakura had found his way in to get to know the other before leading him down the more interesting road.

"Smart one, very perceptive of you. Yes, I actually am. I find it very entertaining and a good way of practising strategies and your brain cells, though I doubt I'd be that hard an opponent to you." Bakura answered smugly, though still speaking the truth. He enjoyed Duel Monsters a lot, but even Yami was better than him, so Yugi was more than likely above his league, even though he himself had never competed in the game.

Yugi laughed gently, beaming at the other.

"Don't say that, you never know until the game is over." he said encouragingly while standing up and extending a hand. "Yugi Mutou."

Oh, had Yami not found himself a rare gem. It was not every day you met a famous person showing respect towards other 'ordinary' people, so finding Yugi doing just that to a complete stranger with all his sincerity made all of Bakura's small doubts about Yugi being perfect for Yami shatter to nothingness. The slightly smaller game master might be exactly what Yami needed...

"Bakura Takeida," the white haired answered and shook the hand, watching as Yugi's eyes widened slightly. It was always fun to watch when people figured out who he was, his name widely famous while his face was not.

"Bakura, as in...-"

"As in Yami's dance choreographer." Bakura finished off for Yugi and smirked at him, enjoying the face the other made. He could easily see why Yami had fallen for him, and hadn't it been for Yugi practically being taken, Bakura might have gotten an interest for him as well. But being a loyal friend, the white haired marked Yugi as forbidden ground and someone that he should not try to see if he had an interest in. Instead he settled for just enjoying the fun he could have with the two spiky haired, knowing they would give him many good laughs. "Don't tell me you missed that little detail. Yami introduced me to you all about two hours ago." he continued in a chuckle, watching a faint blush spread over the slightly cherubic like cheeks.

"Um... sorry, I forgot. I get easily...distracted." Yugi mumbled in embaressment, scratching the back of his head.

'Woah, could it be he has an interest in Yami!? That lucky bastard, especially since Yugi is waiting to be called in for the audition. This might be easier for Yami than he thought..hopefully.' Bakura thought in surprise, coming to no other conclusion than Yugi having been too occupide with looking at the dancer and therefore missing some things that the dancer was saying.

"Understanable. So, what kind of deck do you run?" Bakura asked, trying to change subject to get Yugi to relax a little. Well, if Yami and Yugi were to be together he might as well become friends with the game master already. And who knew, maybe Yugi had friends who were as cute as him that he could introduce Bakura to...

Liking the chosen subject of discussion caused Yugi to brighten up, his nervousness at meeting one of Yami's closest friend melting away when feeling confident at what they were going to talk about.

"I always have a hard time picking which type of deck I want, so I usually mix all types of monsters." Yugi answered enthusiastically and sat down, pulling out his deck from his bag, handing it to Bakura.

The choreographer followed Yugi's example and sat down, taking the offered deck. Looking through it, he let out a whistle.

"You have some really nice combos in here, no wonder you're the master. I notice you have some unusual Spellcasters that aren't commonly played with in here, I bet Yami would praise you on using them and having some nice combos for them. Not every day you see somone playing with good old Dark Magician apart from Yami - Normal Monsters of high levels aren't that commonly played any more...Not every day you see a Kuriboh being played either..." Bakura stated offhandedly, trying to make it look like he had said it from out of the blue. This should get Yugi more motivated to talk to Yami if he had doubts of doing so. Common interests were always a good way to start a relationship.

"Yami plays Duel Monsters too?" the game master asked in surprise, looking at the white haired with sparkling curiosity. Score.

"Sure he does. He has played with me ever since the game was released. We first met through the game, actually. Heh, I bet Yami would love to have a duel against the master. He hasn't had any worthy opponents apart from me and Malik in a while now. I bet he would be spellbound to find himself batteling his favorite monster as well." Bakura said in a smirk while Yugi gave an obvious look of shock, not being able to fully comprehend the sentences.

Yugi had never known Yami liked Duel Monsters and the thought of playing against him sent his stomach turning in both utter delight and fear.

"I bet Yami would pull his hair if he knew he had spoken to the famous Yugi Mutou without knowing it! He has always admired the game master, but I guess he never knew how you looked like. It's kinda hard to follow other celebrities with the profession and current status he has at the moment." the white haired suddenly cackled, making Yugi blush at his words. "Oh well. Just promise me that you'll drop that fact like a bomb on him once you get the chance, Yugi! And make sure I'm around, wouldn't want to miss his face for the life of me!" Bakura continued to cackle while handing Yugi's deck back.

The game master didn't know how to react to that, so all he did was agreeing to the promise even though he wasn't sure such a situation would ever occur. Him being with Bakura and Yami at once in a conversation sure was a surrealistic dream, if even that. Though he guessed it was more likely to happen now when he had actually met both of them in person, even though he couldn't see why they talked to him. Come to think of it, Yugi was slightly surprised to be talking to Bakura. The male wasn't exactly famous for an outgoing and friendly side, more known for his stubborn mind and his preference to keep away from the the famous light. Yet here the male was, having started a conversation with Yugi. Why Yugi couldn't figure out, but he was happy about it none the less. The white haired seemed like a nice person and the game master could now see the personality that Yami had always defended in the magazines and TV, scolding them for talking ill of his best friend.

"My my Bakura. Is this a friend of yours I haven't met in two years, or are you actually showing off your extra-rare friendly side!?" someone suddenly asked somewhere above Yugi to his right and both males turned to look at the newcomer. Yugi couldn't help but look the other over, admiring how gorgeously the white pants adorned the well shaped legs and how well the silver buckles and chains fitted with the toned skin. The white shirt hung losely over the other's chest in a clean and elegant way while being surrounded by stylish silver Ankhs on the earings and necklace, bringing forth the pale purple eyes beautifully.

"Ha. Ha. Very funny Malik." Bakura huffed, rising to his feet. At this Yugi had to gape slightly, feeling like this day couldn't get more surreal than this. Could this be -that- Malik? The Malik that owned the widely famous company in which Yami was signed to... "This is Yugi." Bakura continued, introducing the two. Malik took Yugi's hand happilly and offered a wide smile, earning one back.

"Nice to meet you, Yugi." the sandy haired said before he was silenced when Bakura voiced a question of his.

"What are you doing here Malik? I thought you never left your office. Don't tell me you felt lonely and couldn't handle us being away from you for a few weeks." the choreographer said in an overly dramatic voice, playfully ruffling the slightly shorter company owner's hair. This caused Malik to huff lightly and swat the hand away.

