Heart of Gold

Written by Valanthe

Betaed by The Dark One Reborn and The Spaz

A/N: This story is based off of Tolkien's books more so then the movie.

Chapter 1-The end or the beginning

It was the usual Thursday morning when Alindan awoke to her golden retriever, Bessie, jumping on her. As she lay there, she knew that it was only four thirty in the morning, as that was the time Bessie woke her each day. She didn't even have to actually be up until seven to get to her first class on time. She let out a groan of complaint.

Rolling over to face the window and the coming day, she knew she would never get back to sleep and so felt she might as well head to the Case archery range on campus, at Case Western Reserve, to work on her archery skills. She then headed to her bathroom to get a long hot shower to work out the kinks and prepare for her first class of the day.

Her usual routine was broken a hour later by a loud knock on her door just as she was pulling on a pair of faded jeans and a loose fitting black button down shirt. She continued to stuff a simple jean skirt, extra jeans, and a sleeve less turtle neck sweeter into her duffle bag to change into after her work out, as well as her bow and her two favorite daggers, that she always took with her where ever she went, and made sure that her the novels for her American authors class as well as her German history book were in her bag. She decided to ignore it and hope that they go away, because she knew none of her friends would be up till at least eight because none of them had class till ten.

She was putting up her hair into a simple bun when the knocking on the door stopped. Thankful that who ever had shown up was gone, she simply continued to get ready to go to the archery range for her warm ups before her class. Unfortunately, luck was not with her on this day. Just as she was pulling her leather coat on and grabbing for her bag to head for the archery range to practice her archery, someone burst through the door to her bedroom with an unbearable crash. At the sound she quickly spun around leaving her duffle bag on the bed.

She could tell it was a man at first appearance from his broad, wide set shoulders and a straighter less curved body then a female, but could tell little else about him as he was dressed solely in black, except for a military issued jacket, with a ski cap pulled down over his face. He appeared to stand at around six foot two and would have been considered average in weight, though it could have been more towards the heavy side. The only feature of his that she could see clearly were his coal black eyes, they seemed to have a life all their own and to see into her soul and find her wanting of something.

She was so shocked at someone suddenly appearing in her room, that before she could even think to react to what was going on around her, the unfamiliar man had already tackled her to the ground. He held her pinned beneath him, one of his elbows rammed into her stomach and straddled over her legs holding them in place. He had his hand placed over her mouth and told her in a whisper, "If you don't scream or fight you might live."

As he was getting off of her, after having received a nod of assent from her, she suddenly let loose a violent kick that nailed him just to the left of his manhood. As he fell to the floor, instead of trying to protect himself from further attack like most men, he reached into the pocket of his military issued jacket and pulled out a small .9mm hand gun. He aimed it right for her heart and pulled the trigger before he slumped to the floor from pain, curling into a small ball to wait for it to dissipate.

Alindan didn't notice any of his actions because as soon as she kicked him she jumped up and turned as quickly as possible to grab her duffle bag and pull her daggers from it to stop him. Just as her hand wrapped around the handle of her duffle bag she felt a pain exploded through her chest. Her last coherent thought as she looked in front of her was:

'How did I get into the woods?'

(from the guard, Harilis', point of view.)

I was out wondering the forests around Rivendell waiting for the hobbit, Frodo, to awakecouncil could be held, and the matter of what to do about the ring of power could be decided, so that I could go back to my quiet job that as Head of the Guard. When suddenly I heard a light thud as if something had simply fallen down not too far away in the trees. Turning, I followed the sound into the woods and to it's source. I came upon the form of a young mortal woman, she appeared to be in a grave state of injury. It didn't appear that she would last much longer without any kind of serious aid.

I quickly picked her up, noticing the hole that passed through her chest, just missing her heart and hopefully all of her other vital organs, and all of the blood that had pooled around her in the short amount of time that she had been laying there. Quickly I grabbed her bag as well, hoping it may hold some clues as to who she was and how she came to be in our forest, I set out for Lord Elrond. As I carried her to his talan, I noticed that she had a slight cast to her skin as if she were made of magic or maybe as if that was what was keeping her alive at the moment.

She appeared to be about five foot seven or eight if she were standing, and her waist long honey blond hair was matted with blood and sticking to her sides and back. Her figure was as slight as any elf maiden I had ever met yet she held more curves then any elf, with larger hips. The pack I found beside her was quite different then any I had seen before in my three-thousand plus years of life and travel. It seemed to be made so that if it were carried on the back it would run the same as the spine and fit between the shoulder blades.

As we entered Elrond's dwelling Lady Arwen came running towards us, the skirt of her flowing, white dress whipping in the breeze made by her movements. "What has happened Harilis? Who is this? Where did you find her?"

"I do not know, my Lady. I only just found her in the woods near the western boarder. All I know is that she is injured and in need of your fathers aid," I replied to her as she began leading us along the hallway to where her father was.

