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A Moment in Time

It is a muggle photograph; worn with time and bent from viewing. The colours have faded slightly; the greens almost blue, the reds dulled to pink.

It shows two men, more boys than trained aurors, collapsed on top of one another with laughter brimming in their faces. One is wearing robes that would have once been bright scarlet, with clashing orange trimmings and a purple insignia, and his face shows no embarrassment at his ensemble as he brushes black hair out of blue eyes.

He is sprawled atop the other; this one wearing more moderate robes of black and gold lacing. He is as alike to the other as a brother, but his black hair is messier and shorter, and his eyes are brown and covered by glasses. He seems to be pretending to gasp for air in protest at the weight of the first.

They are both lying underneath a shadowy oak tree, and carved almost unnoticeably in the bark is a heart with the letters JP & LE in it. Above that carving and to the left is a yellow post-it note with 'TREE' written on it in bright pink felt-tip. The wind seems to be tugging at the note, and with a glance a person could tell that it would soon blow away.

And the years pass by and the photograph continues to collect dust.