"As if. If you must know I'm looking for a new office and headquarters, so while passing by I thought I'd stop by and say hi, seeing how it's going for you two. I'm glad I did. I haven't seen you this friendly to someone new for years. Hell should have frozen over by now." Malik retorted, snickering. "So, where's Yami? I have something I have to inform him about."

"He's still handling the audition."

"And you're not helping?" Malik asked again, raising an eyebrow at Bakura. "Don't tell me you're slacking off as usual."

"Hey! That's uncalled for. I don't slack off that often, and I have helped him a lot, I'm just taking a break now." Bakura said, offended while the sandy haired just rolled his eyes. "Yami should be finished with this one about now, so I guess you can walk over and talk to him if you want." Bakura continued sourly and pointed at the room where the dancer was.

"Ah, good. You should come too Bakura, this might concern you as well. Nice to meet you Yugi." the company owner said lastly and smiled at Yugi before walking away, continuing to discuss something with Bakura whom saluted at Yugi before leaving.

Releasing a tired sigh and sitting down again, the game master closed his eyes, trying to push back the head ache he felt was coming, along with a slight fever. Pushing this much wasn't good... Sighing again, Yugi couldn't help but think this day could not hold any more surprises. In less than half an hour, Yugi had met the two closest people to Yami and to boot, he had also met Yami briefly and learned that the dancer was also a good player at Duel Monsters. Should he be thrilled at what had happened and wish for more, or should he pray to Ra that his journey would end here before it was too late?


'Will it never end...?' Yami thought in boredom while continuing to evaluate the girl's dancing skills, bluntly ignoring the female's constant tries at flirting with him while she swayed her hips to the song. He had to admit she wasn't that bad, and would most probably end up on the list anyway, but the mere thought of having to have her as a dancing partner for most of his career made him wish his own end. If he would have his way he'd try with Yugi and if he liked him, he'd make him his partner, but sadly, Yami wasn't the one with the final say on the matter. Bakura, Malik and Otogi all had to be in on it, so it didn't really matter how much he wanted Yugi, all of the others had to be convinced as well. Not that the others didn't concider his wellbeing the most, but he doubted they'd let him have Yugi just because 'he might feel something for the other'.

Rubbing his temples roughly, Yami forced himself to think about his upcoming dance with Yugi instead.

'That'll be your reward Yami. Just a few more hours and you'll get to see how deep your interest goes...' he mentally cheered, trying to force himself to not lash out at the people entering his door a little now and then for the audition.

So far there had been a rare bunch of people who had impressed him greatly, most of the people being either drooling fans or people with too good confidence. Not that it hadn't been expected, but Yami had hoped that at least some had come with the cheer intereste for dancing. The unskilled dancers brought one good thing with them though - No matter how bad Yugi was, Yami wouldn't need an excuse to pick him as one of the finalists.

Turning to glance at the clock, Yami noticed he could finally send the girl off.

"Ok, that's very good. We'll end-"

But before Yami could finish the sentence a loud knock on the door was heard and two very familiar faces made themselves known. Yami had the most intense urge to practice darts on Bakura's forehead when he saw the other break out in a wide grin when he spotted Yami's current contestant. Count on Bakura to find something fun in his suffering...

"Malik, what are you doing here?" Yami asked in pleasant surprise as he stood up, making his way over to the door.

"I'll tell you. Sorry to interrupt you, are you finished soon?" Malik asked, looking the girl over with not too approving eyes.

"I'm not finished with all of them, but I was just rounding up this one. I can take a small break now before I continue if it's important." the dancer answered with obvious relief, happy to be excused from the constant sitting on the wooden chair he just knew had started gnawing on his ass.

"Great. It won't take too long, so don't worry, I know you're quite busy today." Malik said with a smirk, being all too happy about not being in Yami's position right now.

"Busy is just the surename." Yami groaned as the exited, telling the girl she would know if she had made it in a few days. The brown haired female bowed gratefully and walked away towards the door, Yami's tired eyes following her until they landed on a small form not too far away. Immediately his eyes brightened and he had to mentally chain himself to the floor to not walk over to the other, knowing Malik probably had important matters to speak with him about. But worry flashed through his mind suddenly when he noticed Yugi looked paler than before and he had to turn around to avoid the chance of him losing it. This of course, did not go unnoticed by a certain white haired male who mentally cackled, finding too much entertainement in watching Yami batteling himself whenever he saw Yugi. The choreographer knew Yami would have it easier when he finally had Yugi, a person's cravings always stronger towards something you want but does not yet have, but that didn't mean it wasn't fun as long as it lasted. It was very unusual for Yami to have these kind of urges and the white haired knew it made Yami frustrated to the point of boiling, something extremely amusing since Yami was always collected - well, before he met Yugi.

Pushing Yami inside the door, Bakura then felt he had the responsibility to enlighten Yami about his and Yugi's little chat.

"Quite a catch you've got there Yami. Don't ruin this now." he said warningly, smirking when he saw Malik's shocked eyes while Yami's widened temporarily before they narrowed into dangerous slits.

"Yami has found someone?" Malik asked in honest surprise, but was ignored.

"What did you do, Bakura?" the dancer asked in maximum suspicion, knowing Bakura too well to know he had something up his sleeve.

"Why do you always expect me to do something bad?" the white haired scoffed in offence, crossing his arms.

"Maybe because you have always scared away the others that have showed an interest towards Yami?" Malik offered, earning a heated glare from the choreographer.

"They weren't good for him. You could see from miles away that they were only after his money, besides, they were females. There's no chance Yami might have had a genuine attraction for them, so what's the big deal? And for the record - This Yugi guy - Yami is the one infatuated with him, not the other way around... or well, who knows..." he ended dramatically with every intention if giving Yami ideas. Well, he gave the dancer the right ideas, because he could bet his collection of cat items that Yugi liked Yami - in one way or another, so he wasn't really lying. Only possibly bending the truth a little... But sometimes you needed to use white lies to get somewhere, and Yami could need some help right now, especially when he got to know he was actually liking one of his idols. He could certainly need a little motivation then to not get too scared to advance on Yugi, and Bakura was always there to help.

"What did you two talk about?" Yami asked again, more suspicious than ever. But this time one could clearly see his curiosity as well, the dancer not having missed Bakura's little last statement.

"Wouldn't you like to know." the choreographer laughed, earning a glare from the dancer. "He's a friendly one. Anyone would get lost in his sweet persona." the white haired continued, watching as Yami's face morphed into a snarl.

"Don't even think-" the dancer began, but was cut off by Bakura again.

