So sara wrote: update! pwetty please

And I mean, sure I haven't updated this know, like a year. But I mean, c'mon, she asked nicely, I've got no choice but to do it.

So it's one of those mornings.

You know. I wake up with a giant panda attacking me.

No, that's fine. I'm cool, I like getting tossed into the air, but you know what I really like? Being tossed into the air before I've fully woken up.

Thanks a ton pops.

Cold? What cold? This pond isn't cold. I'm not shivering because it's cold, whatever gave you that idea?

No, really, I could just be shivering 'cause I've got breasts all of a sudden, ever think of that?


I would be in a bad mood normally, but today I think I'm good. Everything has been going great. I'll just change back and sit down and eat and it'll be fine.

I'll just pretend I'm sulking. All good…

Damn, is it just me, or is today's weather just especially…

Huh. I believe…yes, I do believe that is Shampoo standing in our hallway.

Right. That's not so bad, I mean, obviously Shampoo and Ukyo are going to be more aggressive now that they think Akane is out of the running, but… is she supposed to be so angry?

"Liar!" Shampoo screamed as she hurled herself at me.

Hmmm, that's not right at all. Now let's see here, defend myself, restrain the crazy girl, allright.

"What's the hell's wrong with ya?" I said, as pinned Shampoo against a wall.

"Ranma big liar. He still love Akane."

Oh hell. What happened? This wasn't supposed to…I mean, I did a good job didn't I? Hell, enough to fool this goddamn ditz, damnit, was it Cologne? No, no, she wasn't even there, plus Nabiki would've definitely factored her in. So what?


Maybe…maybe she's just testing me, yeah, that's gotta be it.

"What are you talking about Shampoo?"

"So…so it true?" she asked quietly.

"Of course it is."

"Then say it."


"Say it Ranma, right now, say to everyone here."

Ah. So that's what she was after. But...wait, that doesn't make any sense. If she did believe me, this is all unnecessary, so that means she doesn't trust me, but why not…

Not good. I could just say I was lying, but then we're back to square one…no, worse than that, since now I won't be trusted ever. If I agree, well, Akane will understand, but Tendo…

I'll be kicked out…

But, I really have no choice, do I?

"I, Ranma Saotome, will never marry Akane Tendo."

"WHAT!?" screamed Tendo.

"Boy…" growled my father.

Gotta make it convincing.

"You heard me, I'm putting my foot down for once. I ain't marryin' no ugly, tomboy flat-chested FREAK"

It's not hard to figure out what happened from there.

Actually the part that go to me wasn't being yelled at. It was watching Shampoo's smile getting bigger and bigger as the man she supposedly 'loves' had his last two years of progress thrown away just like that.

I mean, yeah, I don't actually love Akane. But, this place is basically my home. No, fuck that, an entire life spent on the road, with this place being the only place I've even spent a month at, this IS my home. And the Tendo's, well, they've been more of a family to me then Pops ever was.

I didn't actually think…

It's really ending this soon?


I…you know that saying "you'll never know how much you'll miss something before it's gone"? I always thought that was bullshit. Or maybe that happened to other people. I'm not that shallow, I've always appreciated what I had, but…

I always knew this could happen. I told myself it'd be worth it. It's just a house. Just people.

But then why am I so pissed of at Shampoo?

Why is the sinking feeling I'm getting so…


I guess I should have hung out with Shampoo for a while longer, to really sink it in. But right then I couldn't stand to even look at her. Fucking smirking at all of this. She really…

Oh, great, it's raining. Where am I gonna go? I guess the park. That's where all the other homeless people go, isn't it?

Great, just great. And what am I gonna do tomorrow?

Damnit. What the hell do I do now? I guess Nabiki…

No. Fuck that. This is bad. And all her fault. This was her big plan. I mean, what I was doing, that wasn't gonna last forever, but I didn't screw up this bad. Not in two years.

I wonder what I look like to all those people walking by me. A soaking wet girl, just walking down the street slowly. Girls this pretty aren't supposed to be homeless. Why am I even walking at all, actually? Where do I have to go? School? Ha. Get a job? Yeah, a job, that way I could buy food, and add upgrades to a cardboard box where I'd sleep. Great. I could always just leave…but the whole reason I did any of this was so I didn't have to…


This really bites. I mean, the Tendo's…my goddamn home, my new fucking life, I liked it. I LIKED IT. It's not that I really needed shelter, or that I mind that it's cold and wet and I'm a girl, I'm used to those things. But hell, with this final push back, I'm really back to where I started to years ago. Chicks chasing me, no place I have to go, no place I want to go, nobody to look out for but myself. And to think, it hasn't even been a month since I, in my arrogance, decided I could fix everything. And of course, I had the genius idea of going to Nabiki…

It's…I guess it was a mistake for me to believe in her.

So, I guess I'll just have to go on my own from now on.

I have no problem with doing this without Nabiki's help, without anybody's help.

Ha…I guess Pops did at least implant me with one kernel of wisdom that proved true…

It seems I can't count on anybody if I want to be happy.