Based on the Knights of the Old Republic video game, the rights belong to George Lucas on his characters and the game and all, but I've thrown in my own characters for the sake of the story, and those are mine. This story will take place roughly thirty years after KOTOR2.

A little background leading up into this story; I've played both games… more times than I can remember, as both light and dark, male and female. I've found some things out that are not posted on the forums from going in depth with some of the characters, but I hardly think they are unknown to most die hard players of the game such as myself. I, like many was slightly miffed at the dead end of many of the side quests, as they could have revealed much, however the storyline was excellent regardless of the numerous glitches. I do feel they rushed the game, and I am impatiently waiting for KOTOR3! Ok… on to the good stuff.

Revan is light side male, who left Bastila for the outer rim per the KOTOR2 storyline. I am sticking with the name Revan since it's less confusing, and I didn't like any of the names given in the game. This story will deal with events thirty years after Revan's return from the outer rim, and the Exile's defeat of the Sith at Malachor V.

Oh… as someone has already pointed out… Vandar died on Katarr. Don't know how I forgot that little tidbit, must have had a brain fart. Since I'm so far along into it, and I don't want to re write it… we'll say Vandar survived Nihlus's attack on Katarr. I'll figure something out and explain how in a later chapter.

I hope everyone likes… and please… send any feedback to me that you deem necessary. If people want me to continue… I will.

Chapter One


Capital of the Republic

The small, diminutive alien stared at the walls of light that rose into the clouds and made up the massive city of Coruscant. The small alien's eyes were closed, and he did not see the repulsorlift traffic zipping by the circular window of the chamber he stood in at incredible speeds. It defied odds that the traffic did not crash into more of the towering skyscrapers dotting the surface of the metal planet, but there had only been a few minor accidents in the last hundred years.

The alien did not turn at the sound of the doors hissing open. He had sensed the approach of his comrades long ago. No words were spoken as the eight men and women quietly took seats in the comfortable chairs circling the room. He had called this meeting without fanfare, instead asking for discreteness and silence.

There were three humans; two men and a woman, a male Zabrak from the planet Iridonia; there were two Cereans from the planet Cerea, and one female and one male Twi'lek from Ryloth. All of them wore unassuming robes of varying color, with the lone exception being the human female who wore white robes that flowed gracefully around her tall thin body. Once the gathered men and women were all seated the small alien turned to face them. His green skin was drawn tight around the elfish face, his pointed ears standing out from the top of his hairless head.

" A great disturbance in the Force I have felt." The alien spoke… his words soft but loud enough to carry to them all.

" I have felt it too Vandar." One of the humans spoke up. " Four incidents over the last month. Flashes of great power… then nothing."

" Felt that as well I have. Different this is. Drawing closer to us it does. Strong in the Force it is, yet familiar somehow."

" Have the Sith returned?" The human female asked.

" The Sith?" The female Twi'lek spoke. " Atris it has been nearly thirty years since the Exile destroyed the Sith Lords. How could they return?"

" You need not remind me of those events Grana! I remember them well!" Atris shot back with malice in her voice.

" She meant no offence Atris." The Twi'lek man spoke now, in defense of his colleague. " Grana was only a Knight then. She does not know everything that happen."

The older woman took a deep breath to calm herself and nodded. " Forgive me Grana. Those are memories I have not thought of in many years. They are unpleasant."

" Redeemed you were Atris." Vandar spoke. " No need to speak of it is there. Yet."

Atris snapped her head around. " Yet? What do you mean?"

" Born from the Exile and others is what I sense." Vandar spoke.

" Others?"

" It is Revan I sense. Different it is though."

" Revan!" The Cerean Master spoke now. " Revan has not been heard from since he and Jedi Knight Bastila Shan disappeared six months after the Exile returned with him from the Outer Rim. Nearly thirty years ago."

" Spoke with Revan and Knight Dacen when they returned I did." Vandar said.

The other Masters in the room stirred.

Atris glared at Vandar. " Knight Dacen?" She gasped. " I was not aware the Exile had been forgiven by the council for his actions during the Mandalorian Wars. Nor Revan for that matter."

" Told you were not." Vandar spoke. " Redeemed was Revan after the Star Forge. Forgiven he was. Knight Dacen silenced the echo and defeated three powerful Sith Lords without guidance of the council or help."

" Master Vandar… you yourself were in hiding at the time. Darth Nilhus and the Sith were killing our comrades. We had no defense." Another human spoke now. " We were so few in number. Our most trusted Knights were searching the Outer Rim for the Exile for years. No one expected him to return as he did."

" No blame is there to place. Save us all the Exile did. As did Revan. Restored their Knight Hood was."

" Yet they both defied the council again when they returned!" Atris spoke. " They knew that Jedi are allowed no attachments! It goes against our code! Yet both of them succumb to their emotions. Revan and Bastila Shan abandoned the Order to marry. The Exile trained five Force sensitive adults in the ways of the Jedi, when he was no Master! And then he abandoned the Order as well only months after Revan, to marry one who he had trained, and corrupted!"

" That was never known!" The Twi'lek Master spoke turning to Vandar. " Is this true?"

Vandar took a deep breath to calm himself. " True it is." He spoke softly again. " Served Atris on Telos she did. Until Knight Dacen revealed her heritage to her during their travels together."

" Heritage?"

" A Jedi Knight her mother was." Vandar said. " Arren Kae."

" Kae? She was expelled from the Order just as the Mandalorian Wars began. For having a child."

" The Exile married her daughter?"

" Corrupted her is the better term." Atris spat.

" Side by side did she stand with the Exile in battle. Powerful Jedi she was." Vandar said.

" She betrayed me! As the Exile betrayed us!" Atris spoke.

" Master Vandar… perhaps you should tell us everything." One of the Cerean Masters spoke now.

Vandar looked at his comrades. " Speak with Revan and Dacen I did upon their return from the Outer Rim. Unable to describe the darkness they felt. Escape with their lives they did. Barely. Sleeping it was they said. The darkness. Fear it has awaken I have."

" Then it is them we sense coming here?" Grana asked. " Revan and the Exile? To meet with us?"

Vandar shook his head. " Gone I fear they are." He spoke. " Took them they think we did. Coming here for vengeance they are?"

" Took them? Took who? Who is coming here if not Revan and the Exile?"

" Powerful are they." Vandar continued. " Prepare we must. Avoid bloodshed we must. Tell them the truth we will. Their parents we do not have."

" Parents?" Atris spoke. " Vandar… who is coming here?"

" Warn our Padawans to attempt nothing against them we will. Their power is too great to stand against." Vandar went on.

" Master Vandar! Who is coming here to Coruscant?"

Vandar looked at them evenly.

" Coming to Coruscant they are; The eldest son of Revan Panlie and Bastila Shan, and the eldest daughter of the Dacen Vorsut and Brianna Kae. Children of four of the most powerful Jedi this Order has ever known." Vandar said looking at them.

" And they are coming here?"

" Take their parents they think we did." Vandar replied.

" Why come here?" Atris asked. " If they think we took their parents then the dark side controls them."

" No. The dark side I do not sense in them." Vandar spoke. " Confusing it is. Understand it more once we talk to them I will."

" We can't just allow them to come here!" Atris snapped. " They are not Jedi! Their parents were cast from the Order! What gives them the right!"

The only Master to speak was the lone human who had not yet said a word. He was the oldest of the Masters behind only Vandar. His white hair contrasted with the darkness of his skin.

" Their blood gives them the right!" Master Jolee Bindo said softly, looking at and meeting Vandar's eyes.

Vandar nodded. " Indeed."