"Yami, seriously. It's not good to show such a big possessive side already, you might scare him off." the white haired retorted in all amusement, totally unfaced by Yami's temper. He knew the dancer wouldn't do anything... well, ok, in this case he couldn't say he was completely certain.

"Who are you two talking about?!" Malik asked yet again, annoyed at not knowing what the conversation was about. "Don't tell me you've found someone, Yami? I never thought I'd see the day."

"Well, you have. Yami's completely lost in a guy who's here for the audition." Bakura finally answered. "I took myself the liberty of getting to know him a little."

"Yami, that's great!" Malik cheered happilly, smiling widely.

"No it's not." Yami said quickly, feeling the loss of control not all too pleasant. Yugi was cute, but caused so many flaws of Yami's to enter the light. Sides he didn't even know he had.

"I agree. You should have seen him. He's a demon!" Bakura shot in, laughing loudly. "You'll have to watch him closely Malik, or Yami might rip your ass off if you get too near Yugi." he continued, laughing himself into tears while Malik looked stunned, turning to look at Yami quizzically.

"Don't ask. I don't even know how much I like him yet." was all the dancer answered, trying to put the conversation to an end. At this, Bakura leaned in and whispered he'd show Malik what he meant later. "What did you want Malik?" Yami asked tiredly, feeling the stress of the day finally pulling at him.

"Oh, right. Well, I'm going to move the location for the company's headquarters and there has been some minor changes surrounding the audition. First, you know we had said that the ten finalists were to train with you four days a week for two weeks, right? Well, some of my advisors thought it would be better and more worthwile if you train them for two months instead, but only two times a week. I agreed on that, so I came here to inform you of the changes. Also, my headquarters will be moved to Domino City." the sandy haired company owner said casually, watching as Yami's face shone up.

"Don't tell me you're moving the headquarters here because you knew I moved back here from Egypt a few days ago. That's almost cute." the dancer said teasingly, obviously more than happy to have Malik close.

The sandy haired grinned.

"I know you can't make it by yourself, you're far too emotional to move here without anyone else Yami. Though, maybe I have to reconsider, now that you might have found yourself a partner." he said jokingly, making Yami pout. "Oh, and Bakura, you're moving here with me."

"What?! Since when?" the white haired asked loudly in shock. Why did they never let him know about the changes beforehand.

"Since two days ago. And no complaining, because I know too well you want it. So suck it up and take it like the good friend you actually are." Malik answered with a big smile while Bakura's act fell and he grinned back.

"Trust you two to know me too well. Heh, well, that's great. When can I move in?"

"The apartment should be ready today, actually. You and I are sharing one for the time being, since I didn't want to dump you on Yami. He's far too busy already taking care of everyone else. I'm even more glad I did that, since it seems he'll soon have one more soul inside his walls. Wouldn't be any fun for him having a friend there too then." the company owner said with a smirk.

"Can you two -quit- that already! I've talked to the guy for five minutes and you make it sound like I've asked him to marry me!" the dancer groaned while standing up.

"Heh, I bet you have, in your dreams." Bakura snickered, catching the towel that had been sent his way in his hands. "I've never seen you more obvious, it's almost cute."

Growling, Yami stomped past them both and out the door, mumbling something about going back to work before he called another male to follow him before disappearing inside the other room.

"Bakura, aren't you going a little too far?" Malik asked the other while watching him taking out his deck from a bag.

"Are you kidding me?"

"...No. When have you ever seen Yami have a liking for someone since... the incident?" the company owner stated lowly, giving Bakura a knowing look.

"I know, Malik. But you didn't hear Yami after he met Yugi the first time...well, the first and only so far. I've never seen him like that, not even before the 'incident'. I was not exaggerating before when I said he was like a demon. I know he likes Yugi in that very special way, even if Yami might not have realized it himself yet. Can't blame him, Yugi's really sweet and caring, totally perfect for Yami. The good thing is - I'm pretty sure Yugi likes him in return, even though he seems even more in denial than our dear dancer."

"Wait. Bakura, don't tell me..." Malik began, a face of amusement falling over his features.

"Yup, it's the Yugi Mutou out there. Yeez, took you this long, how many Yugis have you ever met in your life!" the white haired laughed while walking over to Malik.

"None actually, but it felt too easy for it to be the Yugi you were talking to. Though, makes sense, he looked cute."

"And he's not just cute, he's smart too!" Bakura cheered, grinning so much one would expect fangs to flash momentarily in the light.

"No way...Don't tell me he's that Yugi Mutou - the Game Master. Yami sure can't stick to the regular people, can he?" Malik said in wild amusement. It was all too perfect. "Yes. Finally my card-game-hours are officially over! So, does Yami know he's crushing on his idol?"

"Nope." Bakura cackled in answer. "I've told Yugi to drop the bomb when we all three are there."

"So I'm taking it that you're not going to stay out of this one either. And please make that four." Malik said, smirking from end to end. "Any plans?"

"All too many my friend. And you're welcomed to join." the white haired said mischievously. "This is what we're gonna do... and you're welcomed to join in with suggestions."


Malik had a hard time suppressing his snickers while they entered the 'waiting room' for the audition, the duo returning after having walked outside to get needed obejcts for their mission. And even if the company owner was slightly disappointed in Bakura slacking off yet again, he couldn't really be mad. The uppcoming minutes were all too interesting for him to try to prevent them from happening. The choreographer's plan was just great.

"See him anywhere?" Bakura asked as he looked around while adjusting the box in his hands. Malik scanned the room and soon enough spotted the smaller teen in one of the corners. Smiling softly, the company owner pulled at Bakura's shirt and pointed in the direction.

"I think he has fallen alseep." Malik stated, looking the other over. It wasn't that big a surprise really since the teen had waited for his turn for five hours now. What was a little disturbing was that Yugi hadn't moved out of the room to get something to eat. "Hey, Bakura... don't you think he looks kinda...pale?" he asked, silently walking closer with the white haired in tow.

"Now that you mention it... Well, good thing we brought food for him with us then!" he answered and grinned. Malik nodded in agreement, though he couldn't get rid of the feeling that the teen wasn't alright. Walking up, Malik the leaned down and shook Yugi's shoulder lightly, the slumbering teen awakening immediately.

"Hey Yugi! Brought you some food." Bakura said and smiled, plopping down on the floor in front of the teen. "We didn't know what you'd like to eat, so we just bought you some oriental spiced noodles to be safe, in case you were a vegetarian." the male continued, placing the box in front if Yugi who blinked slowly a few times, looking at the two males, then at the box, then at the males and box again before finally settling on Bakura.

"Oh, thanks. But you really shouldn't have." Yugi said lowly, embaressed at being served by Yami's best friends and people he didn't know that well.

