Heart of Gold

Written by Valanthe

Betaed by The Dark One Reborn and The Spaz

A/N: All of the elvish used in this story comes from home . Netcom . Com/ heensle/ lang/ elvish/ elvish. It is based off of Tolken's original langue I use both the Quenya version and the Sindarin version. This based mainly off of the book though there will be a little of the movies in it. Any thing in italics is from the book and those that are bold as well are verse.

Chapter 3—Trials before friendship

It was the twenty-second of October and Alindan woke up to find that it was only five in the morning. Knowing that no one would be up at that time in the morning she decided to look around Rivendell and the home of Elrond. As she was wondering from room to room she found a room full of interments. Looking around she found something that resembled a Baritone Saxophone.Picking it up she began to play very softly. After a little while she realized that the notes were the same as those of a Sax. And she began to play a soft melody that contains all of her hurt and the pain of missing her friends and the world that she knew.

A few rooms down Legolas heard the soft notes coming from down the hall and got up to see who would be up at that time when they didn't need to be. As he approached the door he stayed as quiet he could and peered around the corner. He was quiet shocked to see that it was Alindan plaing the sad soulful music. The music of someone who has lost every thing, but the more he thought about it the more he realized that, yes it did make perfect sense as she had lost every thing that she was familiar with.

When she had finished she stood there and cried out all of her frustrations at the unfairness of her being stuck there with noone whom she knew or could relate to. Unable to stand seeing her crying like that Legolas stepped up to her and wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Not caring who was holding her she simply slipped her arms around his waist and held on as if her life depended on the simple contact that she held on him.

When her tears had subsided she looked up to find out in who's arms she had just unleashed all of her tears. When she saw Legolas's smiling face above her she started and took a step back taking her out of his arms but to where he could still rest his hand on her shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I should not have put you in that situation. It is not your job to offer someone of my place comfort, your highness." Alindan replied backing away from Legolas with caution, afraid that he would be mad at her.

"You have no need to apologize lady Alindan. I could not bare to see you crying like that and it is not below someone that cares to help others when they need it." Legolas replied stepping towards her to offer comfort.

"Please I am no Lady and you need not call me one. And I do owe you an apologue you owe me nothing and yet you help me when I am down. I owe you so much." Alindan said looking down at the ground. "If not for you I would never have been able to work on my sword play, or my archery for that matter. The fact that you have offered me your friendship so easily amazes me. No one has ever been that kind to me that they would offer friendship with out expecting something from me in return. I'm sorry I'm rambling and probably not making much sense as I do. I will leave you in peace your majesty." Alindan said as she walked towards the door.

"Wait," Legolas said grabbing her shoulder. "You were making perfect sense. You have just lost everything you ever knew no one can expect more from you then you have already given. And I will only honor your request if you refrain from using my title and just call me Legolas."

"I can't do that. In front of Lord Elrond I must call you by your title it is only proper and I wish not to offend anyone while I am here. The hospitality and generosity that have been shown to me here already are more then I deserve, andI will take no liberties from anyone. In a few days time I will no longer be in Rivendell and things my be different, but until then I will hold myself to the same standard as anyone else that lives here and knows the rules of etiquette. And you will therefore retain the title you were born with, it is only right that I recognize you as my superior. No matter what you would say there is no way that we can be equal as we are, for I have done nothing, nor do I have any rank in this society, you on the other hand have rank in every society and have done much in you two thousand plus years."

"Lady Alindan, you have more rank then you believe. You know what the future holds for so many, do you think that doesn't make you of vast importance to those that are gathered here for the council? And I would not ask you to call me by my name unless I meant for you to. I would like for you to think of me as a friend not just some elf prince that you have met and may travel with. You have an amazing personality Alindan and you do not show in near enough."

As he looked in to her mix matched eyes he could see the world in the different colors, he could see the forest and his home in one and the sky, ocean, and his future home in the other, it was quiet a powerful thing, it nearly took his breath away, for in the combing of the two he saw his whole existence and the only constant that he found was her.

