Title: Fine Line

Author: Shannon/Raindrops on Roses

Rating: K+
Category: Humor, Drabble

Spoilers: None.

Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me. And if you think they do, then... where have you been?

"What are you doing?"

"Sara, oh beautiful mistress of the graveyard shift, may I have this dance?"

"Greg, you are absolutely--"

"Gorgeous? Brilliant? Magnificent?"

"Clinically insane was what I was going to say."

"Ah, but there's a fine line between genius and insanity."

"And you crossed it about five miles back."

"Come on, Sar, it's only a dance. It's not like I'm asking you to make mad, passionate love to me."

"Greg, let me go. Greg!"

"Your lips say no, but your feet say yes."

"You jerk, let me go!"

"Do you really want me to do that?"