"Don't bee stupid, Yugi. We're friends - friends help each other." Bakura said casually, opening the box for Yugi.

The game master couldn't help but answer with silence at that sentence, clearly stunned at being concidered a friend already. He really wouldn't call someone a friend after ten minutes of chat, but he wouldn't deny it was nice to hear it either. Surreal - but nice. Bakura and Malik seemed like nice people, though it was still kinda hard to concider himself a friend with such famous people as them. Of course he was also famous, but he had never viewed them as being in the same league - he himself being the lesser.

"Also, Bakura took a look at the list and you're the last one to go, so we thought it best to make sure you got something in your stomach. Can't dance when hungry." Malik added kindly, sitting down as well.

"Besides, Yami would kick our asses if he knew we weren't helping you if we could have." Bakura said, looking at no one in particular.

"What do you mean?" Yugi asked, bewildered.

"Huh? I didn't say anything. Must have heard wrong because you need energy. Now eat." was all Bakura answered with, effectively dropping the maybe-too-revealing sentence. But no harm had really come out of it, Yugi had taken the bate and seemed to think he had heard wrong, because after the statement from Bakura he took the box without question and started eating, looking embaressed. Malik seemed to have thought it a little too revealing as well, because when Yugi dropped it without further question he released a sigh of relief, sending Bakura a look.

"So Yugi. How long have you liked dancing?" Malik asked innocently, trying to ease Yugi up a little to their company.

"Um, since I was five, though I stopped dancing a few years back when school took over most of my life. It was hard to be active in both games and dancing, and since I have always been better at games, I decided to drop dance when free time became rare." Yugi answered while looking thoughtful. "It was a lot of fun though, even if I feel more confident in games." he finished off, more to himself than the others, though Malik caught it and smirked to himself. How convenient.

"So why did you decide to join this dancing group, after all this time, and not a regular one?" Malik asked curiously, knowing he was out in deep waters but not caring. If Yami was one of the reasons it would make itself clear no matter what reaction or sentence Yugi gave.

"Um...well, my friends saw the poster and thought it would be a great way for me to get my passion for dancing back, now when I'm finsihed with basic school... And, I thought I'd give it a try. I've always liked... Yami's songs." the teen answered after a while, visibly tensing at getting the question. So Yami as a person really was one of the reasons.

"Ah," was all Malik said to that while smiling kindly, mentally cheering himself mute.

"Hey Yugi. Being the game master that you are - would you mind taking a look at my deck? With your help I might be able to finally kick Yami's ass in it." Bakura suddenly asked and gave a wide smirk as if suddenly struck by the idea.

At this Malik shook his head while Yugi gave Bakura a look of surprise.

"...Sure, if you want." the game master answered and smiled, always liking to be of help to someone. Taking the offered deck he then started to go through it, sometimes stopping for a second and looking deep in thought before continuing to evaluate each card. "You're focusing on Wind monsters, right?" he asked the white haired after a minute, more of a statement than an actual question.

"Yup. So what do you think?" Bakura asked, more than interested to know what Yami's idol thought.

"It's very good." Yugi said in all honesty, grinning at the other. "If this one can't beat Yami, his deck must be extremely good. But I notice you don't have any real combos in this one. True, a deck is best if it can run without any combos, but a combo is always good to have for a nice finishing blow if one needs to end a round quickly or for a surprise attack to turn the table. I'd suggest, since you run a lot of Wind Monsters and mainly focuses on defence, that you put in a Kazejin and one or two Silpheed. Silpheed is good since you can special summon it to the field and it's effect when sent to the graveyard is really helpful for a defence focusing deck. You don't want you opponent to collect cards for a combo to turn the table, so having to discard a card randomly when Silpheed is destroyed is a nasty little effect for them. Also, true Kazejin is a high level monster, but his effect is really nice for your type of deck and there are a lot of cards helping to special summon monsters of high levels, so he'd be a good addition for you." Yugi said enthusiastically, his eyes shining with happiness at talking about something he loved.

Bakura and Malik couldn't do anything but laugh at Yugi's antics, loving his sweet personality. There was no way they'd let Yami fail at getting this little jewel, they didn't want to lose Yugi as a friend for the life of them.

"What's so funny?" Yugi asked and smiled in nervous embaressment, looking at them in turn.

"Nothing, honestly. You're just so darn cute." Bakura laughed in brutal honesty, making Yugi blush. Getting compliments had never been something he had been good at. "By the way Yugi. Would you mind dueling against me?" the white haired asked while not waiting for answer, placing his deck face down on the floor and drawing five cards, starting the duel.

"Eh, sure. I don't have anything else to do." the game master answered, amethyst eyes revealing his excitement at dueling someone as good as Bakura while he placed two cards face down and one monster in ATK position on the field.

"Speaking of cards..." Malik suddenly said, drawing the others attention. "I have a favour to ask you, Yugi."

"Me?" Yugi asked, tilting his head to the side with a curious look after he had finished his attack and taking some of Bakura's lifepoints.

"Yeah. You see, Yami is very into the game, but there is one card he hasn't been able to get a hold on yet. I bought it today for him, but I'm not sure he'd accept it if it was me giving it to him." the company owner began, eyeing Yugi. "I really want him to have it, and it would help me a lot as well if he accepted it. So - do you think you could give it to him for me?"

"Yeah. Yami always has a hard time refusing gifts from people like you." Bakura butted in, grinning at Yugi. "It'd be a big help."

"... O-kay." Yugi said, not really sure what to think, clearly not convinced. "But what do you mean with 'people like me'?"

"People who carries their heart in their hands. Someone like you - open, sincere and just darn sweet. He'd never be able to say no if you gave it to him." the choreographer said knowingly, putting a monster in face down DEF.

"Exactly. And since I'm his boss, he refuses my thank-you-gifts even more. Please Yugi, I really want him to have it. Can't you give it to him?" Malik pleaded, smiling sweetly at his prey.

"I don't-" the game master began before falling silent and sighing when Malik continued smiling at him with his pleading face. "I... guess I can do that. I'm still not sure it will work just because it's me, but if you think so, I guess I can do it." he finished and smiled even though he was beating himself up on the inside. He was nervous enough to just dance for the other, but now he would also have to start a conversation with the other and give him a gift the dancer would think was from him personally. But he couldn't say no to them. They had been really kind to him and he guessed everyone would be happy if he did it. They would be able to give Yami something they wanted him to have while Yami got something he had wanted. That only left Yugi feeling unhappy. Oh well, he could live with that. The day had been pretty good so far if you excluded the slight head ache he'd had for an hour now and the fever he knew would make itself known in any minute.