She stared back at him and found that she could get lost in his eyes and wish never to be found. But she knew it could not be, she would not make him fall in love with her and then force him to give up everything for her because she was mortal she would not put him through that hell.

"Fine but only when we are not in proper company." Alindan replied before sheepishly bowing her heard and mumbling, "Could you show me where the kitchens are I could so use some breakfast."

Laughing at her embarrassment Legolas took her arm and lead her to the kitchens in a peaceful silence.

Mean while in the kitchen Aragorn and Arwen were enjoying a quiet breakfast of fruit and fresh backed bread and were sharing quite conversation.

"What do you think of the young woman that was found in the woods the other day?" Arwen asked as they continued to eat.

"What about her? I mean she seems to know what will happen to the ring, which bothers me only because I don't know if she will use that knowledge for good, or for ill. But I think she will try hard. I saw her on the practice field yesterday with Harilis working on swordplay, and she seemed to be quiet good."

"She is a bearer of the light do not worry of that. I have seen it in her soul. She will protect the people of middle earth though she has never even meat most of them, nor has she even lived here all that long." Arwen said with confidence.

"If you are sure Arwen then I will try to get to know her and find out how she can help us, I think we could use all the help we can get."

"I agree my love, I agree."

"You mean he realy tried to challenge you to an archery contest thinking that he would win, even I know that no mortal couls ever beat an elf at archery and I'm not even from a world where elves exisit." Alindan said as Legolas steared her into the kitchen.

When she looked up and realized that the person she had just spoken so rudly about was sitting there in front of her she stopped and brought her hand up to cover her mouth and let out a horifid gasp.

"I am so sorry Lord Aragorn I ment no offence by my words, I just did not think you would do something so foolish, and was shocked to hear tale that you had. Oh there I go again, I'm rambling, I knew this was a bad idea Legolas, I will return to my rooms and not trouble you again." Alindan said before turning to try and make a quick escape from the kitchens. She knew that if Legolas wanted her to stay she would have no choice was much faster then she and would easly be able to stop her form leaving, which was of course what he did because he wanted to try and get her out of her shell.

"You do not have to go Alindan, I'm sure Aragorn," Legolas put a strong enphases on hte mans name hoping that she would take it as a hint to call him by that and not add a title, "dose not mind at all that you said what you did he learned from his folly as do we all."

"He is quight the smart elf you should pay his words head as dosn't offten use so many at once, isn't that right my tight lipped friend?" Aragorn said with a laugh at the end.

The group passed breakfast in this mannor but Legolas was still dissapionted because Alindan had barly said a word after her attempt to leave.

After they had finished breakfast Alindan excused herself to go work on her sword play, for she knew that if she were to travle with the felowship she would have to know how to fight and how too fight well. They others decided to follow her and watch just not let her know they were doing so. When they arrived at the practice feilds they found her already sparing with Harilis both of them matching eachother move for move. Then so suddenly even Legolas almost missed it Harilis nocked her sword out of her hand and had his at her throat stopping her from continuing.

"Not bad My Lady, you are improving quite nicly not even the prince can come as close to matching me." Harilis said to her removing his blade from her neck.

"I may be getting better but I am still not good enough. I must be better before we leave Rivendell. I do not want ot risk anyone's life because they feel the need to protect me I want to prove that I can take care of myself." Alindan said picking up her sword and practicing a few moves on the air in front of her as she spoke. "You lot might as well come out I know that you are there."

Legolas, Aragorn, and Arwen all ateped forward around the trees they had been behind wiht sheepish grins on there faces. Legolas didn't seem to be quite as embaressed by being found out as the other two did Alindan noticed even though she still had not looked directly at any of them.

"It was a marvalise desplay Alindan I have never seen anyone do so well against Harilis." Lady Arwen said walking up ot the other woman.

"I thank you for the complement, it is do to someone better then myself I have to feel as I have yet to not be all but killed by Harilis when we practice." Alindan returned before she headed off to her rooms leaveing the others to stand there and wounded at her behavior and why she seemed so determined to keep her own councel on everything when they all realized that she needed someone to talk to. By silent vote they elected Legolas the one to try and get close to her as had already gotten her to slightly open up to him.