"He is in there, Harilis. I hope that he is able to help her. I get the feeling that she will be very important in things to come." Suddenly, she was gone down the side corridor and out of the building, a simple flash of her white dress was the only indication that she was here at all.

I quickly knocked on the door only to have it opened be a very frustrated looking Lord Elrond, or at least he was until he saw the burden in my arms. Moving out of the doorway he instructed, "Quickly; bring her inside, lie her down here on the bed. Now go and get two of the other healers from the healing talan and quickly, mind you, we haven't much time if she is to live beyond the night."

I ran swiftly down the corridor to the healing talan, promptly grabbed the first two healers I saw and pulled them with me to Lord Elrond's chambers and their patient. After I pushed them inside and shut the door behind them, I wondered off into the gardens to try and order my thoughts about what had happened and how this young woman could have ended up in the forest surrounding Rivendell.

As I approached the nearest of the gardens, I saw Lady Arwen with Lord Aragorn and Prince Legolas, whispering quietly with them. I start to back away so as not to disturbed them when Lady Arwen called out to me. "Wait Harilis, how is the young woman you brought in doing? Was father able to help her?"

"I do not know, My Lady. Your father requested the help of two other healers, though. I therefore do not believe she is in good shape. That is more than he called in to heal Master Frodo from the wraith's sword," was all I could reply to inquiries, I did not know any more as of yet. I'd silently joined them sitting across from Lady Arwen on the grass.
"If you do not mind my intrusion what are you two talking about?" Legolas interrupted the silence that had fallen. Aragorn simply nodded his head in agreement with Legolas, wanting to know the answer for that question as well.

"Not at all," I replied and went on to explain to him the story of how I had found the young maiden. About fifteen minutes later I was just finishing up my tale, when Lord Elrond approached the small group of us a sad, but patient look upon his face.

"We have healed her as best as we can. Now all we can do is wait and hope that she will live through the night. If she is still with us in the morning, she should be all right. Tonight will be the hardest for her in her journey to health."

At his words, our group slowly disbanded and each of us went our separate way. Little did the rest of us know, Prince Legolas had gone back to the young maidens room to sit watch over her all throughout the night. Not even he knew the reason for his vigil. Only to be found and relived of it in the morning by Lady Arwen.

(back to god's view)

While all of this was happening in Rivendell, near Isengard another person from Earth appeared on middle Earth. Now this was no ordinary man either. He was part of Alindan's past life, one that she wanted to never have to face again and that she hadn't had to deal with in over a year. Garrett was her half brother, from her mother's first husband, and he was her one demon. When they were small children, ages 2 through 5, and 7 through 10 respectively, he had taken care of her. He had loved the attention he received from her, the fact that she loved to follow him around and that she tried to act like him. That is until he had to deal with her by himself.

He had become violent towards her starting at the age of six. He was five years older then her and had been left in charge of her for the night for the first time. She had been out riding her bike around the neighborhood and had fallen and skinned her knee. She came in crying for her mother, when Garrett yelled at her to shut up. She just keep right on crying from both fear and pain. As he had never been harsh to her like this before.

"If you don't shut it right this minute, I'll slap you across the room, you ungrateful little brat!" He screamed at her. This only frightened her more, causing her tears to increase. Garrett, being so pissed off at the endless flow of tears coming from the child and not knowing how to stop them, let loose and slapped her so hard that she was knocked into the table three feet behind her, causing a purple and green bruise to start to spread across her back as a bright red hand print appeared on her cheek. The slap caused her to fall silent and so Garrett wondered off to watch T.V. again.

This was the first of many such attacks that Alindan was forced to suffer through, because her mother and father would not to listen to a bad word spoken about their perfect, responsible son. Each time he would beat on her he derived more pleasure from her pain, and so continually increased the amount of damage that he would do to her in any one incident. He felt that if she couldn't learn a lesson the first time it was 'taught' the 'lesson' should be given to her again and again. He was the only one to feel that she received to much attention from their parents and so he made sure that she always felt bad about herself.

Garrett was allowed to come to Middle Earth only because an outside force had brought another source of good into the world and therefore Evil was allowed to bring her equal or at least her demon to middle Earth to try and counter what ever she might do to help. Saruman the White came out of his tower to greet the young traveler and to try and bring him to his side in the war for Middle Earth.

"Welcome to the tower of Saruman the white known as Isangard. You are greeted as a friend and are welcome here," Sarumam said as he approached the crouched figure. He looked the man over, he would stand at around six foot two and had coal black eyes. His hair was a raven black and reached his shoulders. He seemed to have a murderous look in his eyes and was dressed all in black, a slip of black cloth held in his hand as well as an army issued jacket laying on the ground beside him, a .9mm gun held in his other hand.