"Thank you, Yugi!" Malik said gratefully while handing the bag with the card in. Seeing the bag, amethyst eyes widened.

"How did you get that card?" Yugi asked in surprise while taking the bag, finding a Winged Kuriboh LV 10 inside.

"I bought it?" Malik offered as an answer. "An old man helped me get it from the glass shelf, why?"

"He didn't happen to have Spiky grey hair, did he?"

"Yes, he did." Malik confirmed, looking at Yugi quizzically. "Why?"

"My grandfather owns the Turtle game Shop and he's supposed to be in Egypt right now, leaving me alone with the shop. And since I'm here it should have been closed. When did he get home?!" the game master exclaimed, upset at not knowing his grandfather was home.

"I stayed to speak to him for a little while before I got here. He said I was lucky that I came when I did, because he was going back to Egypt in just an hour. He had just come home to get an important book he had forgotten, or so he said. I guess he has already left again." Malik offered, feeling the wheel of fate playing with him when she had introduced him to Yugi's grandfather. It was all too funny really, like they were meant to be friends.

"Oh." Yugi said, placing the card in the bag again. "Too bad he didn't stay." he mumbled, clearly feeling lonely.

"Bakura! What the heck do you think you're doing, slacking off again?! And Malik, why aren't you telling him to work?" someone suddenly said in a loud voice, clearly irritated.

Looking towards the entrance to Yami's room, the trio found a tired looking Yami scribbling something down on a paper before stomping over towards them.

"Hi Yami!" Bakura sang happilly. "I was just playing Duel Monsters with Yugi. You know, keeping him company till it's his turn." he ended, motioning towards the game master. At this, Yami's irritated face fell a little. He obviously hadn't seen Yugi in the corner before now.

"Oh, hi Yugi." he said softly, smiling, before turning to Bakura again and raising an elegant eyebrow, eyes narrowed in suspicion. "And why are you two playing Duel Monsters?" he asked through clentched teeth, just knowing there was something fishy about it all.

"I'm just getting some help." was all the white haired said, grinning.

"Help? For what?" the dancer asked, slightly shocked at finding that Yugi of all people played Duel Monsters and that Bakura had asked him for help on the matter.

"You don't know?" Bakura asked in fake-shock. "I'm getting help to beat your ass in the card game. Tell him Yugi." he said in amusement and smirked at Yugi.

"Tell me what?" Yami asked, looking at Yugi in honest curiosity while drowning in those rich amethyst pools.

When looking into Yami's warm crimson eyes, Yugi could do nothing but answer his question honestly, Yami deserving only the truth.

"They thought... I should tell you that I'm Yugi Mutou - The entitled 'Game Master'." the smallest one of the group said shyly, looking at Yami from under his blond bangs.

No matter how hard Yami tried to mask it, he still couldn't hide his shock when hearing it, staring at Yugi on the floor with wide eyes which Bakura snickered silently at with Malik.

"...You-..Really?" was all the dancer managed to squeak before couging and calming himself. "Yugi Mutou - The four time winner of Duel Monsters, latest win a month ago?" he asked in admiration while feeling himself becoming nervous. He couldn't believe the Game Master was right in front of him and being someone as cute as Yugi. Having admired the gamer for years, he had a hard time grasping the reality that he was actually speaking to him and had tried to kiss him just hours prior. Good thing he hadn't... or not, Yami couldn't quite decide which he thought at the moment.

"Yeah, that's me. Flesh and blood." Yugi laughed softly, noticing Yami's shock and growing nervousness. It made him relax seeing that Yami was maybe almost as nervous at meeting each other like he was. It had never struck Yugi that someone as Yami might have had him as a small idol or someone he admired. He had never concidered his position as a game master like a big deal, but apparently many others did and he found himself being more famous than he thought.

"I never thought you'd be so cu- that I would meet you like this." Yami mumbled before catching himself and forcing a smile. "It's nice to finally meet you. I've followed your latest competitions and I must say your game play is most impressive."

"You have?" Yugi asked, looking disbelievingly at Yami until he realized he was staring and smiled.

"Thank you. Bakura told me you play Duel Monsters too."

"He did, did he." Yami said darkly and shot the white haired male a cold glare. Bakura just smiled innocently back while Malik scooted closer to Yugi, suspecting a temper from Yami. The choreographer just knew which button to push to get Yami going. "Bakura, could you please follow me for a second. I need your help." Yami suddenly said and started walking away, dragging Bakura along without giving the other a chance to answer. Looking over his shoulder with a smile he then added: "I'll see you in a few minutes Yugi, it's soon your turn." before disappearing inside his room.

Blinking, Yugi wondered what had just happened while Malik looked the card game over with fascination, noticing Yugi's definite victory with awe.


"What do you think you're doing!?" Yami growled, releasing Bakura's arm roughly. "Why didn't you tell me who he was?!" he continued, looking at the other with nervous eyes.

"Because it's more fun watching you squirm?" the choreographer offered, snickering at Yami's glare. "Ok really - I wanted to see how he was for myself before planting things in your head. I mean, you've admired that gamer for months and months, I just wanted to make sure you didn't like Yugi for who he was instead of how he was. Judging from the shock you so proudly dispayed back there, I take it you didn't - Which is good. Then you're feelings are honest."

"Bakura, I don't know in what way I like him, ok? So give up the 'in-love' theories already." Yami sighed, shaking his head while magically feeling his nervousness at speaking with the game master disappear. Being angry at his choreographer sure helped sometimes.

"Oh please, don't give me that cheap crap again!" Bakura groaned, slapping his forhead. "Yami, seriously. I've never seen you this worked up over anyone before, not even him."

"Please... don't bring that up." the dancer pleaded, looking at the other with sad eyes.

"I will, because that seems to be the only way to get you to realize how much Yugi means to you! I've never seen you like this and Yugi is not even near him in any way, pchysically or mentally. I know what they say about Yugi in the papers and really, it's the first time I've found out they write something that's true. He really is the sincere and caring teen they portray him as and I understand fully why you've admired him for so long. He's a crystal among coal Yami! That he's the game master really opened up the reason to why you fell for him so quickly, because I think you subconsciously knew it was him all along. Don't give me that look." the white haired scolded, giving Yami an ecually cold look. "You know all too well it's true. Everyone likes him, that's why no magazine can write that bad things about him. Heck, even I liked him from the minute I talked to him and I swear to Ra that if you ever let him go, I'll send your sorry ass to some alien spacecraft for painful experiments before having the pleasure of finishing you off myself. Oh, and I'll make sure to make Yugi mine." he ended lastly, taking a deep breath from his upset rambling.

"Don't you even try to get him-"

"See! This is what I'm talking about. You're so madly infatuated with him that you're overly possessive already even though you haven't even given him a wink of what you feel for him. Admit it - You're just scared Yami, scared of being badly hurt again. But don't you think Yugi might be the same way? And allow me burst your bubble with brutal honesty - I think it's very pathetical and rude of you to expect Yugi to be the least bit like him. That's simply and madly unfair. You're not even willing to give him a chance because you expect him to be the same as everyone else. Yugi's sweet, caring and honest, but all you do is fooling yourself into thinking that he's only an object for bodily lust, even though you know it's not true. That's just mean Yami. Both towards him and yourself. I know your insides are screaming every time you're away from him, and yet all I see you do is telling yourself you don't love him. If you had asked me about love at first sight before, I would have said no - but now I find you the best example there is. You've liked him for moths without meeting him, and now when you do you're telling me it's only bodily lust?" Bakura continued ranting, upset at Yami for not really trying. He hated to see Yami do this and he was set on helping his friend to not make the biggest mistake of his life and push Yugi away. Breathing rapidly, the white haired sat down and looked at Yami who had positioned himself in a couch a little further away.

"You're right." Yami said, placing his face in his hands and sighing. "I'm scared."

"It was three years ago Yami. Let it go." Bakura said softly, giving Yami an affectionate look.

"I know but-"

"No buts Yami. Don't you think it's time you learned to trust another human being and give them your heart? You won't find anyone better than Yugi out there and I can't watch you let him go."

Another sigh. "You're right. I know Yugi's special." the dancer said, looking up and smiling softly. "Every time I look at him I just want to hold him close, and no matter what, I'd do anything to protect him. It's almost funny, how possessive he makes me fell. But I know you're right, I do love him. More than I have probably loved anyone."

"Heh, just imagine how you'll be when you get personally closer to him!" Bakura laughed and grinned. "I'll be afraid to visit you guys or even speak to him through the phone."

At this Yami just gave a mocking glare. "Damn right." before releasing a softl laugh. "He really is something."

"Yeah. And good for you, he has an interest in you as well."

"You're joking?" Yami said quickly in surprise, looking his friend over.

"Nope, am not. I can't say he loves you, but you were one of the reasons he came here. Said he liked your songs. He seemes a little unsure of 'what' he are - Ra knows how hard it can be to admit you're gay or bi - But I guess you'll just have to convince him you're the one." the white haired said and winked.

"I guess you're right." Yami smirked and stood up, walking over to his closet.

Bakura raised an eyebrow at this. "Yami, what are you doing?"

"Setting a plan into action. Even when I wasn't sure of my feelings I had planned to change to more... well-fitting clothes. But now when I know how much he means and will mean to me, I'll change into somthing even better." the dancer said while looking over his shoulder, flashing a mischievous smirk like a stalking tiger.

"Oh, how smugly of you, Pharaoh." the choreographer laughed, hearing Yami huff.

"What is it with you and these nick-names?"

"I dunno really. Might be because you're actually half egyptian? And you sure as hell can act like a Pharaoh sometimes. Oh please, you know I'm right." he answered and smirked at Yami.

"Guess you're right..." the dancer agreed while pulling out the desired clothing. "And this Pharaoh definitely knows what he wants right now." he said and smirked, Bakura smirking with him.


"Hey Yugi!" the white haired waved while walking towards the other in the corner. "I bet you can see it since there's no one here apart from you - but it's your turn now." he cheered and flung an arm around Yugi's shoulders when he stood, leading him towards the audition room. "Ready?" he asked when they were almost at the door.

"I...guess." the game master said while running a hand through his tri coloured hair. He certainly didn't feel well enough for this, but having waited for hours and going through what he had done, he really didn't feel like backing down now. Being scolded when getting home by Ryou didn't sound too appealing either, so he'd just have to make it through this and then he could finally rest. Yugi was sure he would sleep for weeks after this.

Opening the door, Bakura lead him inside. "He's here Yami." he announced in the seemingly empty room, making Yugi raise his eyebrows slightly.

"Great. I'm coming, just have to fix the player, it... doesn' want to cooperate with me. Bakura, could you and Malik wait for me till I'm done?" Yami's voice rang to their left, the dancer hidden inside a small room where Yugi guessed the player was located.

"Sure." the choreographer answered casually before walking away and into the room, leaving Yugi alone in the dance room. "And Yami." he whispered when he knew Yugi couldn't see nor hear them. "I'm not hesitating to use blackmailing on you, so if you don't go through with this plan of yours, you can expect a horrible surprise." he said smugly, watching the dancer freeze momentarily before smirking and nodding.

"Don't worry Bakura. I'm already convinced, I won't let Yugi get out of my clutches. Now leave, I have a plan to put into action." he said and grinned, the choreograher not hesitating in leaving him.

"Break a bone." was all the white haired said before he passed Yugi on the way out, closing the door behind him with a click.

"Hm, seems like I'll have to use my laptop, the CD player doesn't want to play the songs. No big deal I guess..." Yami mumbled to himself while stepping out into the dance room, effectively drawing Yugi's attention. Hearing a soft gasp, the dancer couldn't help but smirk while putting his laptop on one of the tables.

While watching the dancer set up the laptop, Yugi found it hard not to stare. The sight before him was something he thought he had gotten used too, but having Yami actually breathing and moving in front of him for real made him realize he hadn't. Now he could only be sure of five things about the other - Yami was twentyone years old, liked Duel Monsters, was an awesome dancer, was caring... and was even more gorgeous in reality. Yugi had to mentally slap himself repeatedly to not actually drool where he stood, Yami's glory overwhelming. The black coloured clothing with golden details were perfect for Yami, the colours bringing forth is slightly paler, yet still toned egyptian skin and crimson eyes. The pants were riding dangerously low on the other's hips and ran smoothly over well shaped legs. A wide slit ran down each side of the leg, the fabric being held together by golden metal Ankhs in a chain like style. The black shirt was a simple t-shirt, but the short arms on it had been cut and was now hanging lower on the arms in an army of golden chains attached to the shoulders, showing the nicely shaped mouscles there. It was also adorned with a big gold Ankh in the middle of the chest, the eye of Horus positioned in the center of the Ankh's circle. Lastly Yami had a gold chain closely around his neck with a red gem shaped as the eye of Horus, bringing forth Yami's eyes wonderfully together with the golden earings. Yugi had thought Yami was gorgeous before - liking him or not- but this was almost ridiculous. The dancer truly looked like a beautiful Pharaoh...

But after having beated the sudden shock, Yugi couldn't help but question the dancers attire, no matter how beautiful they were. Were those clothes really just regular practice clothes? He didn't remember Yami wearing them before... but then, Yugi didn't remember much apart from Yami's shining face.

"Nervous?" Yami asked after a few seconds, turning around and smiling gently at Yugi.

"I-... yeah." the game master admitted honestly, scratching the back of his head in embaressment and earning a soft chuckle from the other.

"I understand. I was extremely nervous when I had my first audition as well, believe it or not. But really, don't be, I'm a nice judge." Yami said and smirked before turning around and walking over to one of the windows, opening it slightly. Somehow Yugi felt like the dancer was just doing that as an excuse to move around, showing more of himself with nice movements, but really, why would he?

"Ok." was all the game master was able to say, removing his white jumper slowly to end up standing in his deep purple t-shirt and black leather pants with silver buckles and zig-zaging patterns along the sides on his legs.

Turning around, Yami then returned to the table and sat down, mentally complimenting Yugi on his casual yet stylish choice of daily clothes. He looked edible.

"Alright, this is how it will be. First I'll play two songs of different types and all you have to do is dance to them in a way you think fit. You can try to express the message in the song or you can just show me some nice moves, it's all your choice. After that, if I find you good, I'll test your ability to dance with another - in this case me." he explained, looking Yugi in the eyes and smirking to himself. Yugi didn't have to know he was the only one getting a pair dance with him.

"No certain dance type then, it's all up to me?" Yugi asked, looking thoughtful.

"Nope." the dancer said and smiled.

"Ok." the game master said and took a deep breath, shaking his arms. "I'm ready."

Nodding, Yami pushed the play button and a slow, sad instrumental song floated out from the speakers.

Yugi stood there for a few seconds, listening to the song before begining to move in big, fluid movements. His arms sailed in the air in ways speaking of drama and suffering before using his whole body in the movements, adding even more emotions and power to the dance, bringing it to a higher level. The sorrow and longing Yugi portrayed was perfect for the title of the song - Missing You. His movements were beautiful and breathtaking, yet heart aching to watch, his dance so filled with sadness one expected him to take his own life while performing it. Releasing a breth Yami didn't knew he was holding, he pushed the 'next' button and immediately the beat sped up. Again, Yugi stopped, taking in the beat before continuing, closing his eyes to focus. This time though, the song was a perfect mix between fast and slow - sometimes a challenge for dancers. Yet Yugi immediately set for a certain pace, smartly moving to the beat of the drums which many knew, always was the base of a song's rythm. Follow that beat, and your pace would never be wrong. So following it smoothly, the teen set for moves instead of feelings for this song, now mainly using his hips and waist, moving them in sensual and alluring movements, muscles moving beautifully under tight fabric. The dancer himself had to admit they were skillfulled ones, yet perhaps a little unpolished. Though, those were never things that couldn't be fixed, especially since the gamer obviously had them within him. Yugi sure could make use of every inch of his body...

Licking his lips and taking a calming breath, Yami then pushed the stop button and smiled at Yugi whom stopped immediately and looked at him.

"Impressive." Yami said, not even trying to mask his happiness at Yugi being a good dancer. "You have talent, even though you - at the moment, is a slightly unpolished gem." he admitted, earning a snicker and a nodd from the game master in agreement.

Watching Yugi taking calming breaths, Yami suddenly noticed something - something he could use as an excuse to get closer to the other. So not wasting any time, the dancer stood up and walked over to his affection, the other giving him a questioning look as he drew nearer. Extending a hand, Yami placed it on Yugi's forehead and frowned, feeling the slightly too warm skin under it.

"Y-Yami, what are you doing?" Yugi stuttered, feeling uncomfortable with their closeness. He was practically breathing into the dancer's chest.

The dancer kept his hand there for a little while longer before running the fingers gently through Yugi's tri coloured spikes. "Yugi, are you feeling alright?" he asked, unable to let the worried feelings go. Yugi couldn't have become this warm after just two songs, could he?

Closing his eyes tiredly, Yugi couldn't help but enjoy the soothing fingers running through his hair. They were so gentle and slightly eased his head ache. But hearing Yami's worried tone made him snap out of it and he pulled back, forcing a smile.

"I'm fine, thank you."

"Are you sure, Yugi?" Yami asked, a little more convinced Yugi was alright, but not quite.

"Yeah. I haven't dance in years, I'm just untrained." Yugi said and gave a bright smile. "Let's continue."

Smiling down, Yami nodded and went back to the player, changing record. Well, that explained his slightly warm forehead. Yugi wouldn't be in the audition if he was not feeling well, after all. And anyone got a little more warm when untrained. No matter, Yami was happy to be able to continue his plan. It would have been a shame to have to stop now.

"Alright. Time to test your skills when dancing in pair." Yami said and pushed the play button. Smirking lightly, he then started to dance towards Yugi with his best moves in rythm with the intro music, mentally chuckling when he saw Yugi staring at him in awe. So his Little One could be as spellbound by him as he could with Yugi. Interesting.

Patiently waiting for Yugi to start dancing, Yami kept to just circling his affection in a playfull manner, telling himself to wait just a little more and follow the lyrics of his carefully picked song.

We Were Standing All Alone You Were Leaning In to Speak To Me

Acting Like A Movie Shaker Dancing To Madonna Then You Kissed Me

And I Think About It All The Time

Speaking through the lyrics, Yami decided to empathise them a little and began swaying with his hips to the beat, arms circling over his head and sensually along his sides while he kept dancing around Yugi, now reaching his front again. Seductively, but still innocently so, he began dancing closer to Yugi, whom still stood nailed to the floor and just looked at Yami in fascination. Smirking, Yami halted in his way over towards Yugi and slowly spun around, hips following after his waist while he moved his legs, creating a wave like movement up and down before he started walking closer again, knowing the coming lyrics.

Sweet Temptation Rush All Over Me

And I Think About It All The Time

Passion Desire So Intense I Can't take Anymore Because

Now reaching the spot were Yugi stood, Yami held up a hand and moved it upwards to lay it gently against the other's chest, letting his fingers fall and trail Yugi's chest until it came to a stop at his abdomen. Smiling, Yami leaned in, stopping painfully close to Yugi's ear. "You're not dancing, Yugi." he whispered, breath hot on the other's ear.

Yugi tensed and a soft blush fell over his cheeks while he tried to breathe.

"I-... I'm not sure what to dance." the smaller one answered honestly while swallowing hard.

Smirking, Yami leaned back and looked into rich amethyst pools before starting to dance backwards, hips swaying in his dangerously sensual way.

"Just mimic me." the dancer encouraged, lifting a hand to beckon Yugi to follow him. To his pleasant surprise, Yugi reacted immediately and started dancing as well, hips moving perfectly to the beat while he followed in Yami's track. In a few seconds Yugi had reached where Yami stood swaying and the dancer smiled widely at him. But before the game master had time to react, Yami had started circling him again, but this time much closer. Yugi could practically feel the heat coming from Yami's body as he moved, making the slightly smaller one temporarily wish the dancer would have opened the window a little more. Feeling and seeing Yami's face pass his own while he circled him as he danced was pushing his limit, Yugi wondering when he would surrender and fall to his knees from the heat.

I Feel The Magic All Around You

It's Bringing Me To My Knees

Like A Wannabe

I've Got To Be Chained To You

Stopping behind Yugi at the last sentence, Yami placed his hands on the other's hips gently, feeling the warm skin through the leather fabric. At this, Yugi jumped slightly before he forced himself to just continue dancing, telling himself everyone else had gone through this. He just had to lock away his disturbing thoughts until the dance was over.

Moving his hands, Yami began guiding Yugi into a special rythm along with himself, turning the other as he did so. Soon enough they stood face to face again, Yami's hands still resting on Yugi's hips as they danced. Smirking, the dancer leaned in, lips now just mere inches apart when Yugi looked up, amethyst locking with crimson.

"Very good." Yami whispered while staring into deep pools, feeling proud at Yugi's so far excellent dance after his shock had subsided.

And When You Looked Into My Eyes Felt A Sudden Sense Of Urgency

Fascination Cast A Spell And You Became More Than Just A Mystery

And I Think About You All The Time

Beaming, Yami decided it was time to test the other one's skills a little further, exploring his couple-dancing qualities.

"Time to test something slightly different." he said lowly while grasping Yugi's hands in his, the other giving him and curious look while complying. Smiling, the dancer then danced back a few steps, creating distance between them while still holding their hands joined. Smirking, Yami then pulled the other towards him again without warning, moving his left arm over Yugi's head and causing the other to spin so that his back landed against Yami's own chest, trapped in the dancer and his own arms.

"Excellent." Yami said huskily while pulling the other even closer to his chest, skin touching skin had it not been for their clothing.

Is This Fate Is It My Destiny

That I Think About You All the Time

I No Longer Pretend To Have My Hand On The Wheel Because

I Feel The Magic All Around You

It's Bringing Me To My Knees

Like A Wannabe

I've Got To Be Chained To You

I Feel The Magic Building Around You

Gulping at finding himself in such a close position with the other, Yugi closed his eyes and took a deep breath, trying to collect himself. It was certainly getting hot in there, and feeling Yami's hands suddenly release his own to encircle his stomach and start trailing up and down his sides didn't exactly make it better. Somehow, no matter how he tried to think differently, Yugi found himself having a hard time honestly believing the others had gone through this as well. Why he would be treated differently he had no idea, and he could certainly to understand why, but none the less he couldn't help but wonder. He knew the song was an old hit, though not so commonly played anymore, but he still found himself question it for some reason. There was just something about the lyrics that felt... right, like it was what was happening at the moment. A ridiculous thought, but it was still there. But perhaps the most disturbing question was - should he feel happy about what was happening or hate it with a horrible passion?

I Feel The Magic All Around You

It's Bringing Me To My Knees

Like A Wannabe

I've Got To Be Chained To You

Feeling himself being turned around, Yugi then found himself released and Yami starting to dance closely around him again, a hand trailing over his body as the other circled. The gentle fingers left a hot trail over his skin where they had passed and Yugi shivered, suddenly feeling weak and lightheaded.

And I Think About It All The Time

Tell Me It's Madness I Barely Know You

We Were Standing All Alone You Were Leaning In to Speak To Me

Ten Steps Back You're Still A Mystery

Moving in again, Yami positioned himself in front of Yugi and grasped his right hand, spinning him around in a complete circle before stopping him against his chest. It was surreal, the way the smaller one made him feel. It really was like magic, the way he felt himself drawn to Yugi, the other being like the center of gravity. No matter how hard the dancer had tried to fight it in the beginning of the dance, he still found himself ending up close to Yugi far more faster than planned. Not that he hadn't planned to do it at all, but he had thought to wait with it a little longer than he had actually had.

Acting Like A Movie Shaker Dancing To Madonna Then You Kissed Me

I Can't Take Anymore Because

Looking at Yugi passionately, he lifted a hand to gently caress the other's soft cheek, causing Yugi to look up.

"I'm impressed." the dancer said sincerely while continuing to move in rythm with Yugi, their hips swaying dangerously close to each other.

"Thanks." Yugi answered, smiling lightly before suddenly bringing a hand up to hold Yami's shirt, his forehead falling to gently rest against the dancer's chest. "Yami I-.." the game master began before falling silent, leaving Yami curious. And happy. At the moment Yugi seemed to respond to his dance.

I Feel The Magic All Around You

It's Bringing Me To My Knees

Like A Wannabe

I've Got To Be Chained To You

Could Yugi really like him? That thought sure sent pleasant shivers down his spine, though not as many as their current position. Feeling the smaller one's breath through his shirt sent him trembling, begging for more contact. To be able to claim those succulent lips and know Yugi wanted it.

Stepping back, Yami took a hold on Yugi's chin and tilted his head upwards, finding hazy amethyst gems staring at him through half lidded eyes.

"Yami, I feel-..." the other mumbled slowly, the last of the sentence being burried in the unknown as Yami placed a finger over his lips, silencing him. He knew what Yugi wanted to say, and he felt the same. Motivated, the dancer began leaning in, but before he reached his desired destination Yugi stumbled backwards a little, his grip on Yami's shirt the only thing that had prevented him from falling.

"Yami I really don't- Yugi began again through now harsh pants as Yami stepped closer, his hold on the dancers shirt loosening as he wobbled on the spot. This caused Yami to frown.

"Yugi? Are you alright?" he asked worriedly as he stopped dancing, instead reaching out a hand to caress Yugi's arm gently.

"I... I don't feel so well." the other gasped while his eyelids dropped steadily. "I feel...kinda dizzy..." he finished before he fell forward. Yami's eyes widened and he quickly stepped forward to catch Yugi to prevent him from falling onto the hard floor, the smaller one now unconscious in Yami's strong arms, leaving the dancer to worry about his affection.

Tell Me It's Madness

I Barely Know You...


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